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Event Power.

As part of QOKO Events' pledge to provide holistic event hire solutions, we also offer event power services for indoor and outdoor events. We realise that even for relatively modest outdoor events, you will still require generator hire services as well as cable and distribution units to make sure that everything continues to run smoothly.

We have an extensive selection of power equipment that can meet even complex requirements associated with outdoor events. With hundreds of metres of cable and best in class distribution units, we ensure that your event power requirements are not just met, but exceeded. 

We offer our event power hire services to all events, not just those taking place outdoors. With that in mind, let's spend a few moments telling you about the various events we supply power solutions to. 

What Sussex Events Require Generator Hire and Cable/Distribution Services?

If you are organising an outdoor event, you'll probably already be aware that you'll be hiring one or more generators along with plenty of cabling and distribution units.  Local sporting events, outdoor weddings, and village fêtes are good examples of occasions that will likely require event power solutions. 

At QOKO Events, we supply power solutions to the odd indoor event, too, with standby power supplies crucial in the event of an equipment failure or power cut off.  For instance, we often work with business conferences that need to ensure that the show can go on should the venue or event space suffer an outage. 

In other cases, those organising outdoor parties or similar get-togethers will be relying on generators to supply power to PA speakers, event lighting, and catering outfits should you have hired them to provide food for your customers or guests. 

We are happy to provide generators to any event that requires an all-encompassing event power solution. If you are new to event power, our team are more than happy to talk you through our extensive stock options and discuss your site requirements to ensure you are left with a solution that works for you. 

What Power Equipment Can QOKO Events Provide?

We supply generators, power cabling and distribution units in multiple sizes. Concerning cable and distribution, we can deliver anything you need. Regarding generators, our reliable, electric-start generators hire options to start at 15KVA and go right up to 100KVA, more than enough for even more extravagant outdoor wedding celebrations with event lighting, live bands, and catering equipment. 

Our wedding generators, in particular, are ultra-silent and won't distract from your special day in any way. We realise that you need us to deliver an event power solution that quietly gets on with the job in the background while you focus on celebrating with your friends and family. 

In short, our power solutions will be more than enough to cover the needs of your local business event or wedding production. If you would like to discuss your event project in more detail, then you can start the planning process by making contact with our in-house power team whenever is convenient for you. 

Generator Hire Sussex 

As mentioned, we have a range of industry-leading generator solutions for your outdoor or indoor events. In most instances, we deliver generators to outdoor weddings within Sussex and other smaller outdoor events.

Our prices are competitive, and we are available to support you should you need in the case of a mishap on location. Our generator service range includes ultra silent and super silent generators, so you can rest assured that your power equipment and related accessories will provide an unwelcome distraction during proceedings. With models boasting up to 100KVA, there's no need to search for another provider. We can supply your entire event production under one roof. 

Our company is one of the only outfits within the UK to offer generator hire solutions in addition to supplying more traditional event production. So if you want a turnkey events partner that takes care of all technical event production requirements (including generator hire), then don't hesitate to contact a member of our team to get the ball rolling! With generators in all shapes and sizes, you can relax safe in the knowledge that every eventuality has been covered. 

Also, remember that you don't have to collect any equipment. We handle all delivery, installation, and disassembly for one straightforward price. Whether you need a generator for your outdoor wedding or birthday party, we have you more than covered. 

Generator Hire

Cable & Distribution Hire for Sussex Events

Of course, while generators are a vital tool in supplying power to outdoor events, you need the cable and distribution units to ensure the power arrives at the right site locations. Once again, we have everything you could possibly need for your occasion. 

QOKO Events stock an extensive stock of professional cable of all lengths and ratings. We rigorously test all cable before it leaves the warehouse that it performs precisely as it should. As you would expect, we only use a cable made of the highest quality rubber, complete with top-of-the-range connectors.

Concerning our power distribution units, once again, all of our equipment is regularly tested, and our entire fleet benefits from an IP rating, ensuring that they won't let you down if the weather decides not to cooperate. We also stock flight-cased units for indoor events. 

As is the case for most of our event solutions, it's purely a case of you relaying your cable and distro requirements, and we'll provide an industry-leading solution for your event. No two events are the same, and so we will always tailor our cable and distro equipment to whatever your requirements may be. 

Don't worry if you're not a seasoned event planner and are unsure of the jargon surrounding event power. We will listen to your event requirements and use our industry knowledge to put together a suitable package. 

Cable & Distribution Hire

Event Power Enquiries

Use QOKO Events as Your Event Power Hire Station for Sussex Events

At QOKO Events, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer turnkey event production solutions. In other words, once we have discussed the details of your event, we will take care of the rest. There's no need to worry about how you will power your outdoor wedding lighting or if you've got enough juice to ensure your live band is loud enough. We handle all technical aspects of your event, from the sound and lighting right down to the power cables. For one transparent and easy-to-understand hire package, you can source all event production from just one event equipment hire company. 

There's no need to worry about who will work on-site to bring your conferences or weddings together. Our experienced and highly skilled will take care of everything for you, allowing you to focus on other vital aspects of your occasion, such as catering, travel, or accommodation arrangements. 

So if you want to speak to one of the UK's leading turnkey events companies, don't hesitate to contact us at your earliest convenience to discuss your all-inclusive equipment hire and support services.    

For enquiries please get in touch: 01403 626008 // hello@qoko.co.uk
Event Power FAQS.

How much does it cost to hire a generator?

It depends on what power you need & the size of generator required. We suggest a budget of no less than £1,000 for a small generator with fuel for a weekends event.


Do you just supply generators on their own?

No, we don't. Generators are only provided by us as an addition to our full production service.


What happens if the power fails?

The power goes off... and this is why we always recommend hiring a back up generator to eliminate the risk.


What size generator do I need to hire?

The smallest size generator we stock is a 20KVA, depending on your requirements you may need to hire a 100 / 150KVA set.


What areas do you cover?

Typically we cover the Sussex, Surrey & Kent areas but we do supply our production services across the UK.

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