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Sound Equipment.

QOKO Events are one of Sussex's leading suppliers of sound equipment to events. Our expertise in the arena of sound equipment hire makes us your number one choice for events of all shapes and sizes. Whether you are celebrating a milestone birthday or need a fully distributed PA system for your series of outdoor events, QOKO Events can supply what you need.

Concerning our sound equipment, we only stock brands that are widely recognised as the best in the business, such as Shure and d&b audiotechnik. Not satisfied with investing in the best in hiring equipment in the industry, we also subject all of our inventory to a strict servicing and maintenance regimen to ensure that they never let you down. A testament to our upkeep commitments is demonstrated by our decades-long track record of zero equipment failures while on hire at events. 

What Sound Equipment Does QOKO Events Supply to Sussex Events?

In short, QOKO Events can supply all of your sound hire equipment, irrespective of the nature of your specific event. As Sussex's largest event production company, we specialise in supplying holistic technical hire solutions, including lighting equipment, staging, and other vital audio visual (AV) equipment. Thus, in most cases, you will be hiring sound equipment from us in addition to plenty of other production components. 

That said, it's still helpful to learn more regarding the specific devices included within our sound hire services. While there are potentially too many pieces of audio devices to name individually, there are some items that continue to crop up the most. For instance, PA hire (speakers, stage monitors, power amps, etc.) is a very popular hire request.  

Beyond collective hiring an all-encompassing sound system, you might also be interested in hiring vital sound elements such as wired or wireless microphones. Other popular supply requests include DJ equipment (great for DJs at weddings and or for a product launch) and in-ear monitoring for larger corporate events and music festivals. 

Of course, we also supply all of the associated cabling. From power sources to audio transfer, our all-inclusive sound hire service encompasses everything you need for your next event. 

Why Hire Sound and Lighting Equipment from QOKO Events?

As mentioned, we are specialists in providing all-inclusive event production and equipment hire services. In most instances, we will supply all event production elements to your event (including lighting equipment, stage, marquee, tables, chairs etc.) rather than just sound equipment alone.  

We do not offer a dry-hire service for a reason. We are here to make your job as an event planner or organiser as easy as possible. Rather than trying to work out how to set up all of your PA hire items or lighting fixtures, our experienced and friendly team of sound engineers and lighting technicians will handle everything for you. Better yet, they will be there at the conclusion of your event, packing everything away long after your guests have left. 

This aspect is where we feel we differentiate ourselves from other similar suppliers. We deliver holistic event solutions using our enormous inventory that spans several warehouses. We do not subcontract our equipment. We own and operate everything ourselves. 

Furthermore, our sound hire packages cater to all occasions, and we work tirelessly to ensure we supply you with the highest quality equipment without breaching the confines of your budget. 

Our team are always on hand to offer advice regarding the best hire packages for you. We will also be available to give you added support on the night of your event if you don't want to worry about who is taking care of audio mixing your live wedding band, for example. 

Lastly, our customers benefit from all-inclusive hire packages that include everything, including aspects such as delivery and setup, for one straightforward, transparent price. 

Live Sound Hire Sussex 

QOKO Events boasts a long and successful track record concerning the supply and delivery of sound equipment to prominent Sussex events. Not only has our sound system hire services been taken up by music festivals and other large-scale events, but we supply our audio equipment to weddings on an almost weekly basis. We stock all forms and combinations of PA systems that we can tweak to suit your event requirements. 

For instance, a popular request for weddings is a sound hire package comprising speakers, stage monitors, amps, a mixing desk, and a set of wireless microphones that more than meet the requirements of most live wedding bands and wedding DJs while ensuring those all-important wedding speeches are heard loud and clear.

Smaller events, such as a garden party for friends and family, may only require a couple of speakers and an arrangement of disco light(s) to liven up the dance floor (we supply dance floors too, should you need one). 

For more significant live sound events, such as outdoor music concerts and festivals, we have complete  d&b audiotechnik outdoor PA systems, including industry-leading line arrays that are often specifically requested on artist riders. Our team also take care of all of the load calculations and documentation for events of this size, helping you achieve compliance with health & safety regulations and gaining local authority sign off. 

As you can see, when it comes to live sound hire requirements, we can create hire packages that don't just meet your requirements, but exceed them. So if you have an upcoming event, feel free to talk to our highly skilled and experienced team of sound engineers to discuss your specific sound equipment needs. 

Live Sound Hire

Conference Audio Visual (AV) Equipment Hire Sussex

When first starting in the events industry, our services were focused on serving the conference industry in London. While we have since expanded to serve pretty much all events across the South East, we have never stopped developing our knowledge and expertise within this important sector, even though we have been operating in this space for more than two decades. 

As you would expect, QOKO Events stocks all conference AV elements, including sound equipment, specialist light fixtures, and projection equipment. Of course, while a wide range of devices is vital to a successful AV installation, your sound equipment can make or break your conference. Whether the background music in between guest speakers is tinny and incoherent, or, worse, your esteemed guests struggle to hear keynote presentations, then your event's reputation could become permanently tarnished. 

