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Backdrops & Draping.

When it comes to decorating your venue, backdrops and draping play a vital role. Perfect for parties, weddings, or corporate events, QOKO Events stocks all types of backdrops and venue draping, ready to transform your event space into the perfect location for your occasion.

Whether you need a starlight backdrop for your awards ceremony, or you simply can't imagine your wedding reception without a silk wedding backdrop, we stock every conceivable system and design (even including hand pinch pleat!). No request you have for us is too much trouble.    

Of course, we specialise in providing turnkey event solutions. Thus, in many cases, you will be choosing your drape hire options as part of a more comprehensive overarching event production package. That said, it's still worth running through our numerous options to allow you a greater understanding of precisely what the team at QOKO Events can offer you.

Drape Hire for Your Sussex Wedding Reception, Birthday Party, or Corporate Event 

The list of occasions that benefit from venue draping services is pretty long. However, we would say that the vast majority of the work we do with our backdrops is at private celebrations such as weddings. 

We understand that you only get one shot at a wedding. That's why you have every right to want your wedding venue to look the part. Our wedding backdrops are diverse and can be custom-tailored to either the dimensions of the venue or your specific personal preferences. Whether you prefer a pipe and drape system or a pipe and base system, we can provide your wedding with a backdrop that matches the overall colour scheme of your wedding. 

The same premise applies to birthday parties, Bar Mitzvahs, corporate events, and any other events that may benefit from drape hire. No matter the size and shape of your venue, we can cater our drapes to your site or location. Whether you want to cover just the walls or both the walls and the ceiling, we will listen to your feedback and alter our installation plans accordingly. It doesn't matter whether your venue is 6m x 3m or twice that size. We have hundreds of metres of pipe and drape for you to use, should you need it.

What Style of Drapes and Backdrops Does QOKO Events Stock? 

In short, we have backdrops for every occasion. Regarding wedding drapes, we have white and black star cloths, silk backdrops that can be arranged in several ways (such as Grecian or freestanding), and we even offer unique handmade solutions such as hand pinch pleat that can only be used once. 

The good news is that even plain white or black drapes can create different types of ambiance. With the hard work of our team, we can make your wedding top table look incredible with pristine white drapes. Alternatively, we can create a chic dance floor setting for your corporate event with our star cloths. Hiring black cloth drapes complete with LED lights (giving the effect of stars) can add an amazing zest to the party room you've hired for the night.

As mentioned, we have all kinds of event backdrops and a fantastic array of drapes for you to choose from. Whether you are planning an Asian wedding or a professional event with music acts and a charity auction, if your chosen room needs sprucing up, hanging drapes along the walls is one of the more cost-effective measures you can take to spice up your venue. 

With an unrivalled range of spectacular backdrops, you are bound to find something you love with our drape hire service. With that in mind, let's delve into a little more detail regarding our specific hire options. 

Hire Black or White Silk Wedding Backdrop from QOKO Events 

There is nothing more amazing than having a beautiful, decorative silk wedding backdrop for your big day. Whether it's the nature of the fabric or the way our pipe and drape systems allow the drape to fall in a fantastic concertina manner, there's no question that silk is one of the most popular choices for wedding backdrops. 

As alluded to, we can create all manner of designs. Whether you're on the search for a scallop top swag or you want us to arrange your backdrop into Venetian or Grecian swags, we can cater to your personal preferences. We are here to serve you and will create whatever you think will impress your guests as they glance at the top table for the first time. 

Of course, we also offer our drapes with matching table skirts should you wish to add a little extra flair to the top table or indeed everyone's table! 

We would say that white is undoubtedly the most popular colour choice for silk wedding drapes. However, we've worked with many couples and wedding planners that preferred black silk drapes, and we have to say they do a great job. They add an element of suave sophistication to proceedings and have more of a transformative effect on leading wedding venues in the South East than perhaps white does. 

Of course, your choice of wedding backdrops is yours and yours alone. We are always on hand to talk you through your options and offer advice. However, despite our professionalism, you will ultimately have to make the call on what represents the best choice for covering the walls of your wedding venue. 

