• What Kind of Lights Are Used for Uplighting?

What Kind of Lights Are Used for Uplighting?

When choosing ambient lighting or landscape lighting, uplighting is often the "go-to" choice for events. However, whether you are using uplighting in an outdoor lighting context or at an indoor event venue, it's important to know that a couple of lighting options are available for these specific purposes.

Uplighting traditionally relies upon dedicated LED lighting fixtures known as uplighters. These are wireless, battery-operated devices, making them ideal for outdoor landscape lighting or mood lighting indoors. Other popular choices for uplighting include halogen or LED floodlights, which are specifically designed for exterior landscape or building lighting.

Thus, if you plan to implement uplighting at your next event, you are most likely to hire LED uplighters. However, that said, let's quickly run through the lighting options that you could use for the task of uplighting and how you might incorporate them into your event.

Which Lighting Fixtures Could be Considered Uplighting for My Sussex Event?

Firstly, it's important to note that many indoor and outdoor lights are considered uplights. However, we will focus on the specific lighting fixtures you might use within an event context for the task of uplighting.

LED Uplighters

By far the most popular choice for events these days, LED uplighters are used in almost every context imaginable. From path lights to lighting up garden walls or a country home's architectural features, these lights really do it all.

What's more, they are entirely programmable. You can choose how much light they emit, their color temperature, whether you want a narrow beam or a broad wash, and so on. There's perhaps no other lighting fixture that is quite as flexible and the uplighters that we use here at #QokoEvents are fully wireless & battery powered. These wireless LED uplighters will last for over 16 hours which is planety for a wedding / party in a marquee

LED Floodlights

Another fixture you will have seen at event venues across the South East are LED floodlights. In some places, these are still halogen, but most venues have switched to LED to gain greater flexibility and energy efficiency (lower operating costs).

They are great for highlighting architectural details or venue features such as tall trees. However, you will notice that, since these are usually wired devices, they will most likely be in situ at your venue anyway. Secondly, their specificity to the exterior or landscape lighting makes them limited in their overall scope when it comes to event lighting.

Wash Lights

Color washes or wash lights are very similar to the floodlights mentioned above. However, if floodlights are best utilised outdoors, then the opposite is true for these lights. They are very much indoor lighting fixtures (they won't feature in your landscape lighting design plans), and, as a result, you are more likely to encounter them during your event planning phase than floodlights.

They perform similarly to LED uplighters as light sources. However, they often have a set beam width and less by way of customisation regarding color temperatures. However, they can still create a specific mood within a given event space.

Outdoor Landscape Lighting vs Indoor LED Lighting: Which Is the Best Use of Uplighting Fixtures for My Sussex Event?

As is often the case in the event industry, there is no right or wrong answer here. A wash light might be a better option for one event, whereas a suite of indoor and outdoor LED uplighters may be better for your wedding event.

That's why it makes sense to enlist the help of an experienced lighting company that can advise and guide you through the process to ensure that you have the perfect lighting fixtures for your event. We stock all of the above lights as well as more specialist uplighting fixtures such as bollard lights, well lights, and step lights. We also have a full array of event lighting fixtures as part of our event solutions. From string lights to dance floor lighting, we can supply and install it all at your venue.

So, if you need an experienced events company within Sussex, look no further. At QOKO Events, we have everything you need and more to ensure you can enjoy a stress-free journey toward creating the perfect event production.

Just give our team a call on 01403 626008 or email us at hello@qoko.co.uk, to discuss your uplighting and overall event requirements in more detail.

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