• Why Become an Event Planner?

Why Become an Event Planner? 

While there's no doubt that event planning isn't for everyone, being an event planner can be one of the most rewarding careers out there. Not only is your job to make incredible events that your clients will remember for years to come, but you also develop a massive range of skills that serve you well in events and several other industries, should you want to transition at a later date.

So, without further ado, let's tell you why you should consider a career as an event planner.

You'll Learn a Huge Range of Transferable Skills

Event planning means that you need to be multi-disciplinary and well-rounded. You will work with people from all sorts of industries, picking up all kinds of skills from their operations as well as your own. From learning how to negotiate prices to project managing several event suppliers at once, you'll be doing it all. 

The more skills you develop, the more valuable you become and the more transferable your skills will be, should you want to move over to a more lucrative position such as a construction project manager at a later date. 

You'll Enjoy Incredibly High Levels of Job Satisfaction 

While you will enjoy a healthy salary once you have enough experience under your belt, there's something else that you just don't get in many other lines of work. That look on your client's face when you nail an event. Many experienced event planners will tell you that the look of an amazed bride and groom at a wedding is almost worth the hard work alone. 

Unlike sterile job performance reviews, you'll have the challenge of pleasing clients directly. When you see those happy faces when everything comes together to create a beautiful event, you'll have an incredible sense of satisfaction that makes this particular career path so rewarding.  

You Get to Enjoy Plenty of Variety and Travel 

They say that no two events are ever the same, which means every day will present you with something different to tackle. It could be a new venue, your first attempt at a corporate party as opposed to a birthday party. Whatever it may be, the world of the event planner is forever changing. 

You'll also get to travel a fair bit too. While you might not be jet-setting around the world from the beginning of your career (unless you are very fortunate), you will be on your travels to all kinds of venues, building relationships as you go. You could be off to a music festival one week, followed by a couple of colossal trade shows the next. Not many other jobs give you this much licence to gain exposure to a massive variety of industries.

Become Part of a Dream Team

No large-scale event comes together without the concerted effort of several (if not dozens) of people. From those promoting an event to those building the stage, there are hundreds of cogs in the machine working tirelessly together to pull off the perfect event. 

Consequently, you will get to enjoy a fulfilling role as part of a small or large team. Event planning is a challenging but rewarding environment, so you'll be glad that you won't be alone in this endeavour. Some of your team will likely become friends for life; such is the bond developed between individuals planning and executing large-scale event projects. 

It also means you can rotate between different roles within said team, which helps contribute to the skills development we've already spoken about. 

Verdict: Event Planning is One Of the Most Rewarding Careers Out There Today 

To recap, event planners develop a vast range of transferable skills, have a varied and exciting work schedule, and get to enjoy that magical moment when a client's face lights up upon seeing what you've created. Did we mention it also pays pretty well too?   

So, all in all, it's a pretty varied and rewarding career path. 

Here at QOKO Events, we have worked with hundreds of event planners over the years, and we are still in regular contact with dozens of them (we're weren't lying about friends for life). We help them to pull off spectacular large and small-scale events across Sussex and the wider South East region. 

So if you are thinking of pursuing this career, make sure to bear us in mind when the time comes for sourcing all or any of your event production requirements. From sound equipment to event lighting and stage hire, we do it all. 

Check out our event services section to learn more about how we can help you plan the perfect event & if you want to learn more about event planning please see https://qoko.co.uk/blog/how-to-become-the-best-possible-event-planner with tips & tricks on how become a better event planner

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