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About QOKO Events

Here at QOKO Events, we have been supplying event production and equipment hire services in the Sussex region for the better part of two decades. Our new website will help you learn more about what we do, how we do it, and hopefully, educate you as to why we are the leading event equipment hire company operating within this area.

We will use this space to tell you a little bit more about our background, our team, and our industry expertise before running you through some of our most popular event services.

QOKO Events Background

In the name QOKO Events sound unfamiliar to you, that's because it's brand new. We have launched this website to better serve the event needs of customers in the Sussex region, and for that reason, we thought a new name was an excellent idea.

However, the website is perhaps one of the only things about our company that is brand new. Over our two decades of operations, we have worked diligently to become a leading event production company within the UK. Not only do we supply all manner of event equipment such as sound, lighting, staging, and LED screens, but we also have a team of sound engineers, lighting technicians, stage crew members, and an in-house design team on hand to guide you through the entire event production process. No other event equipment hire company provides such a holistic solution.

Our team specialises in providing all-inclusive solutions for events such as weddings, music festivals, conferences, birthday parties, and many other types of similar private events. Whereas in the past you may have had to engage a stage hire company, a sound hire company, and other similar event production companies, we offer you a one-stop-shop solution for your occasion.

We serve all types of clients and have preferred supplier status at a number of wedding and event venues in the local area. It's entirely possible that you have landed on our site as a result of a venue referral. In which case, we welcome you and invite you to take a look at our various service pages that cover event lighting, sound system rental, outdoor stage hire, wedding production, and a wide range of related event hire services.

The QOKO Events Team and Their Events Industry Expertise

As mentioned, we are incredibly proud of our small team and we firmly believe they are some of the best in the business. They have well over a century of combined experience in the industry and have helped to create incredible event productions right across the UK and beyond.

While other event hire companies may supply you with equipment and not much else, we feel that the passion, dedication, and commitment of our team help to stand us apart from the rest. They are just at home designing and executing a lighting display for a music festival in London as they are making sure the outdoor stage you hired for a village show is level.

We deliver our service with a personal touch and are always on hand to help, despite the fact we boast the size and scale of an international events contractor. We are available at all times if you need something and we are more than happy to walk you through how to operate our equipment after installation. Then, once the event or party is over, our team will be on-site once again packing everything away for you with a smile.

In other words, our team exists to remove the stress attached to organising an event – no matter how big or small. As a result, you can focus on other important aspects of your occasion, such as catering for your guests.

That just about covers who we are, what we do, and how we do it. So without further ado, let's introduce you to some of our most popular hire services – starting with event lighting.

Lighting Hire Company Sussex

Here at QOKO Events, along with sound, lighting hire has long been a mainstay of our hire services. We stock all types of event lighting fixtures and our specialisms include stage lighting, wedding lighting, party lighting, theatre lighting, outdoor lighting, wireless lighting, and TV & film lighting.

When it comes to hiring lights for your event, you can rest assured that we have the lighting solution(s) for you. Whether you require an eye-catching LED pendant light to hand from the ceiling of your awards ceremony, or you need hundreds of metres of festoon lights for your wedding venue, QOKO Events have the perfect lighting equipment to create the perfect event production. Our lighting hire packages use only best-in-class lighting equipment and our lighting technicians are always on hand to talk you through your options.

We understand that, for events such as weddings, lighting is everything. Your choices will have the power to totally transform the look and feel of your venue. That's why our team are on hand to perform site visits and walk you through your options to ensure that you enjoy the best possible lighting combinations within the confines of your budget. We understand that you are not a stage lighting or disco lighting expert. That's why we cut out the jargon and explain your options in a friendly and approachable manner.

Lastly, while our lighting hire options are undoubtedly extensive, we go further than most lighting hire companies by offering custom lighting effects such as textured lighting, gobos, and bespoke monograms to commemorate your event. These are perfect for occasions such as weddings, allowing you to project patterns and shapes across your venue to bring it more in keeping with your overall wedding theme.

You will do well to find another company within the South East that can provide such a comprehensive lighting solution.

PA Hire Services Sussex

Along with lighting hire, most events benefit from professional sound equipment hire. From a small private birthday celebration to a large-scale festival, your choice of sound system will have a profound influence on the enjoyment of your guests.

At QOKO Events, we take that fact into account when putting together our industry-leading sound system packages. Firstly, our policy is to only invest in the best products and brand names in the audio industry such as Shure and d&b audiotechnik, the latter being the brand of choice for many professional artists' riders. We ensure we are never surpassed when it comes to equipment quality by continuously reinvesting in the latest audio equipment, with no item in our inventory older than three years.

In a similar fashion to our lighting hire choices, we stock a broad spectrum of PA systems and PA equipment. We recognise that no two events are precisely the same, which is why we allow our clients to built out a PA speaker system that suits their needs. For instance, you can hire a set of PA speakers for your garden party, or hire an entire outdoor sound system complete with line arrays, stage monitors, power amps, and a digital mixing desk for your festival stage setup. The choice is yours.

Of course, packages and sound hire solutions can be extended to include vital devices such as wireless microphones and even in-ear monitors if the live acts you've booked require them. Once again, our sound engineers are always available during office hours to talk you through your options, discuss any challenges posed by your venue, and run through the auxiliary equipment you might need such as speaker stands, suspensions cables, power sources, and so on.

Indoor Stage Hire Sussex

If your event requires sound and lighting hire services, in most cases you will also need to invest in stage hire. Once again, we are unrivalled within Sussex when it comes to the sheer variety of stages we can supply to your venue. If you are seeking a stage hire company that can supply any size of stage to your event, then QOKO Events is ready to help.

