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Event Lighting.

At QOKO Events, we know that your lighting choices can make or break your event. While there are many elements required to put on a successful occasion, your event lighting choices will set the overall tone as well as providing vital functionality.

Thus if you are looking to put on an event in the near future, you will need to consider what you need in terms of event lighting hire. Some events such as weddings may only require specific lights above and beyond those provided by the venue. By contrast, other events such as theatre productions or corporate conferences will likely require a full suite of event lighting to take care of the multifaceted elements of such occasions. 

Whether you are an experienced events planner, or a private individual looking to hire event lighting for a special event, QOKO Events can provide the lighting fixtures that ensure your event looks and feels precisely as you imagined. 

The Role of Lighting Plays in Successful Events

Lighting plays a pivotal role for all kinds of occasions. Not only does it play a crucial functional role by lighting up presenters on a stage, for example, but it also adds emphasis to live performances, creates the mood and ambience of a space, and can even be used to create interesting and enchanting patterns and imagery. 

For instance, with your event lighting choices alone you can create a romantic or intimate mood at a special restaurant event, or highlight specific areas such as artwork at a gallery launch night. 

In other scenarios, without lighting fixtures you have nothing. Take a dancefloor at a wedding or milestone birthday as an example. In neither situation would a dancefloor be appetising (or safe) without the influence of party lights and disco lighting that interacts with the music.    

Such is their importance, it is vital that organisers take their time when choosing lights so they don’t end up creating an environment that is not in keeping with the occasion in question. 

By partnering up with an experienced event lighting hire company such as QOKO Events, you can receive expert advice regarding the types of fixtures you need, the colours and shades they will throw up, and the atmosphere they will create.

Hire The Right Party Lighting for Your Sussex Event

There are multiple factors that will go into the light selection made by an event organiser. For example, positioning is of incredible importance. You could hire the best wedding lighting in the world, but if they are not positioned & programmed correctly, they can quickly become ineffectual.

Then there are, of course, the different categories of lights from which to choose. Not all lighting fixtures will have the same purpose, and it's common to hire several different types of lighting for a single party or event. 

Take wedding lighting as an example. LED uplighters and festoon lights will help to make up the marquee lighting ensemble, creating the desired ambience and mood. However, couples or wedding planners will also need to hire event lighting that complements a live musical performance at the reception, in addition to any utility lighting that helps to illuminate paths and staircases at the outdoor venue. 

Here at QOKO Events, we specialise in providing tailored event lighting packages that meet the specific needs of your party. We firmly believe that no two events are identical. That’s why we take the time to get to know you and your event requirements so that we can create the perfect bespoke event lighting package, no matter what that might be.

We are available at any time to discuss ideas, provide a range of possible solutions, and we can perform site visits for larger events. 

Hire Lighting Equipment from QOKO Events

Here at QOKO events, we have delivered an unrivalled event lighting hire service from our Surrey headquarters right across the UK and Europe. Our international experience and decades of accumulated industry knowledge have helped us carry out thousands of event lighting installations to prestigious events and venues. 

We are recognised in the industry as a leading lighting hire company, and we stock all types of event lighting equipment, including functional, decorative, and performance-based lighting. We can also provide our event lighting hire services to almost all types of events; such is our breadth and depth of knowledge within this sector. 

That being said, we have developed an industry-leading reputation in the supply, installation, and operation of the below event lighting types. 

Wedding & Party Lighting in Sussex

Lighting is crucial to all private celebrations, including wedding receptions and milestone birthday parties. Our lighting hire inventory covers all possible requirements, from marquee lighting to garden party lighting. If you are planning a private event, you can rest assured that QOKO Events has what you need. 

Party lighting hire packages include fixtures such as disco lights, lasers, strobes, moving “intelligent” headlights, and PAR cans, to name but a few. For weddings, we offer venue uplighting (interior and exterior), disco lights, stage lighting (including spotlights), gobos, festoon lighting, textured lighting, and stage washes, pin spots and much more. 

You can decide to hire as much, or as little, event lighting as you need. Of course, our professional and experienced team are on hand to advise you of the best solutions for your particular requirements and how to maximise your event lighting budget. 

Additionally, we provide and install all of the necessary wedding or party lighting infrastructure for your event. For example, there will usually be live music in the form of a band and/or DJ for both types of occasions. To rig the lighting for these performances, you will need to hire truss structures from which the lighting fixtures are suspended. These are included in your event lighting hire packages from QOKO Events. 