Fortunately, here at QOKO Events, our experienced team have hundreds of conference AV installations under their belt and will be on hand to advise you of the best audio setup for your specific conference. From choosing the right PA speakers to selecting the correct microphones, LED screens, stage lighting fixtures, our team will take care of all aspects of your AV equipment, leaving you to focus on other important aspects of your conference. 

As mentioned, our AV team can also be on hand during your conference to ensure the smooth running of your event. For instance, they can be on mixing desk duty to ensure that the microphones are always at the correct volume as each panel member takes their turn to speak during a Q&A session with the audience. 

To learn more about our range of conference AV equipment, simply call or email our team to discuss your requirements.

Conference Audio Visual (AV) Equipment Hire

Outdoor PA Systems for Sussex Events

As touched upon above, we stock a range of industry-leading outdoor PA systems. Whether you need an outdoor distributed PA setup for your country show or plan to host an outdoor music concert for an acclaimed artist, QOKO Events can help. 

Our sound design team deals with all types of outdoor PA requests, no matter how big or small. We can tailor hire packages to suit your specific needs. For example, if you need more stage monitors than is customary for an outdoor concert, that's no problem. We understand and appreciate that no two events are identical, which is why we listen carefully to your requirements before coming back to you with our equipment suggestions, rather than trying to force a preset sound hire package upon you. 

Not only is our selection of outdoor PA equipment vast, but we are also incredibly well-versed in the installation and rigging of our top-of-the-range equipment. As a company that boasts a range of outdoor festival stages, we understand the risks involved in suspending line array systems, for example. That's why we have detailed RAMS for event organisers to evaluate before we arrive on site. 

We also have solutions for events that cover large surface areas, such as trade shows, car shows, and country fairs. For these occasions, you need to know that the important announcements being made are travelling to the speakers at the edge of your PA network. Our long track record of happy customers will attest to the fact that we more than know what we are doing when it comes to supplying and installing distributed outdoor PA systems. 

Outdoor PA Systems

Sound Hire for Weddings & Private Events in Sussex 

There's no question that sound equipment plays a vital role in any wedding. As a wedding planner (or a happy couple), you have to make sure that everyone can hear your wedding speeches and that the live band or DJ you have booked for the occasion sound impeccable. We firmly believe that you should never settle for a dull, flat, or tinny sound for such a special moment in your life. 

While hiring professional sound gear is essential for a wedding, it's arguably even more important for a private event such as a birthday party or an anniversary celebration. Once the food and drink have been consumed, it's up to your sound and light equipment to entice people onto the dance floor to bop the night away. 

While your budget may be tighter for a private event such as a garden party, we are flexible with our sound hire options. Even if you only require a few PA speakers for background music, we can be competitive with any other supplier within the region concerning price. 

Better yet, QOKO Events are confident that you will fail to find any other equipment hire supplier that provides the same quality of sound equipment (or light(s) for that matter) for the same price. In other words, we might not always be the cheapest, but we will never be beaten on value for money. So while it's true that we operate on the scale of a nationwide event supplier, we can supply even the smallest of get-togethers with top-notch sound equipment due to our economies of scale. 

Plus, it's important to note you should compare apples to apples. We don't offer a dry-hire option. Instead, we include the supply, delivery, setup, and disassembly/collection of our equipment within our price. In most cases, that won't be included with other suppliers, so make sure you check what level of service you are receiving for your money.

Sound Hire for Weddings & Private Events

Sound Hire Enquiries

Choose QOKO Events for Your Sussex Sound Hire Requirements

Here at QOKO Events, we are passionate about sound. Not only do we only invest in only the best equipment, but we also install, set up, and even operate our own equipment for you if necessary, allowing you to concentrate on other vital aspects of event planning. From conferences to wedding celebrations and birthday parties, we have everything you could possibly require for your corporate or private event. Better still, you can tie in your sound hire request into a larger event equipment hire package, securing further savings in time and money by dealing with a sole contractor for all event production aspects. 

So if you require best-in-class sound equipment as part of your event, make sure to contact a member of our sound hire team today. We look forward to helping you put on the perfect event.  

For enquiries please get in touch: 01403 626008 // hello@qoko.co.uk
Sound Equipment FAQS.

How much does it cost to hire sound equipment for my event?

It depends on what you need to hire, a small sound system for a wedding with a radio mic starts at around £350, but a full live band set up can easily cost north of £1,000. 


Can you provide the sound equipment for our live band?

Yes definitely! We work with a lot of corporate function & wedding bands from all over the UK & stock everything needed making sure we meet the requirements they have.


How much does it cost to hire a conference sound system?

We would suggest a budget of between £500 - £750 for a small conference PA system with technician & wireless lapels, handheld or headset microphones. 


Do you deliver & set up the sound system?

Yes, QOKO Events offer a delivery only service & this means we will always deliver & collect the equipment hired.


Can you record the audio from the event?

Yes, we tend to use the Midas pro series mixing desks for small to medium events & these sound desks allow us to record the bands / conference or any other audio from the event. 

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