• How Much Is It to Hire Fairy Lights for an Event?

How Much Is It to Hire Fairy Lights for an Event?

Fairy lights are an important production element of many events. From creating a fairy light canopy over your outdoor wedding dance floor to wrapping them around the imposing wooden beams of your gala dinner venue, these lights can transform your venue by creating a "fairytale" or romantic atmosphere.

There's no question that fairy light hire is most popular for wedding events. However, with so many other event lighting considerations, you'll want to find out precisely how much hiring fairy lights for your wedding is going to cost you.

With that in mind, we will run you through some ballpark figures and cover some of the factors that are likely to influence the overall price you end up paying for your fairy lights.

How Much Does Fairy Light Hire Cost for Sussex Events?

The price you pay for fairy lighting hire for your event will depend on the meterage hired, the spacing of the bulbs (and therefore the number of light bulbs), and how long you intend to hire them for. For example, 100 metres of fairy lights with 50cm spacing (200 lamps) will cost £35-45 per day to hire, whereas the same length with 100cm gaps (100 bulbs) will cost £30-£40 per day of hire.

You can secure discounted rates by hiring for a longer period, such as three days or a week. The length of cabling you require for your event will depend on your specific occasion. For instance, if you hire an outdoor space as your event venue, you will likely rely more heavily on your lighting and spend more on your fairy lights.

Your personal event design preferences will also influence how much you spend on event lighting. For instance, fairy light canopies are popular choices for wedding events, which means you will inevitably spend more on your wedding fairy lights than another couple who only want to use them to accentuate certain features of the wedding venue.

Another factor that will increase costs is the cost of the rubber cabling that joins the warm white lights together. Black is the most cost-effective option. However, many couples choose white rubber cable for their wedding reception as it's more in keeping with their overall decor theme.

How Much Will it Cost to Create a Fairy Light Canopy at My Sussex Event?

There's no questioning the popularity of fairy light or festoon lighting canopies (especially at wedding events). However, how much will it cost you to put one together?

To create a fairy light canopy at a small event, costs will come to roughly £100-£150 based on 100 metres of black cable over a three-day hire period. For a larger event venue, we would suggest at least 200 metres at the cost of £200-£250 for the same length and hire period.

Out of all the event lighting hire options, we believe that fairy lights, with their romantic candlelit glow, represent one of the best value for money investments, particularly for wedding event productions. Not only are they incredibly functional, but they look incredible and can totally transform the look and feel of your chosen venue. Hanging them over dance floors delivers a particularly dramatic effect.

Don't forget that you can pursue other creative options with your fairy lights, such as fairy light curtains or wrapping them around key features of your event space. These lighting options are an excellent addition to weddings, birthday parties, and a whole host of private and corporate events, no matter exactly what you use them for.

Choose QOKO Events for Your Sussex Fairy Lighting Hire

At QOKO Events, as part of our dedicated turnkey event services, we stock and supply an extensive range of fairy lights. Whether you want to adorn your wedding marquee in a warm white glow or run them at ground level at your indoor event, we can supply and install what you need.

All of our fairy lights are owned and operated by us. Our all-inclusive event services (we do not dry hire equipment) ensures that you can focus on other essential aspects away from your event production. We are also on hand to offer innovative ideas and creative solutions that provide a beautiful effect for your room or event space.

So whether you need fairy lights for a summer garden party an entire wedding production, QOKO Events are ready and waiting to supply and install what you need. Give our team on 01403 626008 or fill out our online contact form to get the ball rolling.

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