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Conference Equipment.

QOKO Events offers a huge range of audio visual equipment & hire services to conferences in &around the Sussex region. We boast more than two decades of experience in this particular sector and feel we are the best placed to give you the conference equipment hire and support services you need. Not only can we provide you with exactly what you need, but we are also on hand to advise you regarding your choices to ensure you end up with the perfect installation for your event.

As Sussex's leading event production company, you can also benefit from our in-house design team, should you need a custom set design for your conference or product launch. However, before we delve into our specific conference services, it's worth explaining why you should choose our company to ensure your occasion is a runaway success. 

Why Choose QOKO Events for Hiring Sussex  Conference Audio Visual Equipment? 

At QOKO Events, we differentiate ourselves as a company by providing total event production solutions. Rather than merely supplying a stage, set, lighting, or sound equipment, we provide everything you need for a successful product launch, conference, or similar corporate event. 

We understand how vital these events are to your brand reputation and appreciate that you expect nothing less than the best equipment and support, which is precisely what we provide. From custom conference sets with built-in LED screens to live streaming solutions that broadcast your event to an audience watching around the world, after more than 20 years in this specific sector, we boast an unrivalled understanding of what you need in place to pull off an incredible event. 

That's why we will sit down with you to discuss your requirements, bespoke or otherwise, to gain a deeper understanding of what you need. In a great deal of cases, we will also complete a site visit. Our sound, light, and video technology is second-to-none, and investing in the best brands aside, we also subject each device to a rigorous cleaning and servicing regimen to ensure they never let any of our customers or clients down. 

Our track record of zero equipment failures in over two decades of operation is a testament to the fact that we only supply conferences and product launches with the highest quality equipment. Indeed, we won't be the cheapest quote you receive. However, given the importance of these occasions, why would you want to risk hiring sub-par equipment and partnering with inexperienced teams?  

Exactly What Audio Visual Equipment Does QOKO Events Provide? 

Our conference equipment inventory is undoubtedly vast. Spanning several warehouses, QOKO Events stocks everything you could possibly need to run a successful product launch, a corporate event, or an industry conference. While it's impossible to list all specific devices, you can expect to find everything you need.

We have projectors and screens, for example, LED screens, PA systems, stage lighting, conference stages/sets, and even live streaming equipment, to name but a few of the options available to you. Since no two conferences are identical, it's best to contact a member of our team to talk through all of the different products to narrow down what your business needs for your event. 

At QOKO Events, we aim to make your life as easy as possible. That's why we offer premade packages that our team has developed based on our years of experience in the industry. Irrespective of the size and scale of your event, limitations placed on you by your venue, or your company requirements, these preset conference hire packages will provide an excellent fit for your occasion. 

However, if you need something custom or bespoke, our various teams are perfectly happy to all pull together to supply you with a tailormade hire package that will wow your audience and develop an industry-leading brand reputation. 

With that in mind, let's use this space to inform you of our specific equipment hire and support options available for your next Sussex business event. 

Conference Set Design Sussex

As already alluded to, we are the only company (to our knowledge) that can offer a dedicated in-house stage or set design team. We know that your reputation is on the line when organising a conference, which is why many of you will be considering custom solutions that wow your audience members (or viewers if you are broadcasting your event online via a live stream). 

Our team at QOKO Events is well-versed in the development of custom conference sets that don't just look the part but also function effectively. Whether you want to create a space that gives prominence to your advertising partners, or wish to incorporate LED screens into your stage backdrop, our talented design team can make it happen for you. 

We can so create custom staging. For example, if you would like a curved on-ramp for your booked speaking guests to walk up to their speaking position behind the lectern, that is something we can design and manufacture for you. In other words, regardless of the specific vision you have concerning your conference set, we can create it for you. 

What's more, we have become a market leader in this space by offering complete 3D renders of your stage or set production before we even lift a finger on manufacture. Seeing your conference set visually represented in such detail allows you to iron out any issues with us before we start building it, guaranteeing you're happy with the set long before we come to install it. 

Regardless of your specific market or industry, if you need to have a stage or set designed to match the branding and the overall vision for your occasion, please make sure to get in touch with a member of our team for a chat regarding your ideas. 

Conference Set Design

Product Launch Services Sussex

Hire Equipment from Sussex-based QOKO Events for Your Successful Product Launch - When it comes to a product launch, businesses rightly feel that everything is on the line. Get it right, and your website and stores could be flooded with customers and sales. However, get it wrong, and your brand reputation could suffer badly (in some cases, beyond repair). Remember, bad news spreads far faster than any good news can. Companies correctly pour over every inch of their product launches to ensure that they are a resounding success. 

Fortunately, here at QOKO Events, we take the same approach to our equipment hire and product launch service. We understand that just one cable failure can derail an entire launch. The last thing you want is your CEO to stand there blankly as the launch videos fail to appear. A person sitting in the audience or viewers watching at home will not purchase from a company that botches a product launch. 

