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Christmas Parties.

QOKO Events provides turnkey event production solutions for corporate Christmas parties across Sussex and the wider South East region. Whether you've booked a small event space for your office Christmas party or you've booked a far more extravagant venue, our team can supply an all-encompassing solution to any corporate Christmas event. 

We specialise in creating spectacular Christmas parties that require production aspects such as stage/set, lighting, sound equipment, and dance floors. Our all-inclusive event hire packages are tailored to the specific needs of your events team, and our huge range of in-house equipment differentiates us from many similar events companies. 

Our mission at QOKO Events is to make your life organising a Christmas party as easy as possible. While you are searching for Christmas entertainment or venue sourcing for your Christmas-themed event, we will be busy creating an incredible Christmas party production, taking a massive chunk off your corporate event management plate.

How Do QOKO Events Help Those Planning Corporate Christmas Parties in Sussex? 

As mentioned, planning a Christmas party is challenging for any employee. While many team members may be pulling together to make your corporate Christmas party the best event in years, you will likely still have to balance your day-to-day duties with your meticulous event planning. 

That's where QOKO Events come in. Rather than worrying about organising the whole event, you can outsource the hard yards to a skilled and experienced events company. We help organisations throw bespoke Christmas events that are a fitting end to another year of hard work. 

Our all-inclusive service includes all aspects of technical event production required of your version of a perfect Christmas party. We supply and install any piece of necessary equipment while you focus on getting into the spirit of the festive season and more fun aspects of event planning, such as sourcing unique decorations for your Christmas trees.

We can even supply more decorative elements such as mood lighting and venue draping to ensure your perfect venue becomes the perfect setting for you and your colleagues to enjoy some festive fun. 

What Type of Sussex Christmas Events Can QOKO Events Supply Turnkey Event Production Services to? 

In short, QOKO Events can supply equipment hire and on-site support services to any version of a Christmas party. Our clients are varied, and thus one company may only require a small office Christmas party in the same physical building in which they work. In contrast, other organisations host huge Christmas themed events such as award ceremonies or end-of-year corporate events. 

No matter the size and scaler of your event, we can help. Whether you need our event services to create a winter wonderland or are determined to create an amazing bespoke Christmas event for your team, we can create a production to suit any occasion. 

Not only is our range of in-house equipment one of the largest in the UK, but our event services offer a personal touch. We are always on hand to discuss your theme or style ideas, react quickly when you forget to include a vital production item, or reply to a message sent late at night regarding your upcoming winter wonderlands event. In short, we are dedicated to the success of your Christmas party (in whatever form it may be), and we won't rest until your objective have been met. 

What Event Production Services Do QOKO Events Provide to Corporate Christmas Parties in Sussex?

While we can supply turnkey production services to your corporate Christmas party, as an event manager in the midst of planning, it's helpful to understand our most popular production elements so you can incorporate them into your ideas for the company Christmas bash.

Christmas Party Lighting Sussex

Event Lighting for Christmas Parties in Sussex

Lighting is an essential element of any event. However, your lighting fixtures will take on an even more prominent role when to comes to your Christmas party. You'll likely need disco lights for your dance floor, stage lighting for your live entertainment, and perhaps mood lighting to bring your event venue more in keeping with your overall theme or style.

QOKO Events stock all types of disco lights, uplighters, PAR cans, fresnel fixtures, spotlights, stage washes, lasers, and moving "intelligent" lights. We also have more decorative lights available, such as fairy lights that look great with your Christmas trees.

Sound Equipment Hire for Sussex Christmas Parties 

Of course, how can you celebrate with your company colleagues and guests if you have no sound equipment? QOKO Events stock professional PA systems and a range of specialist audio equipment that ensure you and your team can enjoy the sounds of your DJ or live entertainment as they intend you to hear them. 

Our immersive sound system solutions are from leading brands such as d&b audiotechnik, widely regarded as the best in the industry. We also supply microphones for those all-important end of year speeches, when you will rightly express a huge thank you to your fellow colleagues (and maybe a few of your invited clients) for all of their hard work.

Stage Hire for Sussex Christmas Parties 

If you've booked live musical entertainment or a DJ, then you'll probably want to hire a stage to provide a focal point for your Christmas company event. Annual Christmas events that take the shape of an awards ceremony will also need a stage for presenters, award winners, and then the DJ.   

QOKO Events have a range of stage and set designs, including tiered options. Even if you choose one of these "off-the-shelf" options, we can completely customise the stage and backdrop to include your company logo and branding. Alternatively, if you really want to push the boat out, we can design and manufacture a stage from scratch with our bespoke stage design event services. 

Dance Floor Hire For Sussex Christmas Events 

Christmas parties need a dance floor installed at your chosen venue so that team members can cut loose and enjoy their evening. We have an amazing range of dance floor options, allowing you to pick one that best matches your event theme or overall style. 

QOKO Events have traditional wooden dance floors, plain black or white options, and then we have premium options if your event management team want to opt for something really attention-grabbing. We stock starlight dance floors that twinkle with LED lights as well as seamless dance floor options that we can customise with your company logo or branding.

Event Furniture Hire for Sussex Christmas Parties

QOKO Events also includes event furniture hire within our event services. With many venues giving you a blank canvas to work with, you may well need conventional event furniture services such as table and chair hire packages to adequately accommodate your guests.  

We also stock an extensive range of LED furniture that adds a real touch of style and class to your chosen venue. We have light-up mobile bars, champagne coolers, and armchairs, to name just a couple of our LED furniture options.

Lighting For A Christmas Party in Sussex

Choose QOKO Events for Your Turnkey Christmas Party Event Production

At QOKO Events, our mission is to make your life as simple as possible. With so many elements and ideas to incorporate into even the smallest Christmas party for your team or clients, it's worth calling in the help of a professional events company to handle all technical aspects. 

Not only can we create your vision for your party, but we are also on hand to offer advice and expertise when required. So if you are planning a Christmas party that you want to live long in the memory of your colleagues, employees, or esteemed guests, make sure to contact QOKO Events to discuss your ideas in more detail. We look forward to working with you soon.

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