Lastly, we have an array of outdoor lighting options for weddings and parties should you require them. Festoon lighting (sometimes referred to as string, pea, or bistro lighting)(see more below) is an incredibly popular choice for outdoor weddings and parties. We have thousands of metres in stock ready to be hired, meaning we can supply several events taking place on the same day with ease. 


Wedding & Party Lighting

Sussex Theatre Lighting 

Whether you require a theatre lighting setup for a production run lasting several weeks or merely need theatre lighting for a one-off outdoor performance, QOKO Events can supply lighting equipment that meets and likely exceeds your specifications. 

With years of experience working with those in the theatrical industry, we have intimate knowledge of many of London’s leading venues, as well as those further afield. Our company is used to working within the restrictions and challenges presented by older or historic theatres, and we constantly push boundaries to deliver what you need for your stage production. 

Concerning lighting equipment, we have a wide range of fixtures available. We offer traditional stage washes, moving head lights, lekos, PAR cans, spotlights, and any other fixture you may need to complete your stage lighting lineup.  Many of them can be controlled and programmed (adjustable settings) to your needs, and of course, our lighting technicians can provide additional support and monitor proceedings if need be (e.g., if you need someone experienced to operate the lights to follow a specific subject(s) on stage for your school production). 

Furthermore, we are able to provide a whole host of special effects and auxiliary lighting technology. For instance, we can supply dry ice, laser, and fog machines. Gobos and even projection mapping are also available. No matter the specific requirements of your theatrical production, we can meet your needs.

Unlike other companies that supply lighting for events, we are able to offer rental arrangements lasting several days, weeks, or months if necessary. Such is the size of our available inventory; we can offer flexible hire terms should you need event lighting for the duration of your production. 

Theatre Lighting

Outdoor Lighting Hire in Sussex

Outdoor events continue to grow in popularity after the events of the early 2020s. Once the sun sets, your event will need to rely upon tasteful and impactful lighting to make it a success. QOKO Events offer several types of outdoor lighting options suitable for almost all occasions. 

We have many decorative/stylistic lighting options specifically designed to work in outdoor environments, such as festoon lights and wireless uplighters. We also stock utility lighting to help ensure that your event attendees are safe after dark and that you are compliant with health and safety regulations. For example, we regularly supply floodlights to critical areas of events such as staircases to reduce the chance of an incident occurring.   

Not only do we offer battery-powered outdoor lighting options, but many of the devices stocked by QOKO Events also boast an IP 65 rating, meaning they can withstand the elements should weather conditions turn out to be anything less than ideal on the day or evening of your event.

Beyond specific devices, our lighting team is well-versed in event production techniques such as architectural lighting, projection mapping, outdoor light shows. If you intend to make your outdoor lighting a feature of your event, we are well-placed to help you put it together. From the initial design of the lighting installation to the delivery, implementation, and operation, we have handled thousands of outdoor lighting assignments for events, both in the UK and abroad.

We boast expertise in supplying specialist outdoor lighting equipment to popular outdoor events such as weddings, parties, and outdoor cinema screenings, to name but a few. No matter the specific nature of your event, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team to discuss your outdoor lighting requirements.

Outdoor Lighting

Wireless Lighting Hire Sussex 

Wireless lighting is becoming an increasingly common feature of both indoor and outdoor events. While the advantages of not having to run wires to large numbers of lighting fixtures may be obvious, the benefits of hiring wireless lighting for your event are much more extensive. For instance, going wireless removes the need to cover wires up with ramps and other similar cloaking devices to prevent trips and falls.

However, perhaps the most significant benefits of wireless lighting are the flexibility and scalability you can gain for your event. Not having to think about how and where to run your power and sound cables means you have the freedom of your venue when it comes to positioning your lights. For instance, uplighting an outdoor wedding marquee suddenly becomes a simple task as an event planner. 

You also gain scalability. Wireless lighting systems can be easily scaled up to meet the requirements of your venue or events space. For larger events, running wires to dozens of lighting devices can be too costly. However, with a well-designed wireless setup, you can design the lighting installation of your dreams since you lose those constraints. 

Many of the wireless lighting options offered by QOKO Events are also completely programmable. In some cases, you may want your wireless lights to run through a predetermined colour spectrum, or, in other instances, you may want to perpetuate a solid colour to evoke a particular mood or ambience within your event space. It doesn’t matter what your preference may be, as the wireless lighting fixtures you can hire from us are capable of performing both functions. 

