• How Much Does Lighting Cost for a Wedding?

How Much Does Lighting Cost for a Wedding?

Lighting is an essential aspect of any wedding. But when it comes to hiring the lighting costs, you might well be thinking about how wedding lighting costs to hire. 

Wedding lighting costs depend on several factors, such as the size of your event or venue and the length of the hire period. To hire a lighting package for a small wedding with 80 to 120 guests, costs usually come in between £1,000 and £2,000. However, many couples can and do spend more to hire the perfect wedding lighting arrangement. 

The truth is that your wedding lighting cost will come down to your specific choices. You could go all guns blazing and hire an extravagant lighting arrangement for your dance floor, or you could take a more pared-back approach in conjunction with your lighting designer. 

Before taking a look at the most popular additions to wedding lighting hire packages, let's run through some of the factors that will influence the overall costs.

Wedding Lighting Cost Factors for Sussex Events

The price you end up paying for your wedding lighting will depend on a multitude of factors. The number of people attending your wedding reception, the size and scale of your wedding venue, and how much you might need by way of power generation and cable distribution if you are having an outdoor wedding are all factors that will influence the overall cost. 

Different event spaces and wedding themes will require different lighting setups. Don't forget that important stakeholders such as your photographer might also need minimum light levels for the wedding photos. 

The best approach is to work closely with your lighting specialist and wedding planning team to decide what you want and then look at ways to deliver that event lighting outcome for the lowest possible outlay. 

So what will you likely be spending your money on when it comes to wedding lighting fixtures?

Sussex Wedding Lighting Costs By Fixture

A helpful exercise in determining how much you are likely to pay for your wedding lighting package is breaking it down into the respective categories of lighting fixtures. 

Wedding Festoon Lighting (Fairy Lights/Twinkle Lights) Costs

Going by many names (including pea lighting or bistro lighting), these are those lights you've probably seen on Pinterest or Instagram. They are lights or various shapes and sizes attached to a cable that you can run from point to point or wrap around infrastructure such as marquee columns, giving your venue that "fairytale" look. 

Costs for hiring string lighting of this nature are roughly £45 to £55 per 100 metres of string lights for a three-day wedding hire period.

Wedding Stage Lighting Costs 

Of course, nearly all weddings have a stage for either your live band or DJ (or both), providing a focal point for your wedding reception. You might need spotlights, stage washes, and moving head fixtures, to name but a few.

Three-day or weekend hire costs for these fixtures can range between £20 - £40 per light fixture, with moving head LED fixtures at the top end of that range and spotlights closer to the bottom. Of course, whichever specific lights you choose, you will need several of them, which can add up quickly.

Wedding Dance Floor Lighting Costs 

One of the most memorable moments of any wedding day is the first dance. But no dance floor looks inviting for you or your guests without proper lighting. Fortunately, disco lights are one of the more cost-effective fixtures on your list, especially LED versions.

Again for a three-day/weekend hire cost for LED disco lights, you are looking at £10 - £20 per fixture. But don't forget that you will probably need to hire a supporting truss structure/platform, and you will likely want to invest in special effects such as laser and smoke machines.

Wedding Mood Lighting Costs

Event lighting is crucial in setting the overall tone for your celebration. From accentuating architectural features of your venue to giving your entire ballroom a specific look and feel, lighting can help set the perfect mood for your occasion. 

Wedding uplighting fixtures cost around £10 - £20 per fixture for a three-day or weekend wedding hire period. We would recommend LED lights rather than more traditional uplighter options. 

Find Cost-Effective Sussex Wedding Lighting Hire Packages from QOKO Events

Of course, the costs above represent only a proportion of the average wedding lighting package. But by covering the most popular hire items, you can begin to understand how much you will need to aside for your wedding lighting. 

At QOKO Events, we offer a range of wedding lighting options to suits budgets of all sizes. From twinkle lights to texture lights, we are one of Sussex's leading lighting companies. We will work closely with you or your wedding planner to supply the right lighting elements to ensure your reception space appears precisely how you always envisioned it. 

So whether you need hang lights or a gobo light with your wedding logo, QOKO Events stock what you need at industry-leading price points. Simply contact a member of our team on 01403 626008 today to discuss your requirements, and we'll have a quote back to you within 24 hours.

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