• How Much Does it Cost to Rent Lighting for a Wedding in Sussex?

How Much Does it Cost to Rent Lighting for a Wedding in Sussex?

Wedding lighting is an integral part of your overall wedding event production. However, happy couples are often concerned about wedding lighting costs with respect to the rest of their production budget. So how much can you expect to pay when renting lighting for your wedding reception?

Your overall wedding lighting cost will depend on several factors, such as the size of your venue and the length of the hire period. Costs for renting lighting for a small wedding with less than 100 guests would be in the region of £1,000-£2,000, whereas larger celebrations with 250+ guests could cost closer to £5,000.

However, due to the unique nature of a wedding celebration, your wedding lighting rental costs will always depend on your specific choices. Couples planning intimate wedding celebrations can still spend several thousand implementing their perfect wedding lighting lineup.

With that in mind, let's look at some of the factors that have the most influence on the costs of your wedding lighting hire package.

Factors That Will Influence Your Sussex Wedding Lighting Costs

Of course, the first place to start is with your wedding venue. If you are looking to transform your venue by covering the entire venue in different types of wedding lighting fixtures, then you are obviously going to fork out more for the privilege. Larger event spaces will also cost more to decorate with venue lighting simply because you have a more extensive surface area to cover.

On a similar note, outdoor weddings usually cost more for wedding lighting hire since you will depend on them a lot more once the evening rolls around (you'll need more fixtures than an indoor celebration). You will need to factor in their associated power (generator) costs too.

Your overall wedding theme will also play its part. Some couples like to focus their lighting on essential production elements such as the wedding stage or the dance floor. In contrast, others incorporate hundreds of metres of string lights (otherwise known as twinkle lights or fairy lights) into their wedding decor.

The best way to maximise your wedding lighting budget is to sit down with your chosen lighting company to discuss your wedding lighting ideas. But if you're still desperate to draw up a ballpark budget for your wedding lighting, then below is a price list of the most popular items.

Work Out a Rough Wedding Lighting Cost for Your Sussex Wedding Reception

If you're trying to get a rough estimate for your wedding lighting package, then it's worth browsing the below list of fixtures and their associated costs. But please bear in mind that these are rough costs only, and the price you pay will always depend on your specific circumstances.

Cost to Hire String Lighting (Twinkle Lights / Fairy Lights)

Perhaps the most popular fixture for weddings, there are many versions of string lighting. You might want to use bistro lighting with Edison bulbs, or you might prefer fairy lights that are closer to Christmas lighting.

Either way, costs for hiring string lighting of this nature are roughly £45 to £55 per 100 metres of string lights for a three-day wedding hire period.

Cost to Hire Wedding Dance Floor Lighting

No dance floor is complete without the associated lighting. Those wedding photos with everyone going for it on the dance floor will be priceless. However, they will look dark and dull without the proper lighting.

The good news is that disco lighting fixtures don't cost the earth. These lighting fixtures cost £10 - £20 per fixture for a weekend/three-day hire period. But don't forget you will probably need a supporting truss structure to rig/attach them to.

Cost to Hire Wedding Stage Lighting

Stage lighting is usually made up of several different fixtures, so this is more difficult to give an accurate price on. For instance, stage washes will cost less than moving "intelligent" lighting fixtures.

Thus, the potential costs for your wedding have a more extensive range. Three-day or weekend hire costs for these fixtures can range between £20 - £40 per light fixture.

Cost of Wedding Mood Lighting / Uplighting

Mood lighting (usually delivered via uplighters) is a critical lighting element for your wedding day. It can transform your entire ballroom or event space and transform your venue into exactly what you need in terms of mood and ambience.

Maximise Your Sussex Wedding Lighting Budget with QOKO Events

As Sussex's leading wedding lighting provider, we are well-placed to help you choose the right lighting for your special day. From uplighting fixtures that draw attention to your venue's stunning architectural features to disco lights that invite your wedding guests onto the dance floor to dance the night away – we have everything you need as part of our turnkey wedding event services.

So whether you need texture lights, hang lights or gobo stencils with your wedding logo, QOKO Events stocks the highest-quality fixtures in the South East. Call us on 01403 626008 today to discuss your requirements or send us an email at hello@qoko.co.uk to make a start on your wedding planning.

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