Wireless Lighting

Stage Lighting Company Sussex 

QOKO Events is recognised as one of the leading stage lighting specialists in the country. We supply stage lights to productions on an almost daily basis, covering a broad spectrum of events.

We have extensive experience working with clients in the music festival industry and expertise in helping event organisers in the respective realms of music concerts, stage productions, corporate events, private events, conferences, and weddings, to name a mere few. 

Concerning the stage light fixtures themselves, you can rest assured that we have everything within our inventory that you may require for lighting a stage. We carry all versions of spotlights, stage washes, moving intelligent lights, wall washers, stage uplighters, and many, many more. 

Furthermore, we don’t just supply stage lighting devices – we can also offer all of the associated accessories that you may require. For example, theatrical production will often require the hire of extras such as barn doors to ensure the spotlights perform as intended. Other auxiliary items such as gobos and filters are also available, and we can accommodate custom requests.

Lastly, our team of lighting technicians are well-versed in lighting design and programming light shows, in addition to their installation expertise. We have designed and overseen light shows at prominent events such as music concerts at the O2 Arena, for example. So if you need a team that can help you enhance the performance of an artist or live band at your concert or festival, then QOKO Events is well-placed to help you put on something extraordinary for your audience.

Stage Lighting

Sussex Décor Lighting 

Perhaps one of the most critical lighting choices event organisers make concerns fixtures falling into the category of décor lighting. While there is no hard or fast definition of décor lighting, it broadly refers to the lighting fixtures that will help change your venue’s look and feel. In many cases, the lights themselves may become a feature or talking point.

At QOKO Events, we understand there are many methods and devices available that achieve that outcome. For instance, even stage washes can be utilised to completely alter the ambience of a room. However, event planners hire LED lighting fixtures to help them implement their overall décor theme. 

For outdoor events, festoon lights and candle-effect lights are popular choices. Indoors, LED-based fixtures are also popular (such as pixel tube lights and backlit furniture). There is also slightly more scope to adding lighting effects such as textured lighting through the use of gobos or projection mapping.  

The QOKO team are more than happy to work with you to identify your core event themes and devise a lighting arrangement that delivers your décor objectives. It doesn’t matter if it’s as simple as strategically placing LED uplighters around the perimeter of your conference room or as extravagant as having the bride and groom’s name projected onto the exterior of the reception venue – we have the expertise and lighting technology to make it happen. 

We have delivered décor lighting services to corporate events, weddings, conferences, awards ceremonies, and milestone birthday parties, to name but a few. We are confident that no matter how exacting your décor requirements may be, we can not only meet them but exceed them too.

We have delivered décor lighting services to corporate events, weddings, conferences, awards ceremonies, and milestone birthday parties, to name but a few. We are confident that no matter how exacting your décor requirements may be, we can not only meet them but exceed them too.

Décor Lighting

TV & Film Lighting in Sussex

QOKO Events is a well-regarded operator in the television and filming industry. Despite our events background, we have worked hard over the last two decades to become an industry leader in this specialist field of lighting. 

We have recognised the unique requirements associated with filming and have thus developed an entirely separate inventory of film lighting equipment. We have invested heavily into building a full suite of ARRI lighting fixtures as well as securing all of the associated accessories. 

We stock both modern LED lights (including the world-leading Orbiter fixture) in addition to the more traditional tungsten daylight fresnel alternatives. However, here at QOKO, we understand that, in many ways, lighting fixtures are only as good as the accessories they are paired with when it comes to filming. 

Not content with a comprehensive range of ARRI lights, we also stock and supply a wide range of complementary auxiliary equipment to ensure that the lights we provide can perform at their best. Barn doors, softboxes, filter frames, spill rings, stands, ballasts, lenses, you name it. Whatever you need in addition to your film lights, we can supply them for your shoot. 

No two filming shoots are the same, so it’s best to approach directly at QOKO Events to discuss your lighting requirements in more detail. Once we have discussed your needs and received your requirements, we can move quickly to deliver your lighting devices on-site. We also offer flexible hire arrangements, should you need to operate your lighting for an extended period. 

TV & Film Lighting

Pinspotting for Your Sussex Event

Pinspotting is often an underappreciated but extremely valuable lighting aspect of many events. It has become a staple in the events world for occasions such as weddings, gala dinners, and award ceremonies. 

Pinspots are very similar to spotlights in the fact that they emit a beam of light to illuminate a specific area or object. However, pinspots are much more focused, offering a concentrated, narrow beam of light. 

