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Special Effects.

Whether you are planning the wedding of a lifetime or you wish to celebrate a milestone birthday in style, special effects can add a real touch of class to proceedings. It might be that you want to create the illusion of floating on low lying clouds for your first dance as a couple, or you've always dreamt of having fake snow at your winter wedding. Either way, QOKO Events stock special effects machines of all descriptions that can create the perfect scene for your event.

As part of our commitment to provide our clients with holistic event production services, we have a massive range of special effects machines for you to choose from. In many cases, you might want to hire a range of different machines for use at different points during your celebration or commercial event. 

What Sussex Events Benefit from Special Effects Hire? 

In short, plenty of different event types benefit from special effects hire. For corporate events, they add an extra layer of class, sophistication, and professionalism. In comparison, for private events such as weddings and birthday parties, special effects machines are perfect for creating your desired mood and setting.

In most cases, these machines are hired to recreate something you can't rely upon naturally in your location. Where you want sparks to literally fly for your indoor wedding, or you want to guarantee that snow is falling for your children's winter birthday party, you'll need a specialist machine to make it happen. 

With our special effects machine hire options, you can deliver spectacular and realistic effects while hosting indoor or outdoor events. 

What Special Effects Equipment Does QOKO Events Stock?

Given that we supply equipment and support services to so many different types of events, it's unsurprising that our stock of special effects equipment is pretty wide-ranging. While we will delve into the specific details of the services we offer shortly, it's worth quickly running through our inventory options to give you an idea of just how broad our range of special effects equipment is. 

The snow machine is probably our most popular special effects machine hire option. It uses snow fluid to pump out a realistic flake size that genuinely makes it feel as though it is snowing within your venue. This realistic falling snow effect is popular for winter-themed birthday parties, office Christmas parties, and, of course, winter weddings.  

Another popular request is for a professional dry ice machine. Many of you will already know what a dry ice machine does, creating that incredible and mystic white fog for dance floors and other stage performances. They can also enhance the performance of other special effects machines, such as laser machines, by accentuating their bright beams. 

Aside from those two popular requests, we have a range of other equipment options that are requested on a regular basis. Foam machines are popular with foam parties and special one-off corporate events, such as team-building obstacle courses.  

Other special effects machines we have in stock include flame machines, confetti cannons, sparkler machines. We do have more devices within our special effects range. However, there isn't space to list and describe them all here. Thus, we would urge you to contact our team if you are unsure as to whether we stock a specialist machine for your desired special effect. The chances are that we can indeed supply and install one (or several) at your event. 

Create a Realistic Falling Snow Effect with Snow Machine Hire from Sussex-based QOKO Events

Snow machines are an excellent idea for several events. Whether you need fake snow for the Santa's grotto at your shopping centre or you are determined to create a snowy scene for your annual Christmas company meal, a snow machine ticks all of the boxes. 

Our snow machines use specialist snow fluid (included within the hire price) to create a realistic flake size, which is then "blown" out of the machine to create the effect of falling snow. This enchanting machine is brilliant if you've always dreamt of walking down the aisle through the snow or you want to create a winter wonderland for your event. 

Depending on your requirements, you may only need to hire one snow machine or dot several snow machines around your venue. It will depend on factors such as how much snow you want, how long you want the snow effect to last, and environmental aspects such as venue restrictions or limitations. 

Regardless of the nature of your specific event, we can not only supply and install a snow machine, but we are on hand to discuss your requirements to ensure that your installation matches your initial vision. 

Our crews have installed special effects machines for all sizes and scales of events –from small-scale weddings right up to major television productions. So they understand what it takes to create the perfect snow-filled setting for your occasion. Speak to them today about your snow machine requirements, and they'll be more than happy to talk you through the various hire options. 

Snow Machine Hire

Hire a Foam Machine for Your Sussex Event from QOKO Events

Foam machines are another firm favourite for event organisers. At QOKO Events, we have supplied foam machines to events of all descriptions, and there's no question that requests for these specialist devices go up during the summer months, just as a snow machine is more likely to be hired during the winter months. 

From pool parties to outdoor community events, organisers hire foam machines for all manner of outdoor (and indoor) events. Our specific device is a top-of-the-range model that produces thick foam over a wide area. The unit can be ground-mounted or placed at a higher vantage point for the foam to trickle down to your guests below. 

Another great aspect is our foam machines are easy to operate and control, with continuously high output and easy-to-understand warning lights indicating low water and other vital metrics delivered by temperature sensors. It will also automatically shut off once operational limits have been reached, meaning you don't have to stand there and monitor it at all times. 

Once again, it will make sense to liaise with the QOKO Events team to ensure that foam machine hire is viable for your event. There are specific precautions that need to be in place to ensure that it functions correctly, and certain locations will be precluded as viable options. If you wish, we can even pay you a quick site visit to discuss your plans and scope out a suitable location for your foam machine(s) to ensure that they will perform as intended. 

