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Sussex Staging Hire from QOKO Events, one of the leading suppliers of staging equipment across Sussex and the surrounding areas.

Our services have been used to supply events across the South East of all shapes and sizes. From music concerts to village fêtes and weddings, we have a stage for every occasion. Not only do we boast one of the largest repositories of event staging in the UK, but we also pride ourselves on our in-house design and manufacturing team that can turn your custom stage or set vision into a reality.

We serve clients from all backgrounds, and there is no reasonable budget we cannot work with. From private events to corporate product launches, we have a stage hire option for you.

Many customers focus on other event production aspects. However, rest assured that your staging hire choice will have a direct impact on the overall success of your event. So before we run you through our wide variety of stage hire services, let's reassert the importance of getting your event staging right.

Why Your Choice of Staging Equipment Matters

Irrespective of your event, your stage will, in almost all cases, act as the focal point. Whether it's music fans, family guests, or company event attendees, they will all naturally gravitate towards your chosen staging. Your staging hire choices will set the tone for the entire event, no matter how big or small the occasion may be.

For a larger outdoor event such as a music festival, your stage will need to be capable of holding the audience's attention for hours at a time. It needs to captivate your guests from the moment they arrive to when they pull out their phone to take a selfie in front of it. That's why it's crucial that you get it right.

Fortunately, our roster includes some of the most impressive indoor and outdoor stages in the country, some of which are exclusive to QOKO Events. In particular, our outdoor stage hire options are architecturally stunning structures in their own right before you even begin to rig them with stage lighting, sound equipment, and PA wings.

This highlights another important point. Your stage doesn't just have to look the part; it needs to be able to comfortably deal with housing all of the technical equipment necessary for those performing on stage. It doesn't matter whether it's the stage lighting and PA system for the live band you booked for your wedding or making sure you deliver everything requested in a festival headliner's rider. You need to hire a stage that's up to the task.

No matter your requirements, our team here at QOKO Events are always available to talk you through our staging services and advise you on the best methods to create a stage worthy of your event space.

What Makes QOKO Events Different from Other Stage Hire Companies?

Even though many clients come to us for our sheer breadth and depth of staging hire options, we also have one key differentiating factor: we provide complete event production solutions. We don't merely provide clients with a stage. Instead, we're focused on delivering a range of interconnected event production services that cover all of your requirements.

From hiring a stage to the sound, lighting, and everything else in between. When you work with us, there's no need to enlist the help of several contractors for a single event – we do it all for you. Whether you need LED screens for your festival stage or you need a complete wedding production, QOKO Events can supply everything you could possibly need.

Within the Sussex events industry, we are the only company that boasts such a range of event equipment hire services. So no matter the size and scale of your event, we have staging and associated event production equipment to suit your occasion.

So without further delay, let's talk you through our stage hire services.

Outdoor Stage Hire Sussex

Here at QOKO Events, we have an extensive range of outdoor stages for you to choose from. We have a wide variety of shapes and sizes, so you are bound to find one to suit your specific event requirements. 

At the smaller end of the scale, we have mobile stage hire options that can be delivered, assembled, and rigged with all necessary technical equipment in less than a couple of hours. They are perfect for small local events such as charity fun runs, garden parties, village fêtes, and even some outdoor wedding celebrations (venue dependent). If you are expecting a few hundred audience members, this is probably the stage hire choice for you. 

However, if you require a staging system with larger stage surface areas and higher roof payloads, then we have a range of festival stages for you to choose from. We have a couple of "medium-sized" arc roof stages that give workable stage areas of 7m x 5m and 8m x 6m, respectively. They can easily handle stage productions for up to a couple of thousand audience members. 

However, if you want an imposing "headline" festival stage, then we have a couple more hire options for you to consider. Our largest arc roof system stage boasts an impressive roof payload of 3500kg, big enough to support performances for audiences as large as 10,000+ people. 

Lastly, we have our orbit stage, which is very close in terms of design to its Glastonbury inspiration. The huge overhang is bound to turn heads and grab the attention of fans arriving at your event. Better still, the design gives your booked performers and stage equipment increased protection against the elements, should be weather not be cooperating. 

Outdoor Staging

Indoor Staging Hire Sussex

Once again, QOKO Events has one of the most extensive selections of indoor staging options in the events industry. For indoor events, we also boast stage and set design services should you need bespoke solutions. 

