• What Do Event Management Companies Do?

What Do Event Management Companies Do?

When planning a large-scale event such as a festival, wedding, milestone birthday party, conference, or corporate Christmas party (check out our event services here), you will usually need to call upon an event management company's experience, skills, and wisdom. 

But what exactly are event management companies, and how can they help you plan and execute the perfect event? 

What is an Event Management Company? 

An event management company is an outfit that oversees the coordination, planning, organisation, and execution of a large event. Events overseen by event management companies include but are not limited to weddings, corporate events, conferences, and festivals. 

They provide a range of resources and personnel to ensure that all of the logistical issues of a large-scale event are handled professionally and seamlessly. Everything from budgeting to venue selection and securing catering services for the event may be handled by an event management company. 

What Do Event Management Companies Do? 

Event management companies primarily act as a project management team for your event. They handle all aspects of your event, from sourcing the event equipment to ensuring the venue decorations are a perfect fit for your event theme. 

However, they are also on hand to help work through creative ideas for your occasion, suggest and book live entertainment, and help with the branding and marketing for your event. 

In short, they bring all of the disparate elements that go into a successful event together for you, saving you both time and money in the process.  

Why Should I Hire an Event Management Company for My Sussex Event? 

If you have ever hosted a large-scale event such as a wedding or corporate conference, you know that it takes an enormous amount of time and effort to do so. That's time you may not have available to spend, given your other roles and responsibilities. 

You could be a busy parent trying to give your child a birthday party they'll never forget or a vital member of the office charged with bringing everything together for the Christmas party. Either way, these types of events are incredibly challenging to pull off successfully alone. 

That's why it makes sense to call upon the expertise of an event management company. Hiring an event management company such as QOKO Events to plan, organise, and execute your party or similar occasion will help you to: 

Save Money 

Event management companies don't charge by the hour. Instead, they work with you to establish a flat rate based on your event's estimated budget and requirements. This helps you to save money by mitigating unnecessary costs such as expensive venue fees.

Save Time 

By hiring an event management company, you will no longer need to be on top of every aspect of your event. In addition to setting up the venue, securing catering, and booking entertainment, they will also take care of all aspects required for a successful event.

Receive a Professional Delivery of Your Event

Event management companies bring years of experience, knowledge, and professional event planning expertise to your event. They work with you to create the perfect venue for your occasion, handle all aspects of decorating the venue, and provide sound, lighting, entertainment or other components of your event to make it look nothing less than stunning. 

Gain Access to the Best Equipment and Technology 

By working with an event management company, you will gain access to the latest in event technology. For instance, companies such as QOKO Events stock best-in-class brands for equipment such as lighting, PA systems, stages, and all other types of audio visual technology.

What Makes QOKO Events Different as a Sussex Event Management Company? 

Unlike many other outfits that act as an intermediary between event suppliers and clients, all of our equipment and personnel are in-house employees. Instead of securing you a deal on sound and lighting for your event with an outside supplier, we offer our equipment to you directly, making us a more competitive and efficient event management operation. 

Having carried out events of all shapes and sizes for decades, we have also developed close relationships with many Sussex venues, performers, and caterers, to name but a few. Due to the sheer volume of events we execute in partnership with these vendors, we have excellent buying power that is passed on to you in the form of reduced costs.

So if you are planning a large-scale event such as a corporate party, an anniversary party, wedding, or a family celebration of any kind, don't let the stress and challenges overwhelm you. Instead, contact QOKO Events and hire one of Sussex’s leading event management companies to ensure your event is a hit.

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