Foam Machine Hire

Professional Dry Ice Machine Hire for Sussex Events from QOKO Events

Our dry ice machines are another popular event production item for events such as weddings, award ceremonies, and theatrical productions. They are excellent at creating a flow of fog that delivers a good coverage of nearby areas, typically dance floors or stages. Rather than rising through the air, the flow of fog remains close to the floor due to its cooler temperature, giving the appearance of walking on clouds. 

You can, of course, mount these machines higher up to create a different effect. For example, you might use them on stage for the task of delivering realistic fog. However, they are primarily ground-mounted close to the dance floor, especially for private events such as weddings and birthday celebrations. 

Once again, these devices are relatively straightforward to control and operate. When supplying these devices, our team can quickly run over the basic controls to ensure you are familiar with things like the optimal operating temperature and low water limits. Depending on whether we supply you with a single element or dual element heating model, we can also walk you through the second heating element so that you are comfortable with everything.  

Of course, if you don't feel you have anyone suitable to operate this equipment, we are more than happy to supply trained professionals to run your dry ice machines. We have staff members that have been part of prominent London West End production crews and are more than familiar with dry ice. However, we are confident that most individuals will have no issues operating these impressive pieces of kit. 

Dry Ice Machine Hire

Hire Sparkler Machines to Add a Touch of Flair to Your Sussex Event 

Sparkler machine hire is another popular request for outdoor events. We often supply these machines to sporting venues that want to add a layer of "pizzazz" to their occasion by firing up these sparkler machines when players walk onto the playing surface for a big game. 

Our outdoor sparkler devices come with a weather-tight case making them an excellent choice for all types of outdoor events. It doesn't matter whether you are hosting a music concert for your local community fundraiser or you wish to greet each finisher of your fun run with the sparkle they deserve. These boxes are brilliant for adding the "wow" factor to your occasion. 

That being said, QOKO Events also supplies these sparkler machines to indoor events such as weddings. They are hugely popular across Sussex and are implanted as part of the overall wedding production to mark significant moments in the day, such as the first kiss as a couple, the introduction to the room before the meal, or that pivotal first dance. 

As with all of our special effects devices, these come with a remote control, allowing you to remain firmly in control when they go off.  

Once again, our team will be on hand to give you expert advice regarding your sparkler machine choices. They can advise you on how much you'll need to achieve the desired outcome and where they should be positioned to give your event maximum impact. As always, we are available to operate them on the day, should you need us to. 

Sparkler Machines

Laser Machine Hire Services Sussex 

Plenty of events benefit from laser machine hire. Special events at bars and nightclubs, weddings, birthday parties, and any other event that requires a dancefloor are top of the list for these flexible special effects machines. Our laser machines are entirely programmable. You can choose the effects they project as well as other variables such as colour, for example.

Whether you want to hire lasers to complement your existing event lighting lineup or you want them as the focal point, these devices are some of the most versatile pieces of equipment we hire out to our clients. Some of those customers include DJs, who view lasers as pivotal elements in their lighting arsenal. 

No matter whether you are an experienced events organiser that understands the abilities of one or multiple laser machines, or you're a private individual who wants to spice up their makeshift dance floor for your garden party, our team can help.

As you would expect from QOKO Events, we only stock the best laser machines on the market that come with several settings to choose from and are straightforward in terms of control and operation. Once plugged in, we can quickly run you or whoever is going to be in charge of your lasers through the basic controls and settings. Of course, we can also advise on the best locations, rigging options, and walk through complementary lighting options before you decide on your final lighting and laser machine hire package.

Laser Machine Hire

Event Special Effects Enquiries

Hire All of Your Sussex Event Special Effects from QOKO Events 

At QOKO Events, we understand that you could hire all of the event production equipment in the world, but without special effects, certain events would fall flat on its face. A winter wonderland without snow or a foam party with no foam simply doesn't make sense. That's why we've gone out and invested in best-in-class special effects equipment to ensure we can keep our promise to deliver turnkey event solutions. 

There's no need to purchase a device you will only use once. Thus, it makes sense to include special effects equipment as part of your overall event production hire package with QOKO Events. Not only will we supply your event with top-notch equipment, but we also install it and show you or your team members how to operate these machines to their maximum potential. 

So if you are in need of a little extra production value by way of special effects equipment, look no further. Please speak to a member of our team about your event's special effects requirements today. We look forward to receiving your enquiry.  

For enquiries please get in touch: 01403 626008 // hello@qoko.co.uk
Special Effects FAQS.

What sort of special effects do you offer?

We offer snow, smoke, dry ice, lasers, confetti & indoor pyrotechnics.


How long does a snow machine last?

You will need to make sure you have enough liquid to cover the time you want the machine to run. Give us a call & we can work out how much you need.


Do I need insurance?

We would advise anyone to always take out the appropriate insurance but this is not something we offer or get involved with. 


What special effects would you recommend for a wedding?

Dry ice is a must! If you have lighting at your wedding (who doesn’t?!) then having a haze or smoke machine will make a huge difference to the lighting.


Does someone stay at the venue with the equipment?

Generally, yes, someone will be there to operate the lasers, dry ice & indoor pyrotechnics while some effects don’t require a technician on site. 

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