• What Colour is Wedding Uplighting?

What Colour is Wedding Uplighting?

There's no question that wedding uplighting play a crucial role in your wedding decor and your overall wedding lighting lineup.

When scrolling through social media for inspiration during wedding planning, you will have likely seen uplighting in the background of many wedding photos and wondered what colours are available and whether they will be suitable for your wedding ceremony or wedding reception decor theme.

Whether you want purple uplighting or to alternative between shades of light green and light blue, there's excellent news. You can pretty much any colour you desire for your wedding day, as we shall now explain.

Does Wedding Uplighting Have a Specific Colour?

Wedding uplighting does not have a specific colour. Modern uplighting fixtures can be programmed to throw out almost any shade on the colour spectrum. Better still, they can cycle through many colours during the course of an event, making them incredibly versatile wedding lighting fixtures.

In other words, it doesn't matter whether you are looking to wash your outdoor wedding marquee in a red romantic glow or give your indoor winter wedding a cool shade of blue uplighting, you can use these flexible lighting fixtures to create the perfect mood and ambience for your wedding.

But which colour should you choose?

Is Purple Uplighting the Most Common Colour for Sussex Weddings?

Purple is undoubtedly one of the most popular colour schemes for weddings, particularly when being used to uplight the exterior of a wedding venue. It's probably the colour you have seen the most during your hunt for wedding event design inspiration. However, it's important to note that deep purple uplighting is a long way from being dominant despite its popularity.

Today, wedding planners and event designers are more inclined to match their uplighting colour to their wedding theme. Whether that's light pink or blue uplights, you can choose a colour that best suits your specific occasion due to the sheer breadth and depth of colours available.

Of course, the beauty of modern LED uplighters is that you can have them emit different shades in different areas of your wedding venue or at different times of the day. For instance, you could have the lights cycle through neutral shades of amber and orange during the wedding dinner and speeches before switching to more powerful reds and purples for the hours spent on the dance floor.

Which Colours Should I Use for My Sussex Wedding Decor and Where Should I Use Wedding Uplighters?

Once again, this is going to come down to your personal preference. It's probably a good idea to sit down with your wedding planner or event designer and first decide on a wedding decor theme. Once that's in place, you can then begin to decide where to strategically place your uplighters and what colours to have them beam up the walls and ceiling (if applicable).

As mentioned, purple is popular for a range of uplighting uses and work well in lighting the exterior of your chosen wedding venue. Inside, purple can be a little dark, especially for venues with less natural light. With that in mind, bright but neutral colours work well, enlightening the event space and making it feel bigger.

However, for larger venues with enough light from windows and/or existing venue sources, you might have to opt for more punchy colours such as reds and blues to add drama to your setting. The same is true for an outdoor wedding during daylight hours. However, once the evening rolls around and darkness sets in, you have more freedom to choose lighting colours that perhaps better reflect the wedding theme or the mood you are trying to create for your reception room.

Choose QOKO Events for Your Sussex Wedding Uplighting

At QOKO Events, we have a range of LED uplighters that represent a perfect fit for your wedding day. With the ability to choose any colour you can think of and the addition of battery-operated, wireless versions, all venues can be enhanced by these powerful and versatile lights.

We can supply wedding uplighters as part of an overall turnkey wedding event production, removing the hassle and stress from the wedding event planning process. So if you want to create the perfect Sussex wedding day the easy way, give our team a call on 01403 626008 today to discuss your ideas.

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