For those of you looking for indoor staging for conferences, awards ceremonies, and other corporate events, we have several "off-the-shelf" options. These modular offerings can be chopped and changed to create the perfect stage for your event. Better still, we can customise them with your brand logo, other branding paraphernalia, or any other stage decorations to make them look completely unique. 

Alternatively, if you are looking for a custom stage, we can also help. Clients tend to approach us for a bespoke solution when they either need to stand out from the crowd (such as at an exhibition) or the stage will be part of a special occasion such as a wedding. 

In either case, our team will sit down with you to discuss what you hope to create. We then take that initial concept and begin working on the design. Once we have a design we are happy meets your criteria, we mock it up using the latest 3D rendering software to show you would it will look like in the real world long before we even begin the manufacturing process. For more complicated designs, we will even arrange a site visit to measure up and get a handle on what we can expect during installation. 

Concerning all of the different indoor stage hire options, we have so many that it's difficult to list them all here. However, we will now run you through some of our most popular stage hire services that are in demand all year round. 

Indoor Staging

Raised Platforms Sussex

Raised platforms have been increasing in popularity over the last few years. This is perhaps due to their incredible versatility. They look just as good at an awards show as they do at a wedding reception. As the name suggests, raised platforms are staging solutions that are elevated above the ground. We are pretty flexible regarding the specific height as we provide adjustable solutions, but one metre is perhaps the most common height request we receive.

Traditionally, raised staging platforms have no roof attached and often no side rails. A catwalk is a good representation if you wish to picture in your head what a raised platform looks like at an event. That said, we can attach several staircase options for you and your on-stage guests to make your way onto and back off the raised platform. 

In many cases,  you can use a version of a raised platform to double as a traditional stage. For instance, if you're hosting a conference or you simply need a raised platform for your string quartet to perform at your wedding, raised platforms are a simple but extremely effective staging solution.

At QOKO Events, we also stock a range of specialist raised platforms. For example, we stock car display ramps and other similar solutions. So regardless of the reasons for requiring a raised platform, we can create complete staging solutions that don't just meet but rather exceed expectations. 

Since raised platforms are usually required for more specialist event productions, it's advisable to contact a member of our team via the website contact form or over the phone to discuss your specific requirements in more detail. We can then note down your preferences and take them on board before returning a quote to you.

Raised Platforms

Tiered Staging for Sussex Events 

There's no question that tiered staging represents one of our most frequent stage hire requests. There are several events where a tiered stage would look great, but occasions such as weddings and awards ceremonies are particularly well suited. 

You will have already seen tiered staging on television at awards ceremonies such as the Oscar's or the BAFTAs. Tiered stage design usually comprises a raised platform and then several tiered or large steps that sprawl out in front of the main stage. This is so that people can ascend and descend to and from the main stage area with ease, but it also adds a stylish design element lacking from most stage hire options. 

But increasingly tiered staging is high on the list of production items for brides and grooms looking for an attention-grabbing focal point for their wedding reception. White tiered weddings stages, in particular, are very much in vogue at this moment in time. And it's no surprise, given how impressive they look when paired with the right stage drapes and backdrops. 

With hundreds of successful weddings under our belts, we have had plenty of practice creating tiered wedding stages that are the envy of your friends and family. If money isn't necessarily your primary consideration and you want to host a wedding reception that you and your social circle will talk about for years to come, we would strongly recommend considering a tiered wedding stage for your big day. 

Once again, as with most of our stage hire options, plenty of customisation options are available. Thus, it's worth picking up the phone to discuss your ideas, understand our hire prices, and learn more about how we make it all happen. 

Tiered Staging

Custom Stage Builds in Sussex

As you might have gathered, pretty much all of our stage hire options have some degree of customisation available. But, to be clear, we can also build a custom stage from scratch. So if you are in search of something unique, we are the only stage hire company in Sussex to also offer in-house stage design and manufacturing services.

To shed a little more light on the process, it's perhaps worth giving you an example of when you might want a custom stage built from scratch. Once again, weddings are where we receive the most requests for a custom-built stage. In many cases, this is a direct result of conventional stages being unusable within the chosen stage location on-site. 

On more than a few occasions, we have been asked to custom build a stage over a swimming pool. This requires a great deal of planning and precision engineering. However, that is merely part and parcel of our complete stage hire service at QOKO Events. In these instances, we used clear perspex staging to give guests the appearance of "floating" on top of the water. Set up took place over a couple of days and required the help of underwater welders, but the happy couple were absolutely thrilled with the finished product. 