Thus, you need to partner with an events expert that has already delivered dozens of successful product launches. A company with a detailed plan covering every eventuality and ensuring that the money you spend on equipment and on-site support is repaid in sales hundreds of times over. 

We have launched (in partnership with their respective companies) products live on TV and in front of millions watching via the internet. We are also used to unusual venues. So if you want to unleash your inner Richard Branson, we are the team to partner with. 

As with our conference services, we can design and build any product launch stage or set you can imagine. We can also decorate those sets with your branding, logos, and any other set furniture you want. We can also supply the associated audio visual equipment such as LED screens for presentations, stage lighting, camera lighting, live streaming equipment, wireless microphones, or anything else you might require. You name it; we can deliver and install it for your product launch.

Product Launches

Live Streaming Services Sussex 

We also have the capability to live-stream your event to global audiences. If you would like your friends, family, and product users to log in and view your corporate event from wherever they are through an app or software solution, then we offer a comprehensive solution. 

Not only does QOKO Events stock broadcast-quality cameras and high-tech video encoders, but we also have the ability to work on any streaming platform. Whether you want to use YouTube or Facebook Live to reach maximum viewership, or you prefer apps with password protection to keep unwanted trolls away from a pivotal training event, we have a solution that will work for you. 

While the technology has been around for over a decade, businesses have only recently been exposed to the capabilities of live streaming. Suddenly, there's no need to book an expensive venue or organise travel and accommodation for esteemed guests. With a live-streamed event, the process is automated. Users merely log in to your chosen platform, select your stream from the primary menu,  and watch the occasion from wherever they may be. Plus, with all of those eyeballs watching, sponsorship revenue can be increased via ads. 

Better still, there's no reason for virtual and hybrid events to be any less fun or engaging. With new technology such as Augmented Reality (AR), businesses can still hold the attention of the average person during the stream and successfully encourage users to search and buy products with thoughtfully placed links and call-to-actions.  

So, if you are looking to embrace a new way to deliver company training, product launches, conferences, or other forms of corporate events, you can end your search with QOKO Events. With minimal effort, we can incorporate a live stream into your event and broadcast it on a platform of your choosing. 

Live Streaming

Hire Complete Audio Visual Solutions for Your Sussex Event

Here at QOKO Events, we specialise in supplying holistic event solutions. Rather than engaging several contractors to deliver a successful conference, we believe it is far more prudent to partner with an event production company that can deliver all technical aspects under one roof. 

From the set to the screens, sound systems, stage lighting, and camera equipment for a live stream, we provide solutions that make event organiser's life far easier. Whether your goal is to increase sales, position yourself as an industry expert, or increase the number of users for your software product, you can pull off an event that achieves your aims with our backing. 

From the moment you make contact to the moment we pack up and take away all your hired equipment from the venue, we ensure that you only have to put in as much effort as you want on the technical side. In most cases, once we've had our initial chat, we will get to work on creating a complete audio visual installation for your event. 

The proposed size and scale of your audio visual installation doesn't matter. We can work to all budgets, specifications, and special requests. We can even complete audio visual installations with so-called "non-technical" aspects such as tables, chairs, and even cutlery. In other words, if something is necessary for your event, then the likelihood is that we can supply it to you. 

Better yet, if you wish, you can view your entire audio visual arrangement before we even begin work on creating it. Our industry-leading 3D renders allow you to iron out any issues long before we arrive at the venue to get to work, plus they guarantee your satisfaction since you already know what the installation will look like before it's built. 

So if you want a complete solution whereby your events partner does all of the heavy lifting for you, then search no further. QOKO Events can provide precisely what you need. 

Audio Visual Solutions

Conference, Product Launch & Corporate Event Enquiries

Choose QOKO Events as Your Partner for Your Next Sussex Conference, Product Launch, or Corporate Event Today 

At QOKO Events, we pride ourselves on our ability to meet any audio visual or technical requirements for conferences, product launches, and other similar corporate events. With over two decades of operations in this sector under our belts, we feel there are no other Sussex-based outfits that can deliver the same quality of equipment and personnel. 

Irrespective of the specific nature of your company's next event, make sure to contact our dedicated conference and audio visual team using our dedicated enquiry form. Simply fill out the fields marked as mandatory, and we'll take it from there. We look forward to hearing from you.

For enquiries please get in touch: 01403 626008 // hello@qoko.co.uk
Conference Equipment FAQS.

How much does a sound system cost for a conference?

Typically a small sound system for a conference costs between £500-£600, which includes a technician.


How much does a TV screen cost for a days hire?

A 75” LED screen costs £180 plus the crew to set it up/ pack it down.


Can you stream my conference event?

Yes, absolutely! Please contact us for further information and pricing.


Do you deliver and set up the equipment?

We certainly do, we only offer a delivery with set up service as opposed to collections from us.


My conference is taking place outside of Sussex, do you cover other areas?

We do indeed. Although we are based in Sussex working predominantly in this area we offer a UK wide delivery service, depending on the level of production you require.

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