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Corporate Parties.

While there's always a need to work hard, corporate parties represent the perfect way to blow off steam, celebrate successes, and recognise the achievements of your employees. Corporate event parties are also an excellent way to get in front of your target audience, increase brand awareness, and meet new clients.

Whatever the reason for your corporate event, QOKO Events offer turnkey event production solutions that take the weight off your shoulders and allow you to focus on other critical aspects such as event marketing, venue sourcing, or booking live entertainment. 

While we have made our name within Sussex for providing turnkey event solutions for occasions such as sporting events and private events, we have actually spent the most time within the corporate event industry. We have corporate clients that date back multiple decades; such is the longevity and quality of our operations.     

Whether you are looking to run a few fashion shows for your brand, or you simply want to let your hair down with a monthly social night at your headquarters, we provide solutions to all types of corporate events and parties.

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What are Turnkey Event Production Services, and Why Do I Need Them for My Sussex Corporate Event? 

QOKO Events specialises in providing turnkey event production to corporate events such as product launches, conferences, office parties, Christmas parties, and similar business events. As the name suggests, we supply an event production that simply requires you to turn up – we handle the rest. 

We help oversee and deliver all aspects of technical event production, such as event lighting, stage hire, venue decoration, sound equipment hire, and event furniture hire services. Irrespective of the event theme or style, our dedicated team focus on creating a memorable experience for employees and guests alike. We also have virtual, hybrid, and in-person events capabilities – reflecting current trends. 

Irrespective of event type, once we have the technical requirements for your next event for you or your event planner, we go away and create an event production that more than matches your requirements. By choosing a turnkey event solutions provider, you benefit from a stress-free event host experience. You can focus on the exciting elements of event management, such as deciding the type of party you want to put on, strategising how you will engage potential customers or clients, and alerting the local press and media outlets.  

Partnering with our team ensures success, no matter the specific event type. From a forward-thinking conference with a party atmosphere to trade shows with live musicians, we will put on an event that will impress your participants, employees, and other influential attendees. 

Why Choose QOKO Events as Your Sussex-based Corporate Events Production Team?

At QOKO Events, not only do our dedicated team provide proactive expertise that will speak ideas and inspire your event management team, but they will also be on hand to provide solutions that stretch your company budget much further. In short, they make planning and organising these multifaceted events a breeze. 

We understand that a lot is riding on the success of these corporate events. Unlike a private event, you've to think about aspects such as attracting businesses to sponsor your event on top of making sure that your guests have a great time. Without the support of an experienced team with hundreds of company events under their belt, any could struggle.  

That's why we make ourselves available 24/7. Whether you need to shoot us a quick message to clarify something the evening before the event or you need in-person support to go over the key details, we will be there through every step of the process. 

However, as impressive as our team is, we have developed our reputation within the Sussex event industry by supplying and installing only the best equipment in the business. Our clients benefit from best-in-class audio visual equipment, event lighting, sound systems, staging, and LED screens, to name but a few of our event production equipment items available for hire.

Make Your Event Management a Breeze with Sussex Equipment Hire and Event Support Services from QOKO Events

While we specialise in creating turnkey event production solutions for small events (such as a corporate party for your sales team) or larger affairs (such as conferences and product launches), it's worth breaking down our various services and areas of expertise. That way, you can better understand what you may or may not need from us for your occasion.

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Event Lighting for Sussex Corporate Parties 

We supply and install all forms of lighting for Sussex corporate events, including parties. The main focus for your party lighting will be the dance floor or perhaps the stage if you decide to hire one for your live entertainment. However, we also provide mood lighting and venue uplighting options to deliver the ambience you are trying to create. 

We stock an extensive range of disco and stage lighting options (you can view more information on this website regarding specific fixtures), and we can create custom lighting options that reflect your marketing message(s) if you wish. View Lighting Hire...

Hire Sound Equipment for Your Sussex Corporate Events 

Of course, no corporate party would be complete without music for your attendees to dance to. It doesn't matter whether you hire a DJ or a live band. We have top-quality sound equipment that will make them sound every bit as good as they should. 

We stock and supply all-encompassing PA systems that include fixtures such as line arrays, stage monitors, power amps, mixing desks, and any other elements you might need us to deliver. Of course, we also have all types of microphones (including wireless) so that your business leaders address your audience members. View Sound Equipment...

Stage Hire Services for Corporate Parties in Sussex

While small-scale social nights might not require investment in stage hire services, the annual Christmas party or end-of-year company-wide bash might well require a well-thought-out stage production. 

Not only do we stock a range of preset/modular stage hire options we can customise with your company branding and sales messaging, but we also have a team of in-house designers that can develop a new stage or set from scratch. Contact our event management team today to learn more about our custom stage hire services. View Stage Hire...

Sussex Event Furniture Hire for Corporate Parties

For pretty much all corporate events, you need furniture – whether it be tables and chairs or a futuristic LED-lit mobile bar that glows in the dark. Whatever you might need we can supply our customers with any furniture they might need. Whether you want a branded lectern for your post-dinner presentations and speeches or a full suite of LED furniture for your bar area, we help businesses by supplying and installing whatever they might need. View Furniture Hire...

Just contact us during the planning phase of your event, and the QOKO Events team can get to work on creating what you need to install at your chosen corporate party venue.

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Trust QOKO Events to Create Memorable Turnkey Event Production Solutions for Your Corporate Events and Parties

Whether you are hosting an end-of-year company awards bash, or you are hosting a more intimate celebration of your most valued customers, if your company is hosting an event, we can supply turnkey event solutions that guarantee an enjoyable and memorable occasion.

From the event lighting and sound systems to the stage and seating, we cover all technical production aspects, making your event management process a breeze. If you are struggling your motivate your party planning teams, then why not hand off a massive chunk of the work to a company boasting decades of expertise and the highest possible quality equipment? 

So if you are planning a party for your company, don't hesitate to hand over the event production to one of the most experienced teams in the UK today. We look forward to creating the perfect event for you in the near future.

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