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Projectors & Plasma Screens.

At QOKO Events, we stock all types of projectors, plasma screens, LED screens, and projector screens for your private and corporate events. Whether you are bringing together your industry's greatest thinkers for a seminar, or you are hiring a projector and screen for your monthly family and friends cinema night, our audio visual equipment inventory includes everything you need.

We supply our leading visual technology to events taking place across Sussex and the surrounding area and have been involved in the AV equipment hire industry for more than 20 years. Our focus is providing you with complete installations so that you only need to engage one outfit for all of your AV equipment requirements. That includes lighting, PA systems, staging, and any other production elements you might need for occasions such as award ceremonies or conferences. 

So with that in mind, let's give you a little more detail regarding the specific type of AV equipment we can supply and install for your next event. 

What Type of Audio Visual Equipment Can QOKO Events Supply to Sussex Events? 

In short, our company stocks everything you need for a private celebration, conference, exhibition, or for other similar corporate events. Our projection technology covers all bases with full-HD digital projectors and accompanying projection screens. We only invest in the best Panasonic projectors that produce a high-quality image that can be projected onto pull up screens or more robust projections screens, depending on your setup. 

As you would expect, they are interoperable with all visual content sources such as DVD players, laptop(s), and any other device with an HDMI output. Once again, as you would expect from a leading AV hire company, our projectors are suitable for both small and large audiences, with adjustable throw distance and rear projection options. 

However, what if projector hire is not a service that interests you? That's fine; QOKO Events can always cater to your needs with our screen hire services. We stock a range of flatscreen TVs (often referred to as plasma screens) that rival projection screens in size. We have TV screen hire options as large as 110", a size that is more than suitable for many events looking for an all-in-one AV device. 

If you need cutting edge equipment, then LED screen hire is one of our most popular categories within AV hire. We have over 120 square metres of LED video panels to supply and install at your event. Often bigger than a projector screen, these devices are best hired when you need bigger and bolder visual equipment to accompany your event. 

Lastly, we will always complete your AV installation with whatever you require in terms of supplementary equipment. Whether that be microphones, stage lighting, or a set of speakers, we have whatever you need to complete your setup. 

What Type of Corporate Events Does QOKO Events Supply Audio Visual Equipment To?

Simply put, QOKO Events can supply any type of projector and/or screen to any event. While it's true that we have served the corporate events industry for over two decades, we often supply projectors to individual clients too. 

On the corporate side of our business, we initially built our reputation as a premier AV supplier within the London and Surrey region and have since expanded our projector hire and screen hire services all over Sussex, right down to the South Coast. 

Concerning the events themselves, the list is almost endless. We supply our projector hire services to exhibitions, conferences, company presentations; you name it. We can help any event with an audience that requires rear projection or another similar screen hire solution. In most cases, this is when companies put on a professional event. However, we, of course, work with anyone who needs our top-quality equipment. 

Hire Plasma Screens for Your Sussex Event

Plasma screens have long been a staple of small and large events taking place across the country. Whether you need TV screens for digital signage at exhibitions, or you have a smaller company presentation booked for a hotel conference room, we have a plasma screen hire option for you. 

Of course, concerning plasma technology, the industry has long moved on. Today, when we refer to plasma screens, we are talking about oversized TV screens and monitors that use more modern technological solutions such as LED, LED, or OLED displays. 

Regarding screen size, we have plenty from which you can choose. Our "smaller" screens start at around 55" with options at every five inches thereafter until we reach our largest screen, which is an enormous 110" across. Regardless of the specific device you hire, you benefit from a bright, crystal-clear Full-HD resolution.

We are flexible with our TV rentals and can hire them out to you for an extended period if you have a week-long conference, for example. Our hire price includes our team coming down to deliver and set up the TV screen within your event space, as well as collection post-event. Our technicians will be more than happy to talk you through the setup operations of the screen and will connect up your laptop, DVD player, or another content source. 

If you are unsure as to whether we stock a TV screen that fits the bill for your occasions, simply contact a member of our team to request a size list and discuss your event requirements. In almost all cases, we will have a screen that matches (or exceeds) your requirements.