To give you another example, we have been called by more than one private company to custom build a stage for their upcoming exhibition stand, helping them stand head and shoulders above the competition. 

In other words, it doesn't matter what event you may have in store. We can create a custom stage that exceeds all your requirements. That goes for outdoor stages or indoor stages too. The process is the same regardless of what you need. 

Firstly, we will have some form of conversation with you before completing a site visit and measuring everything. Next, we will present the stage design to ensure you are happy with the unique design. Once you are happy and give us your sign off, we will then proceed to manufacture and being installation in plenty of time before the start of your occasion. 

Custom Stage Builds

Catwalk Hire Sussex

If you are a fashion brand or company looking for a catwalk, then look no further than QOKO Events. We are well-versed in catwalk production and installation, and we already have delivered catwalks to many of London's leading fashion houses. 

If you need a catwalk for your event (be it a fashion launch or any other occasion), we can supply and install industry-leading solutions for you. Not only can we install conventional catwalk stages, but we can put together classic catwalk designs such as the "T" shaped or "Y" shaped variants. We also boast the ability to create sloping catwalks and ramps, curved patterns, and anything else you can think of that will add a touch of exclusivity to your event. 

Don't forget we can handle all of the associated technical aspects of your event too. So if you need your main stage to incorporate LED screens that broadcast footage of models as they make their way down the catwalk, we can do that for you without any issues. The same can be said for catwalk lighting, sound systems, and any event production requirements you might have. 

Of course, not all catwalk stage requests are fashion shows. For example, catwalk staging is an increasingly popular add-on to the main stage at a music concert. So irrespective of your specific catwalk requirements, please do get in touch, and we will most likely be able to accommodate your stage hire requests.    

Catwalk Hire

Hire a Stage for Your Sussex Product Launch

A product launch is a vital event for your company. Any embarrassing slip-ups could tarnish your brand reputation and leave your company scrambling to undo the damage caused. At QOKO Events, we take pride in the fact that we excel in delivering seamless event services when it matters most.

With hundreds of UK-based product launches under our belt already, you can approach us with the confidence that we can supply and install the type of sleek staging you need to ensure a successful event. 

As mentioned, we have a range of custom and off-the-shelf stage hire options for you to choose from. Even if you do decide to opt for the more cost-effective preset modular designs, we can add your branding and other unique stage furniture/backdrops to give the appearance of a custom stage or set. We understand that your business needs to look the part, and we will always go the extra mile to deliver whatever you need. 

Don't forget that we have a range of specialist stage options for you to hire, should you need something besides your main stage hire. For instance, if you're launching a new car from your Sussex factory site, then we can provide both the main stage and a beautiful car display platform that shows your shiny new machine in its best possible light. 

Once again, due to the individual nature of product launches, it's best to get in contact with a member of our stage team to discuss your specific requirements. Once we've got the key tenets of your vision, we can then get to work on developing it into a real-world concept.

Product Launch Stages

Staging Enquiries

Whether You Need a Festival Stage or a Tiered Wedding Stage, Contact QOKO Events Today

Here at QOKO Events, we pride ourselves on supplying the most diverse stage hire services in Sussex and the surrounding South Eastern counties. No other company can provide as many different elements for one, all-inclusive hire price. With custom and ready-made stage hire packages available, we can cater to all occasions, budgets, and stage specifications. So if you have an upcoming event for which you are on the search for a holistic staging solution, then please don't hesitate to contact a member of our stage team today to discuss your requirements in more detail. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

For enquiries please get in touch: 01403 626008 // hello@qoko.co.uk
Staging FAQS.

How much does a small indoor stage cost to hire?

We would suggest a budget of around £500 - £750 for a small 5 meter X 3 meter stage. If you want the stage carpeted which is popular for weddings & conferences this is an additional charge. 


How much does it cost to hire an outdoor covered stage for a festival?

This depends on a number of factors but a small 6 meter X 4 meter festival stage costs around £2,000 while a large 12 meter X 10 meter covered stage can cost you £12,000 for a weeks hire.


Can you build custom stage platforms?

Absolutely yes, we can build custom stage platforms for all types of events such as bespoke wedding stages & product launches.


Do you hire out clear staging?

Yes, we stock 2 meter X 1 meter staging panels which are made of 100% clear perspex and perfect for those clients looking to get that unique look or shot.


Do you deliver the staging to the venue?

Yes, QOKO Events only offers a delivery service so whether you’re hiring staging or any other equipment from us it will always be delivered, set up & collected after the event. 

Our Clients.