• Top 10 Creative Party Themes for Adults

Top 10 Creative Party Themes for Adults

Whether it's a 30th birthday party or a corporate end-of-year celebration (take a look at our corporate events section here), there's nothing better than a dress code or party theme to get everyone in the mood to party. The problem? You might have become a little tired of the same old tried and tested party themes and you want to get a little more creative with your upcoming event. 

With that in mind, we've put together this list of top 10 creative party themes for adults.

What Are Creative Party Themes? 

In truth, creative party themes aren't too different from your traditional themes. It's just that they are a little more left-field or more personal to you as an individual or team. Whether you and your work colleagues all love the same film, or you've had your fill of dressing up as pirates, then it might well be time to switch things up and get a little more creative. 

Make no mistake, traditional adult party themes are OK, but there's nothing like having a fun, offbeat theme to get people in the mood to get down and dance.

So, here are ten great creative party themes for adults that will spice up your next gathering.

10 Creative Party Theme Ideas For Adults

Below we curated a list of the most exciting and creative party ideas we could find. Not only will they get your friends, family or colleagues into the celebratory spirit, but they will help spark the imagination of your guests dressing up and give you plenty of interesting options for decorating your event venue with lights and other pieces of event production equipment. 

1. Spy Party Theme

"The name is Events, QOKO Events." With the release of Daniel Craig's last outing as Bond still fresh in many people's minds, perhaps there's no better time for your guests to don their best suit or dress and become an alter-ego for the night. 

Not only do you need to dress and look the part, but you could also hand out backstories for each of your guests to learn inside and out, which you can then later test through a series of games or challenges if you wish. 

You could even turn your venue into a swanky hotel interior to emulate those famous scenes from Casino Royale. Theme titles for this style of party could include: "James Bond", "Casino Royale", "Agent 007", or "The Spy Games." 

2. Cowboy Saloon Party Theme

If you want to give your guests a rootin' tootin' good time, then why not look at putting on a cowboy saloon party for your esteemed friends and guests? Along with those famous cowboy/cowgirl boots and hats, you could decorate the venue with straw bales and other Western classics. 

You could hire a ragtime band and have them play on the stage as people can either mingle in the saloon or have a great time on the dance floor. Want to go the whole nine yards? Why not hire some horses so that your guests can all ride away in style. 

3. Beach Party Theme

Given the past couple of years we've had, it's been a long time since many of us have felt the sand in between our toes and the warmth of the Mediterranean sun. So, if you and your friends or colleagues haven't been able to get to the beach, why not bring the beach to them? 

You can turn any event venue into a beach just by using appropriate decorations and themes, such as lots of sand, deck chairs, parasols and even inflatable swimming pools. You could even hire event lighting that makes it feel as though you are in the glare of the beating sun.  The dress code can be loose, too, with Hawaiin shirts and beach sarongs more than welcome. 

If you want your employees to put their feet up after a tough year, this might be the theme for you.

4. Harry Potter Party Theme

"Wingardium Leviosa!" That's right, wands at the ready! Whether you were Harry Potter obsessed growing up, or you've come to the books and films later in life via your children, getting dressed up to go to a Hogwarts inspired party is a fantastic way to get your guests feeling nostalgic. 

They can all get dressed up in their best wizarding robes, and, along with your invited guests, you could set up different challenges such as quidditch and other fun games for them to play if they wish. 

With some clever event production tricks, you can easily turn an event venue into the famous grand hall within the castle. Or you could go for a cosier Hogsmeade look if you prefer. 

5. Carnival Party Theme

Everyone loved it when the carnival rolled into town as a kid, so what better way to bring out all those old feelings of excitement? With a carnival theme, you can have your entire venue transformed into a fun fair complete with rides, games, and other attractions for your guests to enjoy. 

From the hoopla toss to hook-a-duck, there'll be plenty of activities and games to keep your guests entertained for hours. If Harry Potter is nostalgic enough, then a carnival party theme might represent the ultimate throwback to those childhood memories. 

6. Superhero Theme Party

With the Marvel and DC comic universes completely dominating the silver screens and TV streaming services, it seems almost all of us have been dragged into the comic book universe.

Thus, what better way to get into the party spirit than by getting everyone to dress up as their favourite superhero? From Wolverine to Captain America, Thor, Batman, Catwoman, and everyone in between, there is literally a superhero for everyone. 

Regarding the event venue, you could do an entire Marvel-style transformation and recreate a famous scene from the movies (perhaps the Battle of New York?), or you could use cardboard cutouts if you're looking for something on a smaller scale.

7. Fictional Characters Party Theme

Along with superheroes, it seems everyone has their favourite fictional character that they can relate to or wish they were. From Star Wars characters to Indiana Jones himself, there are literally hundreds of pop culture characters that will be perfect for your event guests.

Why not create your event on the premise of the dinner party. The event questions could be "Which fictional character would you invite to a dinner party?". You could then have people pick their favourite characters and assign them to another guest to dress up as. 

Plus, the bonus is that dinner parties are easy enough to set up from the perspective of venue decoration.

8. Zombie Party Theme

Is your event taking place close to Halloween? Or are your friends or colleagues massive fans of shows such as The Walking Dead or films such as Zombieland? If so, a zombie-themed party might be right up your street. 

Your guests can have plenty of fun with their zombie costumes, and you can have food stations where they can come and get their scooped out brains, eyeballs, and so on! Again, this is an excellent theme for taking pictures at the event, as everyone will certainly be looking the part.

You could also decorate the venue to look like a ghoulish graveyard or a post-apocalyptic landscape. Whatever you decide to do, this is a perfect party for those colder autumn and winter months. 

9. Ugly Jumper Party Theme

Borrowed from the Americans' "Ugly Sweater" party, this is a Christmas-inspired theme that makes a great option for breaking up the traditional patterns of office Christmas parties. The idea is simple, you and your guests go out and find the ugliest Christmas jumpers you can find and wear them to the party. 

You could have a competition to see who can find the most hideous jumper, or you could have a contest to see which one of your friends can wear the most hilarious ones. You could also decorate the venue with Christmas lights (find out how much it costs to hire lights for an event here) and other Christmas decorations to get everyone in the festive spirit.  

10. Murder Mystery Party Theme

How to perform murder and get away with it? Well, this question is at the heart of a great murder mystery party. Each participant is given a character or role to play, who they must then investigate and "accidentally" discover clues about the murder. 

You could turn your event venue into a stately home and put on your best Poirot impressions as you narrow down the list of suspects and place your best guesses as to who committed the heinous crime.  

This type of theme is perfect for corporate events because everyone can get involved with the mystery in some way. Depending on what your company does, you could even incorporate it into the business itself in some way! 

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So there you have it! Ten creative party themes that are more unusual than their traditional counterparts. Whether you're planning a Christmas office party or a milestone birthday celebration, QOKO Events stocks all of the event production equipment you need to make your event a memorable occasion.

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