• How Much Do Event Planners In The UK Make?

How Much Do Event Planners In The UK Make?

When considering any career, how much you might expect to earn is a crucial consideration. Whilst it won't be the only factor you take into account regarding your decision, you'll have to weigh it up when you are considering whether or not this career is for you. 

The good news is that, for event planners, that figure can get relatively high once you have the necessary experience. So how much can you expect to make as an event planner? 

How Much Do Event Planners Earn in the UK? 

Event planners can have a range of salary expectations dependent on experience and job location. Those entering the field with little experience can expect a base salary of £18,000-£22,000. Those with more experience operating in and around London can expect to command a base salary of £43,000 before any performance bonuses are considered. 

Obviously, this is a relatively broad range of salary expectations. Some of the most experienced event planners working on large-scale events earn considerably more than the top £43,000 quoted above. 

What you earn as an event planner will depend on your location, event specialisms, clientele, and whether you work for yourself or as an employee or an events company.

How Can You Increase Your Earning Potential as an Event Planner? 

The best way to increase your earning potential is to gain experience. Once you have the basics and have taken the lead on a specific area of event planning, you can expect to receive a raise or a promotion. The longer you are in a job, and the more job roles and responsibilities you take on, the more you can expect to receive in the form of take-home pay. 

Another way to increase your earning potential is to specialise in a specific field, such as planning milestone birthday parties or weddings. Wedding events, in particular, are a particularly lucrative field, with the average UK wedding cost now over £30,000. Slowly but surely, you can build your reputation and start commanding higher fees for your services. 

Lastly, once you have a sizable portfolio of events under your belt, you might want to strike out on your own and set up your own event planning business. Being the owner of a business affords you the ability to pay yourself in a more tax-efficient manner. You can also scale up operations (and therefore revenue) by bringing in employees underneath you.

Is Money Everything for an Event Planner? 

Just as is the case with any job, money isn't necessarily everything. You might prefer to have a healthy work/life balance or get to travel as part of your work. While the average salaries of event planners might be below those of other more lucrative industries, there are several other benefits that no other job provides. 

For instance, by working with clients directly, you get to witness the fruits of your labour. Many event planners will tell you that the look on your customers' faces when you nail their event is priceless. Plus, besides being a rewarding job, you will get to travel and enjoy a wide selection of venues and destinations.

So if money is only one of many factors influencing your decision, then event planning might just be for you with a rewarding job experience, the chance to travel, and a varied work schedule. 

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