• What is an Event Production Company?

What is an Event Production Company?

Event production is vital to the success of your upcoming occasion. But if you're unfamiliar with the term or you're new to the events industry, you might not quite have a grasp of what it is that event production companies do. 

With that in mind, let's clear up any confusion by describing what event production companies do and why you might need to enlist the help of one when putting together your next event. 

What is an Event Production Company? 

Event production companies are responsible for transforming an event space or venue to reflect the vision or concept given to them by a client or event planner. They install technical and infrastructural elements (such as sound, lighting, and video technology), blending creative ideas with practical elements to create an event's desired mood and atmosphere. 

Some event production companies also oversee the project management of an entire event, organising contractors, vendors, and suppliers. In other instances, some event production companies focus exclusively on transforming event venues into their desired states following a brief from an event planner. 

What Do Event Production Companies Do? 

While we've covered what event production companies do at the surface level, it's worth explaining how the process works to gain a deeper understanding of how they help execute events. 

Usually, event production companies work in conjunction with an event planner or someone organising an event to understand the vision, concept, and overall theme for the event. 

They then might visit the venue and start working through a few creative ideas with the event planner and detail the technology and equipment required to bring about the desired effect(s). Once the creative vision has been finalised, the event production team then gets to work.

They might need to design and manufacture a custom stage or set, or they could just be concerned with rigging lighting fixtures, setting up sound equipment, and installing display screens across the venue. The specific tasks they handle and oversee will depend on the event brief agreed with the clients and/or event planner. 

Once everything is set up within the event space, the event production company may also provide personnel such as sound engineers and lighting technicians to operate the installed equipment and ensure everything runs smoothly during proceedings. 

Why Enlist the Services of An Event Production Company? 

There are several reasons for enlisting the help of an event production company. 

First and foremost, they will handle a great deal of the event preparation at the venue, installing everything from stages to tables and chairs. This leaves you or your event planner to focus on other vital aspects such as catering, booking live entertainment, and ensuring all guests have a good time on the day or night in question.   

With a reputable event production company, you also gain access to invaluable expertise in event execution. With hundreds of successful events already under our belt, companies like QOKO Events can advise on the best production strategies to create your vision that maximise your event production and protect you against making expensive mistakes. 

Lastly, you benefit from having your event space decorated with the latest cutting-edge technology. From ambient venue uplighting to LED screens and PA systems, parenting with an event production company grants you access to the best event technology out there.

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