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Product Launches.

At QOKO Events, we help product launch event organisers with their event production needs. Our turnkey launch event solutions include all aspects of a successful product launch event, such as stage hire, event lighting, sound equipment hire, and live streaming services. We take your launch party concept and bring it to reality. 

With so many elements to consider within a product launch, the last thing you want to do is juggle multiple events contractors while suggesting creative solutions to your production issues. Instead, you want to do product launch event management the easy way by hiring an experienced and highly skilled team that can provide everything you need under one roof. 

Product launch events have so much riding on them that you cannot afford anything or anyone to let you down. At QOKO Events, we don't settle for anything less than perfection. From ensuring that your production meets (and exceeds) the expectations of your target audience to creating the right atmosphere within your chosen venue, we ensure that your next event will be nothing less than a great success. 

Product Launch

Why Are Turnkey Event Production Services Key to a Successful Product Launch Event? 

When it comes to a product launch, so much is resting on the shoulders of project managers and event organisers. From coming up with compelling product launch ideas to ensuring that the event has the perfect venue that reflects the overall feel of your brand personality. 

That's why QOKO Events work closely with event organisers to alleviate the stress of planning a new product launch. From the first step of the process to the last, we will be by your side, allowing you to focus on many other essential aspects, such as inviting attendees, organising entertainment, or booking catering for your guests. 

We've worked with dozens of companies to create product launch events that build excitement, showcase new products in their best light, and stay on brand. You can rest assured that we provide the simplest and most effective option for event production for future events by supplying everything you need from a single point of contact. 

Our clients benefit from working with a company that owns and operates over three warehouses full of equipment and has a crack team of stage crews, lighting technicians, and sound engineers that work diligently to bring everything together both on location and in the build-up to your product launches. 

What Makes QOKO Events Different to Other Sussex-based Event Production Companies?

In short, QOKO Events has the experience and expertise to deliver product launch events that leave your competitors behind. We have been operating in the corporate event industry for over 20 years, so we know what it takes to run successful launch events. 

We understand that it takes so much more than merely choosing the right venue or entertainment options to enjoy success at your launch party. Instead, it's about oozing class and professionalism from the get-go. It's about impressing your industry guests, clients, and other audience members as soon as they walk in the room. 

QOKO Events make the product launch event management process a breeze by offered unrivalled support throughout the planning process, allowing you to focus company resources on other essential elements of your product launch event. 

Once you have found the right venue, we will be on hand to pay a site visit to your chosen location to measure up for your critical event production aspects. We can also discuss your launch party ideas, tackle any issues presented by the venue, talk about what you can expect from our event production service.

Then, once we have everything we need, it's up to us to work on creating your requests before delivering an event production that gets you excited about launching your new product to market and unveiling it to the world. 

What Event Production Services Can QOKO Events Supply to Sussex Product Launch Events?

While our services focus on providing turnkey product launch event productions, it's worth running through some of our most popular client service requests so that you can begin incorporating them into your event management and planning processes.

Stage and Set Design and Hire Services Sussex 

You will likely need a stage or set for your next launch event. QOKO Events has a range of indoor (and outdoor) stages in all shapes and sizes. We can customise these modular preset designs with a brand message, company logo, or any other product concept art you want to produce for your event. 

We also boast an in-house stage and set design team that can create a bespoke stage production from scratch. We use industry-leading 3D rendering software to show you a mock-up of these designs, so you know what to expect before we deliver this vital production to your site or venue. We even stock catwalk-style stages should you be in the market for a fashion launch.

Event Lighting for Product Launches in Sussex

While a stage or set is essential for your company launch event, your event lighting is also crucial for success. Without proper lighting, those in the audience could struggle with those on stage. The product itself may look dull with fixtures such as pinspots literally showing your new product(s) in its best light. 

You then might want to add in stage lighting fixtures, such as spotlights to showcase figures such as your CEO or esteemed guests on stage. We can also lend on-site support if you need our lighting technicians to create excitement with an engaging light show in the build-up to your product unveiling.

Sound Equipment Hire for Sussex Product Launch Events

Using event lighting to make sure that the audience can see your new product, guests, and prominent employees is one thing, but you also need to make sure that they can be heard. When launching a new product, the audience will hang on every word, and your brand ambassadors talk about the features that make it the best on the market.    

No matter your sound equipment requirements, QOKO Events has you covered. Our sound hire service includes several PA system options (including speakers, stage monitors, power amps, and mixing desks) as well as crystal clear microphone solutions from leading audio brands such as Shure. Our sound engineers can also be on hand to manage audio mixing for your team members up on stage and any invited guests. 

Event Furniture Hire for Sussex Product Launches 

When planning a launch event, you need to keep in mind that you are creating a memorable event. One way to send a message to those in the audience is by transforming your venue through event furniture. Statement pieces such as a glow-in-the-dark LED bar are brilliant for drawing attention and leaving a lasting impression. Our team can even customise them to your brand. 

Our LED furniture options include armchairs, poseur tables, bars, and champagne ice buckets, to name just a few. They can provide a talking point for clients and provide entertainment in their own right. But if those aren't "on brand," QOKO Events also have a range of traditional furniture hire options for your launch event. 

Live Streaming Services for Sussex Product Launch Events

Live streaming is an increasingly important element of event management. It gives your business the ability to beam what's happening at your venue around the world for minimal cost. With a live stream, you can suddenly double or triple your potential audience and market size. 

QOKO Events are experts at creating live streaming solutions for events. We not only boast broadcast-quality cameras and video encoders, but we also can work on any streaming platform. Whether you want to launch your new products on major social media platforms or you want a password-protected stream, we can create a custom streaming solution for you. Just contact our team for more information about what streaming services we can deliver to your event.

Choose QOKO Events for Your Sussex Product Launch Today  

Product launches are high-pressure events. With the success of your product, and potentially your business, on the line, you can't afford any slip-ups. That's why it makes sense to partner with a turnkey event production provider such as QOKO Events. With more than two decades and hundreds of product launches under our belts, we are the best choice for your Sussex launch. 

Taking care of all event production aspects and providing you with a single point of contact, we take a massive chunk of the organisational burden off your shoulders. Better yet, your event production aspects are being designed, installed, and operated by professionals with over a century of combined industry experience – a much better outcome than having a junior member of staff trying to juggle several different events contractors. 

So if you are looking to create an event that launches your product in the best manner possible, contact a member of our team today. We look forward to having the opportunity to create a successful launch event for you soon. 

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