As is perhaps the case with a lot of our event production equipment, or stage inventory is one of the biggest in the UK. Firstly, we have a range of mobile stages that are just at home indoors as they are outdoors. Many of them benefit from an arc roof design, allowing them to host an impressive amount of supporting sound and lighting equipment.

In addition to our traditional stage hire options, we also have a series of specialist stage options. For instance, if you are seeking a wedding stage, we have a number of tiered wedding platforms available for hire. Our in-house design team can even create a bespoke design for the occasion. We are one of the only event equipment hire companies anywhere in the UK to offer such a solution. We can even show you a 3D render of the stage prior to production to ensure you are content with our work.

The same can be said for conference sets and catwalk stages. We stock both "off-the-shelf" modular designs that can be completely customised with your logos and branding, or we can create something completely unique to give your event the "wow" factor. No matter your staging requirements, our dedicated team will be on hand to make it happen.

Wedding Lighting Hire Sussex

Wedding lighting hire is perhaps QOKO Event's most popular service. For weddings, our lighting hire options include popular fixtures such as festoon lights (often referred to as fairy lights), venue uplighters, and disco lights that react to sound. Regardless of your specific wedding theme, QOKO Events can help with light displays that dramatically enhance your venue.

For instance, we have a range of pinspots (miniature spotlights) that can highlight certain features of your venue, such as the desert table, the wedding cake, or the table decorations. Meanwhile, festoon lights give your wedding a fairy-tale look. Of course, we have an array of stage lighting fixtures to illuminate your live entertainment and our no wedding dance floor would be complete without disco lights, lasers, strobes, moving “intelligent” headlights, and PAR cans, to name but a few.

Our wedding lighting hire packages are deliberately flexible so that you can tailor them to your specific budget. As mentioned our lighting technicians will be available whenever you need them to talk through your hire options and help you decide will lighting choices will deliver the most impact for the money invested.

Something else that is included within our hire packages is all of the necessary infrastructure. Almost all weddings will require at least several metres of truss structure from which the lights will be suspended. With a wedding lighting hire package from QOKO Events, all of these extras are factored into the overall cost regardless of whether you are only hiring lights from us or a full wedding event production package. With our straightforward prices, you are never left to guess what the final hire cost will be.

Outdoor Stage Hire Services Sussex

Moving outdoors, our outdoor stage hire collection is just as extensive, if not more extensive, than our indoor offering. Once again, we have several arc roof options available, along with our famous orbit-style outdoor stage that can support a stage production for 10,000+ audience members.

For our smallest outdoor stage, our crew can assemble and rig all production equipment within a couple of hours. Despite being only small in stature, this stage hire option can deliver a workable stage surface area of 4m x 6m and will more than suffice for local events such as charity fun runs, live band performances at outdoor weddings, or small village fêtes with a couple of hundred guests in attendance.

Alternatively, if you are a festival organiser looking for an attention-grabbing festival stage, once again, we have a few stage hire options for you to choose from. Our largest arc roof stage boasts an impressive roof payload of 3500kg and a stage surface area of 11m x 9m – big enough for even the most extravagant of stage productions.

If cost isn't your primary concern, then you may want to take a look at our premium staging option – our orbit-style stage. It's built to cope with any festival crowd, with a big overhang reminiscent of its Glastonbury counterpart. Not only does the design give your performers greater protection from the infamous British elements, but it also acts as a focal point in itself. So, if you are in need of a Sussex festival stage then we would invite you to browse our outdoor stage hire gallery to gain a greater understanding of just how substantial these stages are.

Lastly, the expert team at QOKO Events can help with all of the necessary Health & Safety requirements (including wind documentation) to ensure that your event receives sign-off and approval from the relevant local authorities.

Hire LED Screens from Sussex's Leading Provider

When starting out in the events industry, we made our name in the audio visual (AV) arena. For many years we have supplied corporate events, conferences, and private celebrations with screens of all shapes and sizes. More recently, those screens have evolved into LED video walls.

By hiring a LED video wall from QOKO Events, you benefit from one of the sharpest pixel pitches available today. Our screens are 3.9mm pixel pitch, allowing you to seat your attendees a mere couple of metres away from the LED screen without seem seeing those unsightly dark spaces in between individual LED nodes.

Better still, our LED screens are over 5,000 nits, making them some of the brightest screens available for hire today. This is crucial for events taking place during daylight hours, as low nits scores can leave attendees struggling to see the screen in the glare of bright sunlight. Conversely, our LED screens are also IP 65-rated, meaning they can withstand inclement weather and function as normal.

We stock over 120 square metres of LED screen panels so the team at QOKO Events can build any shape or size of screen you require. If you're not sure, you can always liaise with our technicians to discuss your requirements and video content source, and they'll advise you of the best dimensions and aspect ratio to pursue.

Our LED screens are hired for all kinds of events including sports broadcasts, outdoor cinema screenings, weddings, and even parties. Make sure to get in touch if you would like to learn more about prices and suitability for your event.

Contact QOKO Event for Your All-Inclusive Event Hire Solution

Here at QOKO Events. our mission is to make your life as easy as possible. Once you have specified your requirements and confirmed your selection, we handle the rest. Our event hire quote prices always include delivery, logistics, and disassembly so you can focus on other aspects of the event that are most important to you.

Whether it's staging, sound, lighting, or screen equipment, our top-class range of inventory that spans several warehouses is bound to have what you need. Simply call or email us today to discuss your event requirements. We look forward to working with you.

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