• What is Dance Floor Lighting?

What is Dance Floor Lighting?

During planning your wedding or a birthday party, you will soon realise that you probably need dance floor lights to give your dance floor area a bit more life. Dance floor lighting plays a pivotal role in your wedding lighting lineup in particular, but parties and celebrations for all occasions benefit from this type of event lighting.

But if you're new to planning events, how does dance floor lighting differ from your basic lighting? And why would you want to make sure that you include dance floor lighting fixtures in your event hire package?

What is Dance Floor Lighting?

Dance floor lighting refers to the lighting fixtures that make up the lighting ensemble for your dancing area. Also referred to as club and dance lighting, these lights will often react and move in time with the music, adding energy to the space. They are often complemented by static light options such as colour washes and LED uplighting to complete the dance floor lighting lineup.

If you're trying to picture what best defines dance floor lighting, then it's perhaps best to think of a nightclub, bar, or even a wedding reception party with a wedding DJ playing those classic wedding hits. These are the lights that completely transform the dance floor by adding energy and life to that area of your wedding venue or event space.

When Might You Hire Dance Floor Lighting for Your Sussex Event?

You might want to hire dance floor lighting any time you are hosting a private event or party. It could be a wedding ceremony/reception party, a milestone birthday party, or a cultural celebration such as a Bar or Bat Mitzvah event.

These lighting fixtures represent a crucial element of weddings in particular. They are spotted at wedding venues up and down the country, helping illuminate everything from the critical first dance through to getting the party started in earnest.

Given that these event types involve your guests dancing all night long, you need to ensure that the dance floor is inviting and livened up. Lighting is often the best way to achieve this outcome, and most venues lack the specialist equipment needed, meaning you have to hire it in for your event.

What Are the Basic Lighting Fixtures Used for Dance Floor Lighting at Sussex Events?

Many fixtures are considered dance floor lighting. You might have some basic fixtures that you might see at a school disco or local pub. However, wedding events and other similar occasions will often hire more sophisticated lights such as moving head "intelligent" lights that you can program to put on a brilliant light display.

As mentioned, you might then want to add to your "action-packed" lights with static fixtures that you can place around the room to accentuate the dance floor area. LED uplighters and colour washes are popular choices in that regard.

Then there are other fixtures that might not technically come under the umbrella of lighting fixtures but are still very much a part of dance floor lighting. For instance, you can hire specialist LED projectors to shoot patterns across the dance floor. Or you could hire a monogram light to project a logo or perhaps the names of the happy couple across the dance floor.

Finally, there are special effects machines that you will probably want to add to your lighting hire package to create the perfect atmosphere for you and your guests. Lasers and smoke machines are usually top of the list.

Choose QOKO Events for Your Sussex Dance Floor Lighting Requirements

Whether planning an evening reception for your wedding or putting on a milestone birthday event for your partner, you'll need dance floor lighting to ensure that everyone gets in the party mood.

At QOKO Events, not only do we stock all of the most popular dance floor lighting fixtures, but we can supply a range of high-end professional lighting fixtures and special effects systems to create the ultimate dance floor experience. As part of our turnkey event solutions, there's nothing that we don't have in stock, from the tables and chairs to the stage. We have everything we need for your celebration, no matter what the occasion may be.

So, if you are planning a party in Sussex or the South East, make sure to call us on 01403 626008 to talk to us regarding your event equipment requirements today.

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