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Sporting Events.

QOKO Events provides sports events with all technical event production requirements right across Sussex. We make the life of a sports event manager as simple and straightforward as possible by supplying everything you might need for a sports event production under one roof. 

From logistics and delivery to setup, installation, and collection, our team handles all production aspects to take the pressure off your sports event management team. All we need is a few details such as your equipment requirements, number of spectators, and potential site access challenges, and we will handle the rest while your team focuses on the sports side of your occasion. 

QOKO Events stocks everything you need to put on minor and major sporting events, from staging to event lighting, PA systems, and special effects machines.  With our team working closely with you through the event planning process, you can focus on other vital aspects such as ticket sales, liaising with governing bodies, and organising media coverage. 

Why Event Production is a Vital Aspect of Sports Event Management

Sports events are some of the most challenging occasions to pull off. No other type of event within this industry has quite as many moving parts. To enjoy a successful event as a sports event manager, you need to ensure that you have covered the needs of all athletes and participants and ensure you secure interest and funding from sponsors and local marketing partnerships for the big day. 

Worse, those are just a few of the many elements involved in putting on a successful sporting event. We haven't even mentioned finding a suitable event venue, getting sign-off from local authorities, or installing barricading and/or seating for fans. 

With all of that noise in the background, you could be forgiven for putting your sporting event's technical production requirements on the back burner. But these are vital aspects that are every bit as important as those sports event management factors mentioned above. If you deliver a poor production, there will be very few interested in coming to the next edition of your event. 

What Type of Sports Events Benefit from Turnkey Event Production Services? 

Many sporting events benefit from professional event production services. It could be that you need a distributed PA system and sparkler machines for when the players of your local football club walk out onto the pitch for their once-in-a-lifetime FA cup tie. Alternatively, you might require an outdoor stage, stage lighting, a PA system, and microphones for the warm-up area of your city community fun run. 

In other cases, such as horse racing festivals that have musical performances after the action has finished on-course, you might need to create a stage production worthy of a music festival. It could even be that your event is at a neutral venue, but you want to broadcast a significant sporting event on a giant LED screen for fans.  

Whatever your specific requirements, QOKO Events help event managers ensure that everything you need is taken care of on the technical side, with equipment hire and on-site support available to deliver the great experience and knowledge you need to ensure success. From event planning right through to execution, our team will be on hand to ensure that, regardless of the specific sport or number of attendees, your competition, tournament, or match is bound to be a success. 

What Type of Equipment and Support Services Can QOKO Events Supply to a Sussex Sports Event Manager?

We supply anything that your sports event management team requires that we would consider technical event production elements. In order to ensure we are on the same page, it's worth just running through some of those event services to allow you to develop a better understanding of what we can supply to your venue. 

Sussex Stage Hire for Your Local Sporting Event 

All kinds of sports events require a stage. It doesn't matter whether you need a stage to address volunteers before going out on the course or warm-up participants before a community fun run. We can supply a stage that fits the bill. 

QOKO Events stock many shapes, designs, and stage sizes – right up to a festival-style setup that could support a sporting event production of up to 10,000 fans. Our small, mobile stage hire options can be delivered on-site and set up within a couple of hours, too, perfect for venues with a limited time slot. As with the case with all of our stage hire options, we can include customised livery and decals from all of the sponsors, media, and marketing partners involved and place them in prominent locations. View Stage Hire...

Event Lighting for Your Sussex Sports Event 

QOKO Events supplies all forms of event lighting to sporting events. In many cases, we supply lighting to accompany a stage. However, if you're hosting a sports event that progresses into the event, we can also supply functional light fixtures such as floodlights so that participants or teams can see properly. 

If you are unsure as to whether we supply the type of event lighting you need, please contact a member of our team. You can either fill in our online contact form or get in touch via telephone to discuss your sports event in more detail. View Lighting Hire...

Sound Equipment Hire for Sussex Sporting Events 

event venue, or you plan on having live entertainment on a stage as part of your sports event production, QOKO Events has you covered. 

We supply PA speakers (distributed or otherwise), stage monitors, power amps, mixing desks, microphones, in-ear monitoring, and all of the associating cabling. Whatever your audio requirements, we can supply them to your event management team. View Sound Equipment..

Special Effects Machine Hire Sussex 

There's something special about a sports team or athletes walking out to flames or sparks. It helps bring the wow factor to your competition or tournament and is a firm favourite with many a sports event manager. 

We boast an extensive selection of special effects devices available for hire that include confetti cannons for trophy presentations etc. QOKO Events can provide these pieces of equipment to outdoor venues and overcome the challenges that hosting a sporting event in this environment presents. View Special Effects..

Sussex Power and Cable Distribution for Sporting Events

One of the biggest challenges of event management is organising power for outdoor events. As an event manager, QOKO Events helps you by taking care of all power and distribution requirements. Our super silent generators paired with our dozens of available power distribution units is the perfect solution to making your outdoor event production aspects happen. 

Our power solutions are specific to each sporting event, so we urge event managers to contact us with their requirements. View Event Power...

Live Streaming Services for Sussex Sporting Events 

Of course, recent events have thrown live streaming into the spotlight. Not only does live streaming help your sporting event to reach new audiences, but it also provides new sponsorship opportunities and often pleases governing bodies who appreciate innovative solutions to increase the number of eyeballs on their sport. 

QOKO Events offers an all-inclusive live streaming service. We supply and operate broadcast-quality cameras, state-of-the-art video encoders, and we can stream your event on all social media platforms. We can also work with specialist live steaming vendors if you want to password-protect your stream, for example.

LED Screen hire for Sussex Sporting Events 

LED screens and sporting events go hand in hand. Not only do they give your fans a better view of your sporting spectacle, but they give further opportunities to fill gaps in the schedule with advertising and sponsoring. 

Our LED screens boast high brightness scores and IP 65 ratings, meaning they are ideally suited to working outdoors in inclement weather or bright sunshine. QOKO Events' LED screens are also a stunning 3.9mm pixel pitch, meaning you can place spectators as little as a few metres away without detracting from the viewing experience.  View LED Screens...

Choose QOKO Events as Your Sussex Sporting Events Production Partner 

With so many elements involved in planning any sporting event, success can seem challenging to achieve. However, with the help and support of an experienced professional event production company such as QOKO Events, you no longer have to worry about your logistics or audio visual elements, for example, since we handle them all for you.

Speak to our team regarding your sporting event production requirements today, and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you soon. 

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