They are a great way to bring attention to specific areas of your event space. For example, pin-spots at weddings are often used to highlight table centrepieces. In the broader events context, pinspots are utilised to light guestbooks, dessert tables, or menus. Pinspots are also popular for events such as gallery exhibitions as they help to illuminate artwork pieces, showing them in their best light. 

Generally speaking, pinspots need careful planning as they are rigged directly (or as close as possible) above the object they intend on illuminating. QOKO Events have plenty of experience in planning, designing, and implementing a scheme of pinspots and can help you to access the most effective locations for these lights to ensure they perform as intended.  

We can either work off an event floor plan or pay a quick visit to your venue to get a better feel for where they need to be positioned and how we will install the supporting truss structures (if required). 

Of course, pin-spots are usually only a feature of a broader event lighting installation. We have no trouble incorporating them into our all-inclusive lighting hire packages for a fraction of their standalone hire cost. 


Festoon Lighting Hire Sussex

Festoon lighting has quickly become a must-have feature of many events. If the term sounds unfamiliar, you may know this type of lighting by another name, such as fairy lights, string lights, pea lighting, or bistro lights. Whichever your preferred moniker, these lights make use of LED technology to give your chosen venue an “enchanted” or fairy-tale-style look.

Such is their appearance; they have become inexorably linked with wedding events. However, they can look just as majestic in any setting and look particularly special at outdoor events such as garden parties. 

While these are no doubt considered decorative lights, these LED lights are pretty functional too. They are capable of providing excellent utility lighting in spaces such as smoking areas, walkways, and staircases. So while you may well benefit from how pretty they are, do not forget that these lights are dual purpose. 

In terms of installation, they are best hung from ceilings, walls, or strung between poles well-above head height. Certain varieties look great suspended a little lower. However, your choices will depend on the nature and scale of your specific event.

Here at QOKO Events, we have a massive range of festoon lighting options for you to choose from. We can also offer multiple colour options, differing shades of white light, and even faux tungsten bulb variations. 

Once you get in contact with our team, we talk you through the different festoon lighting options we have available to ensure that you make an informed choice for your event. 

Festoon Lighting

Contact QOKO Events Today for Further Information Regarding Lighting Hire

After over two decades of working within the events industry, we have a unique insight into the role of event lighting and the value it delivers. Event lighting has the power to totally transform the look, feel, and ambience of any given venue – both indoors and out. That’s why you need to partner with a lighting hire company with a track record of successful event lighting installations. 

Here at QOKO Events, we pride ourselves on our commitment to supplying only the highest quality equipment and an all-inclusive customer experience. It doesn't matter whether you are an individual organising a party or a seasonal event planner overseeing an extravagant wedding celebration, we treat every project with the respect it deserves. 

We only invest in and supply industry-leading brand names, which means we will never be the cheapest contractor in your search. That said, no other company can compete concerning value for money. No other outfit can offer the same quality of equipment or complete event production at the same price. 

What’s more, we boast some of the most experienced lighting technicians in the whole of Europe. Not only will they ensure a smooth installation, but they can help you through the design and planning phases, helping you to create extraordinary light shows and lighting productions. Better still, they collect everything from customers and drop them back at our Sussex warehouse/store. 

So if you need to hire best-in-class equipment and personnel, then we would recommend reaching out to QOKO Events today for all of your event lighting requirements.  

Alternatively, if you are interested in learning more about what goes into event lighting, you can keep abreast of the latest news on the blog page of this website.  We look forward to working with you soon. 

For enquiries please get in touch: 01403 626008 // hello@qoko.co.uk
Event Lighting FAQS.

How much does it cost to hire lighting for my event?

The cost depends on what you are hiring but to give you a good idea, lighting for a wedding in a marquee with 150 - 200 guests typically costs around £700 - £1,200.


What lighting would you recommend for my wedding?

This depends on the look & feel you are wanting to create. You can hire some festoon and rustic love letters with a handful of wireless LED uplighters if you are trying to keep costs down.


How many uplighters do I need to hire?

We suggest placing a wireless LED uplighter every two to three meters but this depends on your desired look you are trying to achieve.


Do you deliver & set up the lighting?

Yes, absolutely we deliver & set up the lighting for your event as we don't offer any dry hire or self collection services from our Sussex warehouse.


Where can I can see examples of your lighting packages?

We would suggest visiting our social media pages or feel free to ask us to send you over some lighting recommendations based on your requirements. 

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