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Awards Shows.

QOKO Events provides award ceremony organisers with turnkey technical event production services. With so many aspects to oversee for a successful awards ceremony, we help those organising these events lower their burden of stress by handling all aspects of event production. 

We supply award ceremonies with staging, sound equipment, event lighting, dance floor, tables, chairs, stage furniture, and all other technical aspects. From corporate events to gala dinners, we help organisers regardless of the specific event type. In addition to our event production and equipment hire services, we offer a range of event management and support services to ensure your awards event is a resounding success. 

Whether you are a designated individual in charge of organising your annual corporate awards ceremony or you have an entire event management team, our in-house team will work hard to transform your event concept from a vision into reality.

Award Show Lighting in Sussex

What Are Turnkey Event Production Services for Award Ceremonies? 

When it comes to awards events, you need to ensure that you have your audience engaged and create an unforgettable experience for your esteemed guests and award winners. Otherwise, there will be little interest in your next event. 

With that pressure on your shoulders, it makes sense to delegate all of the technical event production responsibilities to a team that has decades of experience when it comes to award ceremony productions. 

Our turnkey solutions are exactly as they sound. We handle all of the necessary infrastructure you need to bring your awards ceremony together. From custom stage design services to event lighting and audio visual installation, we take care of everything under one roof so you can focus on other vital elements of your event, such as booking the live entertainment or handling delegate registration.  

All you need to do is have an informal chat with us about what you need for your award show. Once we have the information we need, we will get to work immediately designing and creating an all-encompassing production for your award ceremony that will more than deliver your desired outcome. 

What Makes QOKO Events Different from Other Sussex-based Awards Ceremony Event Production Suppliers? 

Awards ceremonies are multifaceted events that require a broad spectrum of production equipment and support services. What that usually means for award ceremony organisers is that you have to enlist the help of several award events contractors. 

However, that's not the case with QOKO Events. Instead, we supply all production requirements for award shows under one roof, making us unique in the Sussex events industry. Our winning formula is further enhanced by owning and operating all of that production equipment. We do not sub-contract our awards ceremony equipment.  

Better still, we enhance the customer experience by providing in-house design services on top of equipment supply and installation. If you need to design a custom stage or require graphic design services to brand your awards ceremony set backdrop, that's something our company can provide. We also provide industry-leading 3D renders of our productions before manufacturing for validation purposes. In other words, we mock up what your production will look like long before we ever set foot on-site, allowing you to make tweaks and guaranteeing your satisfaction before our arrival. 

Lastly, our team is second to none. Not only do they have experience of working on major events in London and around the world, but they deliver our service with a friendly smile and are available to support you with the operation of critical equipment on the evening or night in question to ensure success. 

What Event Production Services Do QOKO Events Supply to Award Ceremony Organisers?

While providing turnkey event solutions for memorable award ceremonies is what we specialise in as a company, it's worth breaking down our various event production services so you can understand what's involved and begin to size up what you may or may not require for your awards event.

Gala Dinner Lighting in Sussex

Awards Show Event Lighting Hire Sussex

We supply, rig, and install all forms of lighting for Sussex award events. The main focus for your lighting will be the stage. However, we also stock mood lighting and venue uplighting options that can transform your room's look and feel to match your event theme. 

On stage lighting specifically, we have moving intelligent lights, PAR cans, and of course, spotlights for your host, keynote speakers and award winner(s). Our lighting technicians are also available to oversee your lighting displays during your gala dinner or awards event, should you need technical support. 

Awards Show Event Sound Hire Services Sussex

QOKO Events has an equally extensive selection of sound equipment to ensure that your award ceremony presentation sounds as good to your guests as it looks. We stock all-encompassing PA systems, including line arrays, stage monitors, power amps, and mixing desks. Plus, we have industry-leading Shure wireless microphones for you to use, such is our dedication to quality equipment.  

We can also organise to have our sound engineers on hand to oversee audio mixing to ensure that judges, sponsors, clients, presenters, and award winners can all be heard on the mics we supply.  

Stage Hire & Design Services for Awards Shows & Gala Dinners in Sussex

Stage hire is perhaps the most critical production aspect of award ceremonies. It's where your guests will focus their attention for much of the night, and they will be immediately drawn to it from the moment they walk in. Not only can we design custom stages and sets for award ceremonies, but we can also customise both stock and bespoke options with your logos, branding, or messages from your clients and sponsors. Similarly, we have several venue draping and stage backdrop designs that we can customise for corporate events.  

We stock a range of modular "off-the-shelf" hire options that we can make to look bespoke as part of our service, or we can create something from scratch. Our tiered stages are the most popular hire option for award ceremonies and gala dinners, but you can opt for a more traditional set if that's what your organisation prefers. Of course, we can mock all of these designs up for you for validation purposes, ensuring you are happy with the result. View our Stage Hire Page...

Live Streaming Equipment for Corporate Events and Awards Shows

If you're part of a multi-national company and, despite your efforts, it's too difficult to invite team members from all over the globe to get involved, live streaming might provide the answer you are looking for. We have supplied live streaming to many hybrid and virtual events for clients over the last few years, and we can easily incorporate this service into our planning and venue considerations.

Whether you are a large organisation looking to beam an award ceremony to the rest of your team via a live stream, or you want to create a hybrid version of your gala dinner night for those unable to attend for any reason, QOKO Events has a streaming solution for you. Just contact a member of our team to discuss our live streaming service in more detail.

Event Furniture Hire for Your Sussex Gala Dinner or Awards Show

Of course, for any event in this form, you need equipment for your audience, such as seating staging, tables, chairs, and perhaps other company-branded furniture such as lecterns. As is the case with our staging services, we can create customised furniture items. 

We also have a range of LED furniture that may be of interest if you have a backstage bar area, a company breakout area, or a smoking area within the venue. Just contact us during the planning phase, and the QOKO Events team can get to work on creating what you need to install at your chosen gala dinner or awards evening venue. View Event Furniture...

Lighting In A Marquee Sussex

Trust QOKO Events to Create Incredible Turnkey Event Production Solutions for Your Awards Ceremony or Gala Dinner

Whether you are creating an end-of-year awards ceremony for your company, or you are putting on a charity gala dinner complete with entertainment and local celebrities, we pride ourselves on providing turnkey event solutions that lift a massive burden off your shoulders. 

From the stage to the tables and chairs that will seat your audience members, our turnkey event production packages can be left unchanged as you focus on other vital aspects such as catering, sponsorships, and ticket sales. From the moment that your guests arrive at the venue, they will be nothing less than impressed with our exacting production standards.

So if you are in the process of planning a gala dinner or awards ceremony, please don't hesitate to get in touch using the contact form on this site, and we can make a start on making your life as an event organiser far easier.

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