• Lighting for Events

Lighting for Events.

Choosing the right lighting for your event is critical. Choosing the wrong fixtures for the job could lead to an underwhelming experience for your event guests and harm your brand reputation (in the case of a corporate event).

At outdoor events, you don't just need to consider how your lighting will interact with the walls and ceiling of your venue to create the desired mood or atmosphere. For example, you also have to think about more functional lights that will guide attendees from one area of your wedding party to another.

From creating the desired atmosphere to executing a dazzling light show for your dance floor or product launch, lighting influences all other event production aspects. Thus, it's vital that you strike the perfect balance for your event.

So if you are planning an upcoming event, what types of lighting might you need for your event?

What Are the Different Types of Sussex Event Lighting?

There are many aspects to event lighting that it's nigh on impossible to list all of them here. However, below we discuss the most common forms of lighting hired for events across the Sussex region so that you can narrow down the possible selections for your event lighting requirements.

Outdoor Lighting

Of course, it will come as no surprise that you'll need to invest in outdoor lighting fixtures if you're hosting an outdoor event. The most popular options include fairy lights (included within most wedding lighting hire packages) and battery-powered options such as venue uplighters. QOKO Events can also supply more functional outdoor lights, such as floodlights, to ensure your guests can see where they are going when making their way through different sections of your outdoor event venue.

Architectural Lighting

Fixtures that bring out the best of your venue play a vital role in successful events. Whether you want to draw your guests' attention to the beautiful architectural features of your listed building venue, or you wish to light up its exterior, there's an increasing preference for event organisers to request lighting fixtures up to the task.

Stage/Theatrical Lighting

Many events require a stage. Whether it's a conference or another similar company event, stage lighting helps to focus your audience's attendance on what is the focal point of your event. For instance, you might well require spotlights to highlight key figures on stage, or you may need colour washes to bring your stage appearance in line with the rest of your event production.

Disco Lighting

In addition to a stage for entertainment, most private events have a dance floor area for guests to boogie the night away. However, dance areas can look drab, dull, and uninviting without an accompanying set of disco lights, lasers, and other special effects machines. Hiring just a few pieces of disco lighting equipment can make a huge difference.

Projection Mapping

Projection mapping is a recent lighting innovation that can add a real je ne sais quoi to your event. It's a projection technique that allows objects to become projection surfaces for video content and imagery. The more unusual the shape you choose to project upon, the more visceral and impressive this lighting/projection technique.

Decorative Lighting

Sometimes as an event planner, you just want a statement lighting fixture that is more decorative than functional. You might want a giant chandelier light hanging over the dance floor area of your gala dinner, or you might want to try fairy lights indoors. Either way, decorative lighting fixtures can help to transform venues and bring them more in line with your overall event décor or theme.

Hire Lighting For Your Next Sussex Corporate Event or Outdoor Events from QOKO Events

QOKO Events provides event lighting to occasions of all descriptions. From outdoor events such as weddings to corporate events such as a conference – we supply every conceivable type of lighting fixture to events across Sussex and beyond. 

Whether you want us to work with your lighting designer to bring together a dazzling stage lighting display for your corporate event, or you want us to focus on architectural lighting to really bring out the best features of your wedding event space, the team at QOKO Events will be on hand to make it happen for you. 

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