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QOKO Events provides turnkey event production services to weddings across the Sussex region. Our all-inclusive service handles all technical production aspects you may need for your wedding day, such as audio visual services, staging, dance floor hire, event design services, venue décor, and finishing touches right down to the knives and forks on your wedding tables. 

Our in-house team can take your vision for your wedding and turn it into a reality using our huge range of event equipment which spans multiple warehouses. With our turnkey wedding event services, you needn't worry about juggling several event contractors at once since QOKO Events has everything you need under one roof. For one straightforward and transparent price, we can supply, install, and collect all equipment required for your wedding. If you want our expert team to operate some of the more technical devices, we offer on-site technical support too. 

We are happy to work with your wedding planning team or liaise directly with you, the happy couple, to ensure that you have everything you need for your special day. 

With the basic overview covered, let's delve into a little more detail concerning our turnkey wedding production services.

Wedding Lighting in Sussex

What Are Turnkey Wedding Event Services? 

People that are new to the events industry may be unfamiliar with the concept of turnkey wedding production. The premise is simple. We supply any production aspect you require for your celebration. If you are wondering what elements count as wedding production, we like to tell our clients that it's the necessary infrastructure you need for the event to proceed. 

For example, if you have hired a couple of live bands for your wedding reception, you will need a stage, event lighting, and sound equipment to ensure they look and sound as they should. Once again, you could argue that you've hired live entertainment to get your guests up and dancing, so you are going to need to hire dance floors too.

We could go on, but you will now understand the idea. Every element of a wedding is underpinned by some form of infrastructure, whether it's the tables and chairs for your wedding reception dinner or mood lighting you need to deliver the ambience you're looking for. 

At QOKO Events, we work alongside wedding planners, happy couples, and other relevant parties to ensure that we deliver a faultless event production for your celebrations with friends and family. We also have preferred wedding production supplier status at several prominent South East wedding venues. 

How Does the Wedding Planning and Production Process Work? 

If you are a bride or groom-to-be, you are most likely new to the wedding industry. However, the good news is that we make planning your wedding party as easy as possible. To ensure we do an amazing job, we will sit down with you or your wedding planner and discuss all of the major talking points, such as your overall wedding theme, chosen wedding venue, and agreed budget, before getting into your wedding production requirements. 

This initial discovery chat is vital as it will shape our approach to your production. For example, outdoor wedding celebrations requiring a wedding marquee will have a different set of production requirements than an indoor wedding within a historic country house. 

Unlike other production companies that focus on cookie-cutter event hire packages, we focus on bespoke events and how we can create the best wedding for you. We pay attention to detail and recognise that no two weddings are identical. From themed weddings to luxury weddings, each big day has its own set of requirements. Once we've got everything we need from you or your wedding planning team, we may also pay a visit to your wedding venue to measure up and spot any potential issues. 

Then, when we've got everything we need, the hard work starts on creating your perfect day. Whether it's designing a custom wedding stage or working on your dance floor and lighting arrangements, we will go the extra mile to add the wow factor to your wedding celebrations. 

We usually begin the setup and installation process a few days before your wedding. This is the time for us to build stages, install dance floors, and set up all of the tables and chairs etc. We will then rig all of the audio visual (AV) equipment the night before and work on the finishing touches. We then rigorously test everything to ensure your big day runs smoothly and then leave you to it! 

Lastly, once the event is (sadly) over, we will be there to collect and pack everything away for you. Over our many years of operation, we usually have the pleasure of receiving a huge thank you from the happy couple on the last day of packing up and then it's shortly onto the next wedding venue to do it all again. 

What Equipment is Supplied to Sussex Wedding Venues as Part of Turnkey Wedding Production Services?

To reiterate, QOKO Events supplies and installs all technical elements as part of our wedding production services. 

Since weddings are multifaceted events with many moving parts, it's almost impossible to list all event production elements. However, it's worth running through the most critical event production services required at almost every wedding.

Party Lighting in Sussex

Wedding Lighting Hire Services

Lighting is a vital element of any wedding. It helps to set the mood, it makes the dance floor more enticing, and it lights up performers on the stage. At QOKO Events, we stock all types of lighting equipment, such as mood lighting, venue uplighting, stage lighting, festoon lighting, disco lighting and even functional lighting for any dimly lit areas of your outdoor wedding.

Sound Equipment Hire for Sussex Weddings 

As with wedding lighting, your sound equipment is crucial to the success of your event. You will likely need a PA sound system that can handle the requirements of your live band or DJ (or both). You may also want to hire microphones for the wedding speeches and potentially lapel mics and speakers for your ceremony.

Wedding Stage Hire Sussex

Again, a production element that most weddings have is staging of some description. Whether you need stages for your live band and/or DJ, or you want to place your top table up on staging to elevate it above your guests, we can supply whatever you need. We can also design custom wedding stages, including white tiered stages, increasingly popular for Asian wedding celebrations.

Hire Dance Floors for Your Sussex Wedding

We have an amazing selection of wedding dance floors for your to choose from. We have LED dance floor options that light up, or you could opt for a sleek black or white wedding dance floor. We also stock wooden options and seamless dance floors for when you want to add a layer of sophistication or exclusivity to your special occasion.

Hire a Wedding Marquee from QOKO Events 

Not only can we supply you with an entire wedding production, but we can also supply you with a venue in the form of a wedding marquee. We have several different styles and designs to choose from. We stock traditional canvas marquees and more adventurous marquee options such as giant tipi party tents or trapeze wedding marquees (stretch tents).

Dance Floor in Sussex For A Wedding

Choose QOKO Events for Amazing Turnkey Wedding Productions 

At QOKO Events, our mission is to create the wedding production of your dreams for you and your family and friends. Whether you need a wedding marquee or you want us to create a specific mood with our lighting options, we have everything in stock, ready to make your dream become a reality. 

Unlike smaller outfits within the UK, we own and operate all of our equipment. We control all aspects of your wedding production, and all you have to do is relay your wedding requirements directly to us (or via your wedding planning team), and we will handle the rest.  

So if you want to put on a wedding event that will leave you and your guests nothing less than impressed, we suggest getting in contact with our expert team to start the ball rolling on the wedding planning process today. We look forward to working with you in the near future.

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