Plasma Screen Hire

AV Projector Hire Sussex

Projectors have long been a staple of the events industry. From business presentations to glamorous award ceremonies, projectors still hold their own despite the advance of LED screen technology. At QOKO Events, we stock top-of-the-range Panasonic projectors that can meet any of your event projection needs. They boast ultra-bright displays and a range of throw distances and aspect ratios, meaning they will pretty much always represent an excellent solution for your projection needs.

If you are organising an important commercial or corporate event, we are happy to arrange a site visit to your venue to ensure we supply the perfect AV installation for your event. While the projector you hire is obviously vital, we need to make sure that complementary items such as the projector screen and audio/sound system are compatible and suitable for your specific event. 

The chosen location of your projector is vitally important too. Get it too far away, and the projection won't fill the screen, no matter how much you adjust the throw distance. Ventilation is also key. Projectors run very hot, and the last thing you want is your projector to shut down mid-presentation or while playing a critical video to your audience. 

Here at QOKO Events, we make sure to fill in these details, ensuring your event runs smoothly. Once all factors have been considered, we'll supply you with an all-inclusive cost that covers whatever it takes to deliver, set up, and dismantle everything at the end of your event.  

Contact a member of our team using the useful links at the bottom of the page to browse projectors and discuss your projector requirements in more detail. 

AV Projector Hire

Projector Screen Hire Service Sussex

Companies and individuals alike need to hire projection screens for many events. From extended family get-togethers to vital presentations to key executives on the board, projector screens are almost always a necessary add-on to projector rentals. 

Fortunately, here at QOKO Events, we stock a wide range of screens for hire. Whether you need a small pull-up screen for your company's conference room or you need something far more robust for university graduation presentations, our hire service includes all shapes and sizes.  

If you're trying to work out what size you require, why not first contact us to discuss your requirements, and we'll guide you through the process. Your screen size choice will depend on factors such as the projector you have chosen, the aspect ratio of the content you intend to play on it, and even how easy it is to set up. We will listen to your needs, ascertain any venue limitations, and get to work on providing you with an AV installation that is a perfect fit for your event. 

Concerning the screens themselves, most of our projector screens are bright white as is industry best practice for projecting video or imagery. Still, we do have other options, including custom solutions, should you need them. We can also build them to be near enough any shape or size. So, irrespective of your specific setup, we usually manage to provide a screen that fits the bill.

Since you will very rarely find yourself hiring a projector without a screen and some form of sound equipment, we would always recommend talking to our team first regarding your event. 

Projector Screen Hire

Projector & Plasma Screen Hire Enquiries

QOKO Events Supplies Projectors and Screens to All Types of Sussex Events 

Here at QOKO Events, we stock a massive range of AV equipment that almost certainly includes everything you need to pull off a successful event. Whether you are hosting an outdoor cinema-inspired garden party, or you need a projector and screen combination for your startup's pitch to investors, we have your needs covered. 

Our projection and TV devices cater to events of all shapes and sizes, so whichever you prefer, make sure to give us a call or send us an email to get the ball rolling. We look forward to supplying you with the perfect AV installation shortly.  

For enquiries please get in touch: 01403 626008 // hello@qoko.co.uk
Projectors & Plasma Screens FAQS.

How much is a projector and screen to hire?

This depends on the size of screen you require but typically it starts from around £250 plus the crew to set up and travel.


Can the projector and screen be used outside?

If you are looking to hold your event outside we would actually recommend LED video screen instead, projection just would not work well enough.


What size screen do you stock?

We stock 6ft x 4ft, 8ft x 6ft, and 10ft x 8ft projectors screens & 55’’, 65’’, 75’’, 85’’ and 95’’ plasma screens. 


My event is durning the day, will a projector work?

If the room is completely dark then yes. Projectors will not perform well in rooms with natural light.


Is it possible to add on a sound system with the projector?

Yes, we can supply an appropriate sound system in addition to the projector & or screen(s) .

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