• How Much Does Event Lighting Cost in Sussex?

How Much Does Event Lighting Cost in Sussex?

Lighting is a crucial element of any event. From wedding lighting to custom lighting for a corporate event, ensuring you have the right lighting package is crucial. However, just how much would you expect to pay for event lighting hire?

Your event lighting costs will reflect the nature, size, and scale of your chosen event. For instance, a small corporate conference event lighting hire package may only come to £500. In contrast, a large-scale wedding reception could command a lighting budget of £5,000.

Thus, there are no hard and fast rules regarding your wedding lighting cost or any other event type for that matter. With that in mind, it's worth quickly discussing the factors that will influence the costs of your event lighting.

From Weddings to Corporate Events - What Are the Factors That Influence Your Sussex Event Lighting Costs?

Several factors will influence the price you pay for your event lighting hire. Firstly, the nature of your event will undoubtedly play its part. For a one-day small business meeting or conference in a hotel function room will plenty of light, you can easily keep costs below £1,000. However, a large wedding celebration with 250+ guests will require an extensive wedding lighting package that could quickly run above the £3,000-£5,000 price range.

Wedding lighting costs are usually higher than any other event simply because there are so many different areas and functional roles that lighting plays within this particular celebration.

While corporate events often focus on stage lighting and mood lighting, weddings require stage lighting, dance floor lighting, string lights (twinkle lights/bistro lighting), and texture lights. That's why weddings often have a dedicated lighting designer or lighting specialist to help arrange a proper lighting lineup.

Other factors include the size of the event spaces in question (larger venues require a more extensive selection of lights), whether it's a private event or a corporate event production, and your personal preferences (or those of your event organiser).

To help you better understand, let's give you an overview of the costs you might expect to pay by event type.

Sussex Conference Event Lighting Costs

As mentioned, there is quite a range when it comes to conferences. Small, simple affairs that only require stage lighting can be supplied and installed for £500-£1,000. A much larger event, however, with over a thousand audience members in a large auditorium, will require a much more extensive array of lighting fixtures for both the stage and the overall event space. In this case, you could expect between £2,000 and £4,000 depending on your specific requirements.

Sussex Wedding Lighting Costs

Weddings rely heavily upon lighting. From decorative fairy lights and hang lights to string lighting, uplighting, or even a custom gobo light with a custom wedding logo, there is a seemingly endless list of wedding lighting fixtures to choose from.

In terms of costs, you could hire a lighting package for a small wedding reception for around £1,000. However, larger celebrations supplied with exactly what you need for your wedding day could run to several thousand. A Sussex wedding at a country manor with 250+ guests would cost in the region of £3,000 to £6,000.

Sussex Award Show Lighting Costs

Award ceremonies and gala dinners usually cost more than conventional corporate events because they often require dazzling and exciting lighting displays. When hiring state-of-the-art LED programmable fixtures, you are inevitably going to spend more on your lighting.

For an awards dinner with 200 guests, you would expect to pay between £1,000 and £2,000. However, as always, it's best to speak to a lighting specialist to receive a much more accurate quote.

Sussex Private Event Lighting Costs

Most private events and milestone celebrations require event lighting. From birthday parties to Bar or Bat Mitzvahs, you'll need lighting to accompany your dance floor at the very least, as well as other fixtures that can illuminate the entire ballroom or event space.

Once again, the price you end up paying will depend heavily on your personal preferences and the circumstances of the event. However, a ballpark pricing range would be £500-£1,500 for these types of celebrations.

From Twinkle Lights to Professional Stage Lighting – Sussex-based QOKO Events Can Supply Everything You Need

At QOKO Events, it doesn't matter what the nature, size, or scale of your event is – we have a suitable lighting hire solution available to you. In fact, we specialise in providing turnkey event solutions that include your lighting, stage, dance floor, sound equipment, and everything in between.

So whether you are planning a Sussex wedding or you have an important product launch event on the horizon, if you need to hire event equipment to ensure you have the perfect event production, make sure to contact the QOKO Events team. We are available on 01403 626008 or via email at hello@qoko.co.uk. We look forward to working with you soon.

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