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Event Installations.

Sometimes, when planning or hosting an event, you need to call in the help of the experts to ensure that the event venue both looks the part and functions as desired.

Even if you are a venue used to hosting events, some occasions call for equipment that is above and beyond the scope of your in-house options. In these cases, it's best to call in the help of a seasoned event production company such as QOKO Events to ensure that you have everything you need while benefiting from a professional installation team.

With hundreds of event installations under our belt, we know what it takes to create a memorable event. Whether you are planning an event at a venue that doesn't offer in-house options, or you are a venue looking to put on an extraordinary event that is above and beyond your comfort zone, we are here to help. 

Make Your Next Event a Memorable Experience with Help from QOKO Events

From corporate events to a special guest DJ booked at your nightclub, we can supply top-notch equipment and production services to your venue, function room, or event space. We solve a range of potential issues by offering holistic, all-inclusive services for you and your team. There's no need to deal with multiple suppliers to find the right solution. We have everything you could possibly require for your Sussex event under one roof. 

Whether your booked live musical act has requested a specific type of stage and sound system, or you need a professional team to come in and decorate the walls of your office with fairy lights to bring it in line with the fairytale theme for your monthly social night, our experienced team are incredibly flexible and versatile. We work on different types of events every day, and our large range of equipment is unrivalled. 

Better still, we provide a broad spectrum of event support services that you can take advantage of for your next event. For instance, we have an in-house team of set designers that can completely transform the look and feel of your event venue with custom stage and set designs that provide a focus for your guests as soon as they enter the room. 

How Do QOKO Events Help Create a Memorable Event?

From corporate events to music festivals and birthday parties, it's only fitting that you want your attendees to have lasting memories of their experiences at your event. If your event is only so-so or average, it won't be talked about, and, in the case of commercial events, you could lose customers and brand credibility. 

That's why we focus on engaging with you from the outset to understand precisely what it is you want to achieve. We take the time to understand expectations and pay attention to every last detail to ensure our event installation is going to hit the mark. 

We specialise in holistic event solutions.  We don't believe in cookie-cookie event installation hire packages. Instead, we provide you with flexible options that allow you, the venue host or the event organiser, to get creative with your ideas. Then, once we have collectively nailed down your event's preferred concepts and style, we can get to work organising the right equipment ahead of a hassle-free installation. 

Unlike some companies, we can work across all venues. So whether you are putting on a series of creative workshops at a local gallery or you are putting on a special New Year's Eve party at your bar, if you need your venue to look the part and have the right technology in place, QOKO Events offer an all-inclusive event installation service to suit all occasions.

Event Installations for Bars and Nightclubs in Sussex

While bars and nightclubs often have plenty of technical equipment on hand, sometimes a special occasion requires a temporary upgrade. For instance, you may have booked a well-known DJ who requests d&b audiotechnik line arrays and specific programmable lighting equipment (such as moving heads). In that case, QOKO Events could happily supply you with what you need to satisfy their requirements. 

However, for most events requiring installations, bars and nightclubs need a more comprehensive makeover. Whether it's rearranging the floor plan to accommodate a stage or increase the number of potential guests, or changing the décor into a style more befitting of the occasion, we are on hand to temporarily overhaul venues to suit your specific needs. 

In most cases, we offer our event installation services to venues looking to make a statement for their upcoming ticketed party event or live entertainment performance. Whether you are having a floral-themed 60s and 70s club night or you want to convert your space into somewhere to watch a major sporting event before carrying on the festivities into the night, we can deliver everything you need. It doesn't matter whether you need LED screens or state-of-the-art lighting fixtures and sound systems.

Furthermore, you can always lean on our team's expert advice throughout the process to inspire you with décor ideas and give you equipment recommendations based on your requirements. Feel free to get in touch with our events installation team any time to discuss the event you have in mind for your nightclub or bar. 

Bars & Nightclubs

Hotel Event Installations for Corporate Events in Sussex

Hotels are often chosen as venues for events. However, even though most establishments will have some form of audio visual equipment, it's usually nowhere near up to the same standard as devices supplied by a professional event production company. 

Therefore, if you know that you are playing host to an important industry conference or another similar corporate event, you may want to call in the help of the experts to help you create the perfect event production combination. 

At QOKO Events, we can come in and supply stages, LED screens, stage lighting, PA systems, microphones, projectors, screens, and anything else you may require. In creating the installation, we can, of course, include your logos, branding, and other marketing paraphernalia to ensure that the production looks professional. 