Silk Wedding Backdrop

Hire Black or White Star Cloth Backdrops for Your Sussex Event

If you are hosting a professional event or a party and want to incorporate lighting into your backdrop, then a star cloth may well be for you. They are an almost permanent feature of prominent London events, and now people are (having witnessed how influential they can be on a venue) are requesting them for Sussex events.

Perhaps the primary choice you will face in your search for the perfect event backdrop is which colour you will choose. White adds a touch of class and style to your occasion, whereas black with white lights envokes a party atmosphere that will look great on the post-event photos you share with friends, family, or work colleagues. 

No matter the colour you decide to choose, these specific drapes are an excellent match with our starlit dancefloors, which also happen to be available in both black and white. Thus, we would suggest that you pair up your backdrop and dance floor so that they match rather than clash. With our all-inclusive event production service, we will be on hand to talk through all of your decorative options (including event lighting) to ensure that everything fits in with the overall theme of your event. 

Lastly, it's worth mentioning that our sat cloths use LED lights that run on minimal power. Better still, you can choose the colour of the lights themselves. A popular choice with black star cloths is blue lights as opposed to white lights, which gives your event more of a party atmosphere. 

Star Cloth Backdrops

The Ultimate Backdrop for Your Sussex Event - Hand Pinch Pleat 

If you want to hire something extraordinary to mark an occasion, such as your wedding, we recommend a hand pinch pleat event backdrop. There really is nothing quite like them. In case you were wondering, pinch pleat backdrops are painstakingly hand finished at one-inch intervals and look absolutely incredible. If you are planning a wedding in the South East and want the mother of all wedding backdrops, this custom hire service will be for you. 

We say custom because, due to the nature of the drape, it's always created using a custom frame system that we cannot reuse. These backdrops are truly unique and do the most out of any drapes to transform a venue. However, they are certainly not the cheapest, and they are perhaps not for you if you're on a tight backdrop hire budget. Of course, if you are in love with the hand pinch pleat style but don't necessarily want a colossal wedding stage backdrop, you could use them to transform another feature of your venue, such as the bar. 

As always, our team will be available to talk you through your backdrop options. You may find that you actually prefer some of our other venue drapes due to their increased flexibility and more comprehensive range of colour and lighting options. Either way, we will be on hand to give you impartial advice and information so that you can make an informed decision. 

As hand pinch pleat is a very specialist drape system, we request that you call us beforehand to ensure that it's something you wish to pursue. 

Hand Pinch Pleat Backdrops

Draping Hire Enquiries

From Wedding Backdrops to Corporate Event Drapes, QOKO Events Stocks Everything You Need for Your Sussex Event 

Whether you want to create the perfect wedding reception venue or need your walls to get your guests into the party mood, event drapes and backdrops play a pivotal role in the success of your occasion. 

Foruntayel, at QOKO Events, we stock all types of designs and can accommodate our drape system(s) to meet the specifications of almost any venue. Whether you want to add a touch of elegance to your wedding bar and top table, or you need to spruce up the function room you've hired for your office party, we have an event backdrop solution for you. 

We offer these hire services as part of our all-inclusive, turnkey event production solutions for events taking place right across the county of Sussex and beyond. Check out our event gallery to gain inspiration, or contact a member of our team if you want to receive a quote for your upcoming event. We look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

For enquiries please get in touch: 01403 626008 // hello@qoko.co.uk
Backdrops & Draping FAQS.

How much does it cost to hire a backdrop?

Our backdrops start from just £250.00 excl. VAT for the smallest.


What size backdrops you you stock?

We offer a range of sizes from small 3m x 2m backdrops to large 8m x 6m backdrops. 


What styles of backdrops do you have & in what colours?

Plain, hand pleated & starlit in both black & white.


Do you offer custom draping?

Yes we do, contact us for more information.


Do you offer delivery with a set up option?

We only offer a delivery with set up option. Just let us know where your event is & we can give you a cost for delivery. 

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