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School Proms.

There's something special about prom night. After all those years spent studying and making many friends for life, the time comes to say goodbye and celebrate the passing of a memorable period of each student's life. 

At QOKO Events, we recognise the importance of a school prom and thus make the event planning process as easy as possible. Whether the evening is being organised by students, teachers, parents, or members of the PTA, our team can work with you to create a fantastic evening that all the guests enjoy. From photo booths to dance floors, we supply everything you need to put on a party of a lifetime.  

There are so many aspects to take care of for those planning a school prom, from ticket sales and song choices to finding the perfect venue and weighing up the entertainment and catering options. That's why our prom packages provide everything you need on the event production side, so you can focus on those crucial aspects while we put in the hard work to create an amazing event production that will blow other school proms away. 

What Are Turnkey Event Production Services for School Proms in Sussex? 

If you are organising a school prom, there's a good chance that this might be your first foray into the events industry. We don't just consider that this is the case. We design our complete prom production solutions based on this premise. 

In short, QOKO Events provides everything you need for your event on the technical production side. So if you think about all of the aspects and infrastructure you need to hire in for your party, then you'll have a pretty good idea of what we can offer you. 

For example, you will need PA speakers and possibly a stage for your prom DJ and other entertainment options (such as a live band). Of course, you will also need production elements such as a dance floor, disco lights, and maybe a microphone or two for speeches and audience announcements. No matter what ideas you have, our professional events team has events solutions that fit the bill. 

Event Planning for a Sussex Prom Night: What's Involved?

Much like weddings, school proms have many moving parts and need a coordinated approach to ensure your summer party is the best ball of all the local schools and talk of the town. That's why QOKO Events always makes a point of sitting down with our clients to discuss vital aspects of your event such as the overall style or theme, restrictions or challenges posed by the venue, your budget, decorating preferences, and anything else that will ensure our partnership is a success. 

Don't worry if these considerations are new to you or your students. Our professional team have overseen hundreds of parties, including weddings, proms, and corporate events. That experience allows us to inform you of the most popular options and give you feedback on your ideas for the venue. We can then work together to decide what is going to represent the best production package for you.

Once we have all of the requirements and, in some cases, completed a site visit, we put our skills into practice and begin the rest of the work needed to transform your venue into an incredible location for your prom. We will be with you during every step of the planning process, and we are only a phone call away if you are thinking of making any changes or want to seek further advice. 

What Event Production Services Can QOKO Events Provide to My Sussex School Prom? 

As mentioned, QOKO Events focuses on providing all-encompassing event solutions to occasions such as a school prom. However, it's worth just elaborating on the specific services we provide, so you can gather a little more information about what we will be supplying and installing for a fun evening of music and dancing for your guests. 

School Prom Lighting Hire Sussex

Of course, every prom needs event lighting. From the stage lighting for your band or DJ to lighting up the dance floor with lasers and glitter balls, our professional range of lighting fixtures includes everything you need to forget exams and cut loose. 

Rest assures, no matter the specific type of light you are looking for, QOKO Events will have it in stock. We supply parties and wedding productions most weeks with varied lighting requirements such as mood lighting, decorative lighting, and pinspotting. Likewise, if you need a bright fixture to fill a room with light so that your students look amazing in their photos, then we have the solution for you. View Lighting Hire...

Sound Equipment Hire for Sussex Proms

Of course, the sound is another vital aspect of your prom event. If your DJ or live entertainment doesn't have their own equipment, you'll need to ensure they have sound gear that is up to the task. 

QOKO Events stock all manner of PA systems and specialist equipment such as stage monitors, power amps and mixing desks. We also supply wired and wireless microphones options so that teachers, students, your DJ, or anyone else who needs to make an announcement can do so.  View Sound Equipment...

Stage Hire for Sussex School Prom Events

Where there's a DJ or another form of live music, there's usually a stage. Your entertainment should be placed above the dance floor to ensure that they provide a focal point for your production. Whomever the person or people on stage maybe, elevating them up onto a platform gives your prom a professional look and feel. 

We stock plenty of staging options, with almost all of our clients choosing one of our "off-the-shelf" stage packages. We can also install accessories such as tiers or steps or venue drapes and stage backdrops that match the overall theme of your prom event. View Stage Hire...

Dance Floor Hire For School Prom Nights in Sussex

Perhaps the most fun element of any school prom is getting up to dance to the music after the conclusion of the meal. Of course, your students can't dance without anywhere to do so, making dance floor hire a necessity. 

QOKO Events stocks all types of dance floor, including LED options that light up and sparkle. Aletettinvasly, you could choose one of our plain black or white dance floor options, or perhaps a seamless dance floor with the school logo/emblem on it. View Dance Floors...

Production Extras for Sussex Prom Venues 

We couldn't call ourselves turnkey event solutions providers unless we genuinely provide everything you need for your event. We also have a range of production extras that are available upon request. 

Perhaps the most popular option for school proms is a photo booth. We can supply photo booths to your venue for those fantastic moments with friends screaming "cheese!". Parties such as proms also often require event furniture such as tables and chairs for the meal aspect of your party. Once again, we have a range of traditional and LED-lit options for your to choose from.  

If you are unsure whether we can supply and install a particular production item at your venue, don't hesitate to contact a member of our amazing team regarding your hire package. 

Choose QOKO Events as Your Turnkey School Prom Events Partner 

With so much to organise for a school prom event, it's only fitting that you call in the help of the experts. At QOKO Events, we supply an all-inclusive event hire package(s) that include everything you need for your venue and entertainment. From fantastic sound equipment to best-in-class disco lights and starlight dance floors, we have everything you need.

With our personal touch and flexible payment terms, we are the number one choice for parties and events across the South-East corner of the UK. Please contact us using the online form on this site, or give us a call regarding your requirements. We look forward to working with you in the near future.  

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