At the other end of the scale, you may operate a function room for office parties, family fun days, or children's birthday parties, for example. It may be the case that you don't put on enough of these events to warrant having the equipment and decorations in stock full-time. If that's the case, we are here to supply everything your clients would typically expect to see at these events. 

Conversely, suppose you are looking to host an event at a hotel, and they have advised you of their limitations regarding event installations. In that case, it's wise to contact an experienced operator such as QOKO Events. Typically, we help happy couples holding weddings at hotels the most. We work diligently to treat their guests to an amazing wedding installation, complete with all production aspects. 

Hotel Event Installations

Turn Your Sussex Office into an Event Venue with QOKO Events 

We are increasingly tasked with creating professional event installations for office locations across Sussex, such as North West Sussex towns such as Horsham and Crawley. The events themselves are varied. It could be a product launch, a company training week, an important press conference, or a company's AGM. Either way, our installations are complete with all of the necessary equipment and branding to ensure they function as well as they look. 

Once again, we tend to sit down with you to discuss your ideas and make sure we end up creating the right style of event installation for your specific occasion. After discussing your requirements, we then get to work on the overall installation design for your business event. We may even come to measure up the room you intend to use to ensure we have got everything right and not missed any obvious issues. 

With everything we need, it's time to get to work on creating a top-quality, turnkey event installation for your business or organisation. We can even mock up the entire installation virtually to ensure you're happy with all the event production aspects before progressing to the supply and installation stage. 

Once we have your sign off, it's time to build any custom items (such as a custom set) and arrange the technical equipment to be delivered to your office venue. With our team on-site, we then work tirelessly to create a high-quality installation that makes a statement about your brand. In most cases, we don't just match your requirements – we exceed them. Your esteemed guests and attendees will be nothing less than impressed. 

Of course, we can supply temporary event installations for less serious occasions, such as office parties, the weekly social night, or a theme day (such as coming in as a character for world book day). If you want to mix in a little play with all of your team's hard work, we are just as adept at creating amazing event installations for more casual events.

Office Event Installations

Sussex Home Audio Visual (AV) Installations 

While we serve corporate clients, we also deal with almost as many private individuals for life events such as birthday parties, garden parties, or other similar special occasions. Our home audio visual AV installation services are excellent for cinema nights with friends or a night spent running your gap year videos and pictures with your extended family who hasn't seen you for a while. 

No matter what specific ideas you have for your home-based event, QOKO Events can help. From projector and screen hire for home movie night to full-blown garden party productions complete with equipment for live entertainment acts and dozens of guests – we can create light and fun installations for several different types of private events and celebrations.   

Our event installation service is turnkey. What that means for you is that we supply, install, and in some cases, operate all technical equipment, including many décor elements such as mood lighting. With our best-in-class professional quality gear, you are bound to impress your guests and enjoy your party so much more.

Better still, you only need to deal with one supplier. There's no need to drop everything, trying to schedule and accommodate a stage hire company, an event lighting supplier, or a sound hire specialist. Our team handles everything for you from start to finish – from fleshing out creative ideas for decorating your venue walls to ensuring your entertainment uses equipment they can trust. Having it all under one roof makes a huge difference, and our service is designed to make your life as easy as possible. 

Home Audio Visual Installations

Event Installations Enquiries

Transform Your Venue with Event Installations from QOKO Events

QOKO Events is one of the leading event installation specialists in the UK. We serve all events, from private home-based celebrations to significant corporate product launches at prestigious venues. If you are a venue in need of a more comprehensive AV installation than your in-house equipment can deliver, or you are an event organiser that requires help turning their chosen venue into the production of their dreams, then QOKO Events is here to help. 

Our event installations completely transform venues. From decorating the walls to supplying top-quality equipment to your booked entertainment acts, we do it all for one transparent and straightforward price. So please don't hesitate to contact our team to learn more about our creative event installation services today. We look forward to delivering your event vision soon.  

For enquiries please get in touch: 01403 626008 // hello@qoko.co.uk
Event Installations FAQS.

How much does on installation cost?

This depends on what you want. We can help with your requirements just give us a call.


What type of installation do you offer?

Whether it’s a commercial or private property / venue we can provide you with a first class installation service. 


How long does an installation take?

This depends on the size of the project. Typically you are 3-6 months from design to completion.


Can we rent the equipment instead of buying it?

If you would prefer to rent or lease the equipment that is not an issue. We offer both leasing or outright purchasing options.


Do you offer support packages after the install is completed?

Yes we do, we are able to supply you anything from a monthly service contract to a 24 hour call out service. 

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