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Event Furniture.

QOKO Events stocks event furniture for all occasions, including but not limited to corporate events, weddings, conferences, or even your next exhibition. Not only do we offer extensive furniture hire services, but we can also custom design and build services, meaning there is no structure we cannot supply and install at your event.

Whether you need trestle tables for your village fête or a series of LED bars for a wedding event, we have both traditional and cutting-edge furniture hire options available for our clients. Our comprehensive event hire services are available for professional events such as an industry conference or special occasions such as a birthday party.  

With that in mind, it's worth running through the types of events we usually supply our furniture hire services to. 

Sussex Furniture Event Hire for All Occasions

In truth, QOKO Events supplies event furniture to most events. It doesn't matter what the nature of the occasion is. We can design, supply, and install pretty much any type of furniture you require. All of our event furniture options are available in different colours, different sizes, and most are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. 

To give you an example, a corporate event may need tables, chairs, and a couple of striking mobile bars complete with company branding in the main reception areas. Supplying all of these items as part of a holistic event production package is no problem and something our team delivers regularly. We are specialists in creating total event hire solutions, and thus you will likely hire your furniture or seating options from us as part of an overarching package. 

That said, we are more than happy to work with you to create almost any type of custom equipment or furniture to make your event stand out from the crowd. Our design and manufacturing team is one of the most sought after in the UK. Their ability to think outside the box and factor in all other requirements for your event is second to none. 

Weddings are another popular request for furniture hire from QOKO Events. On top of all AV equipment, we often supply seating options such as Chiavari chairs (often in gold), giving your guests a comfortable and suave experience when they come to sit during the meal and in between spells on the dance floor. 

In other words, we spend our time catering to all events. It doesn't matter whether you are putting on a company retreat or a wedding. QOKO Events has an enormous stock of traditional and LED furniture. 

What Furniture Can QOKO Events Supply to Sussex Events? 

Our event hire services cover the full gamut of event furniture. We offer all of your traditional furniture requirements, such as tables and chairs, at competitive prices. However, our team also provide a range of more specialist furniture hire services. For example, we can design and install custom stage furniture (chair, lectern etc.) for corporate events or offer you a wide range of LED furniture, which looks incredible under the night sky. 

On a related note, our team is often tasked with designing and manufacturing an exhibition stand that will turn heads within the venue in question – complete with seating, sales benches, and mini-stages. No matter your furniture needs, we can usually find a suitable match from our extensive equipment stock. If we can't, then we can simply create it from scratch instead. 

Don't forget that furniture encompasses larger structures too. For example, we can provide your outdoor wedding with a marquee in addition to the rest of your requirements. Our job here at QOKO Events is to make your life as easy as possible. With us taking take of all the technical aspects of your event, you can relax and focus on organising other vital elements of your occasion.

LED Furniture Hire for Private & Corporate Events

At QOKO Events, we specialise in supplying and installing LED furniture at corporate and private events. We stock all kinds of LED furniture hire options, including tables, armchairs, bars, champagne buckets, LED cubes, and the list goes on. Of course, the advantage of LED furniture is the sheer range of different colours and styles. If you want your furniture to be lit up in brink pink colour for the duration of an evening, that's not a problem. Alternatively, you can have them cycle through every colour of the rainbow if you wish. 

Perhaps the most common request we have is for mobile LED bars. You can order them in any shape or size, with some preferring a circular unit to a traditional long, straight bar. They are incredibly flexible and can be delivered and set up almost anywhere. Whether you're hosting a house party to welcome friends arriving down from London or you are putting together a weekend festival, as long as you allow us easy access to the venues in question for setup and collection, we can have your LED mobile bar hire set up and lit in less than an hour. 

Given that we have so many LED furniture hire options, it's usually best if you contact us on the phone at a time to suit you to discuss your options. We couldn't possibly list all of our LED furniture hire options on this website, so please get in touch to learn more about the colours, availability, and prices.

LED Furniture Hire

Custom Furniture Builds for Your Sussex Wedding or Corporate Event

Another big part of our furniture hire services revolves around custom design and build projects. In most instances, these projects are for clients organising professional events or for companies attending trade shows and exhibitions where they expect to make significant sales (and therefore don't mind investing in custom build services). 

We have helped many Sussex-based companies with stock and custom furniture hire options for events up and down the country, including exhibition halls such as the NEC, ExCeL London, and Milton Keynes Conferencing. So if you are on the search for a company that can transform a booked stand space, we hope that you will have to look no further. 

We also design and build all sorts of custom conference sets, staging, and event furniture. From custom tables and chairs to high-quality custom backdrops, we have developed a reputation for successfully delivered custom furniture projects as part of our complete event production packages. 

But not everything we do on the custom side of the business is related to professional or corporate events. Our range of custom design services includes events such as weddings and the odd extravagant birthday party. For a wedding celebration, you may want us to build a bespoke chair in a throne style. Or you may want to pursue a custom stage with curved on and off-ramps. 

Either way, just get in contact with our team on the phone to discuss both our stock and custom furniture options for you and your guests. We are bound to have high-quality options that are more than suitable for your requirements.


Custom Furniture Builds

Event Furniture Enquiries

QOKO Events Offers a Comprehensive Range of Traditional, Custom, and LED Furniture Hire Options for Your Sussex Events

At QOKO Events, our mission is to provide you with holistic, all-inclusive event production solutions. From your stage lighting right down to the knives and forks you need, we cover everything. Our event equipment hire services extend to all furniture types, and we boast a top-quality design team that can create a range of bespoke furniture.

No matter whether you prefer LED furniture or more traditional options, our extensive warehouse is chock-full of furniture and equipment that is bound to make your party, wedding, corporate event, or exhibition a resounding success. Call or email us today to learn more about the different furniture options we have available for your Sussex event. 

For enquiries please get in touch: 01403 626008 // hello@qoko.co.uk
Event Furniture FAQS.

How much does your LED furniture cost to hire?

Each section is £35.00 excl. VAT & the minimum order value is £250.00 excl. VAT plus delivery & crew.


I am looking to hire a round mobile bar, can you help?

Absolutely, our round mobile bars are 6 meters in diameter & prices start from just £800.00 excl. VAT.


How much furniture do I need to hire for my event?

This depends on how many guests you have attending. If you give us a call or send us an email with your details one of the team can help with this.


Do you have a catalogue of your furniture I can see?

Yes we do, give us a call on 01403 626008 to discuss your furniture hire requirements.


We are looking to hire tables & chairs for our wedding, is this something you offer?

Yes, we can provide the tables, chairs & any other furniture required for your wedding, speak to one of our team for pricing & more information about this. 

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