• What Does Event Production Mean?

What Does Event Production Mean? 

If you're new to the events industry, you might well have heard terms such as "event management", "event planning," and "event production" used interchangeably. However, the fact of the matter is these terms all refer to distinct disciplines that have their own skill sets and expertise requirements. 

In this post, we'll look at event production in more detail and explain what exactly it is and how it fits into the broader landscape of the events industry. 

What is Event Production? 

Event production refers to the planning, coordination, and execution of an event's technical and infrastructural elements. It covers all aspects that relate to the look and feel of your event. Event producers utilise sound, lighting, video, design, and display technologies to influence the atmosphere of any given event space to deliver on a given event concept or vision.  

Event production companies will work with event planners and event management teams to better understand the key concepts and themes of the event. They will then work on the design, logistics, installation, and operation of all of the technical elements that will deliver the desired outcome. 

Event producers are usually charged with overseeing everything from the stage construction to rigging the lighting equipment and setting up the sound equipment, as well as supplying event infrastructure such as the tables, chairs, and cutlery. 

How Does Event Production Differ from Event Planning? 

Event planning is the first stage of the event process, and it is often event planners that instruct event production companies as to what they need. In other words, event planners develop a blueprint of the event, if you will, whereas event production teams focus on bringing all of the technical elements to bring that vision to fruition. 

For example, an event planner might decide that they want a celebration held in a warehouse space as an industrial look and feel would best suit their desired outcome. The event production team would then access that specific warehouse space to gain a better understanding of what's required. They would then outline their creative vision (including equipment specs) for the event planner to sign off on before getting to work. 

What About Event Management? Is That Different from Event Production?

Once again, yes, they are two separate disciplines, although many event companies offer both under one roof. Event management is essentially the project management of the event from a blueprint (created by the event planners) to execution and administration on the day. 

Event managers take a bird's eye view of the event and manage everything from the top down. While they can hand a substantial portion of the work off to an event production team, they will still need to organise other elements that might not come under the remit of event production, such as catering, travel arrangements, and on-site administration of guests or attendees. 

Due to their similar nature, event management companies also offer event production and vice versa. 

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