• What is Gobo Lighting for Weddings?

What is Gobo Lighting for Weddings?

Gobo lighting is a feature of many Sussex weddings. But if you're new to the wedding events industry, you might not have heard of these lighting fixtures before. So what exactly are they?

A gobo is an object (usually a small stencilled circular disc) placed in front of a light source that controls the output of said lighting fixture. Most commonly, a gobo is a form of stencil that allows only specific sections of light to pass through, creating a pattern, logo, or well-known shape. For example, a winter wedding celebration may use gobos to project snowflakes across the wedding venue.

As you can imagine, there are quite a few ways in which you could use a gobo, which we'll now explain in a little more detail.

Is a Gobo a Lighting Fixture?

Technically, no, a gobo is not a lighting fixture. It's more of an accessory. That said, there are plenty of modern innovations, including an LED gobo projector, which could well be classed as a lighting fixture in its own right.

However, in most cases, a gobo refers to the object placed inside or in front of a light source to create a specific pattern, symbol, or logo. They are extremely popular at weddings due to their versatility. You could use one as a key wedding reception decoration, for example. You could use gobos to create snowflakes, falling leaves, a starry night sky, or any other effect that reflects your overall wedding reception theme.

Specially designed wedding logos are very popular at this moment in time. In many cases, companies such as QOKO Events create a custom wedding gobo stencil in order to create the desired wedding gobo image.

What Lighting Fixtures Can You Pair with a Gobo?

These days you can pair a gobo with pretty much any compatible lighting fixture to create the perfect projected image. In the past, spotlights and fresnel lanterns were obvious candidates due to their concentrated light beam. But today, gobos are increasing attached to "moving head" lights can beam your gobo pattern all over the dance floor, for example. Gobo projectors operate in a similar manner.

As mentioned, since so many devices can be set up to handle a gobo, they can fit in with just about any wedding theme or wedding light ideas for your event space. It doesn't matter whether it's a circus-inspired wedding reception, a fairytale wedding theme, a rustic wedding theme, or even the most elegant wedding themes. Gobos can cater to any wedding decor or overall production theme you may have planned.

How Can I Incorporate Gobos Into My Sussex Wedding? Should I Use Them on the Dance Floor?

As mentioned, there are no hard and fast rules surrounding gobos. You can use them in pretty much any manner you like.

Perhaps the most popular use is in and around the dance floor area. Happy couples used wedding gobo lights to draw wedding guests' attention to this area with custom wedding gobos that take the shape of a logo or an amalgamation of the bride and groom's names and the date of the celebration. To this end, you would probably use one or several wedding monogram gobos.

However, you could always use an outdoor gobo projector (or several outdoor gobo projectors) to adorn the exterior of your wedding venue in patterns that match your chosen wedding theme. For instance, let's say that you're planning a winter-themed wedding in a castle, you could use these devices to project a range of snowflakes gently falling on the exterior of the building, which is bound to create memorable moments for those arriving at the venue.

Lastly, you could always use gobos to subtly draw guests attention to specific items at your wedding reception. Whether it be the wedding cake, your kissing photo booth, or even the dance floor, you can use custom images to highlight some of your favourite areas of your wedding production.

Choose QOKO Events for Your Turnkey Wedding Production (Including Gobos)

At QOKO Events, we specialise in providing turnkey wedding events for happy couples. From the stage to the sound equipment and lighting, we supply, install, and sometimes operate our extensive range of equipment right across the South East.

Lighting is a vital component of any wedding production, which is why we stock all the latest and greatest fixtures, including state-of-the-art gobo projectors. Finally, we also boast the ability to design and manufacture custom wedding gobos, perfect if you want something special to commemorate your big day.

To get started on planning your perfect wedding day, simply speak to a member of the QOKO Events team today on 01403 626008. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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