• How Do You Light Up a Wedding Reception?

How Do You Light Up a Wedding Reception?

Lighting is critical for any Sussex wedding reception, whether it's an indoor or outdoor wedding. However, outdoor weddings do extra planning as you rely on your chosen event lighting company for everyone to see properly and enjoy themselves safely.

Regardless of your wedding venue, you need to understand from the outset that there is no right or wrong way to light up your wedding reception. You will make many of your choices based on personal preferences.

However, the good news is that there are steps that every married couple-to-be will have to take in order to arrive at those decisions. So without further ado, let's walk you through how to light up your wedding reception.

Step #1: Consider Whether You Are Having an Indoor or Outdoor Wedding

The first step of the process is considering the aspects of your venue that will affect wedding lighting choices, namely whether it's inside or outdoors. Your choice of wedding reception venue will influence your lighting choices right across the board. While paper lanterns and string lights with Edison bulbs look fantastic on a beautiful outdoor evening, they are less practical and impactful indoors.

That's why "indoors or outdoors" is one of the first questions your lighting designer will ask you. Dark outdoor space and bright indoor areas are very different canvases to work from.

Step #2: Decide Your Wedding Theme and Ambience

Lighting is incredibly powerful. So much so that it has the ability to make us view objects and individuals differently or feel a certain way. From mood lighting to venue uplighting that highlights the stunning architectural detail of your wedding reception venue, your lighting will have a significant influence on your chosen wedding theme or décor style.

You can transform your entire space with a few expertly chosen lighting fixtures. Thus start with your preferred wedding décor, theme, or style for your wedding venue. Once that has been decided, you can then let your wedding lighting team suggest suitable fixtures to help you achieve those aims.

Step #3: Lighting the Wedding Stage

Whether indoors or out, almost all wedding venues will have a stage for live entertainment (such as a DJ). But a stage is nothing but a structure – it's the lighting that breathes life into it. Your choices regarding stage lighting fixtures will help transform the stage into the focal point of your event, grabbing the attention of your wedding guests as they enter the room.

Here, modern LED lights are probably the way to go due to their versatility. QOKO Events has a range of spotlights, stage washes, uplighters, and moving head fixtures that you can add to your stage lighting lineup.

Step #4: Moving on to the Dance Floor Lighting

What is a dance floor without lights? Every traditional lighting package for a wedding includes disco lights for a reason – they are non-negotiable. Again modern LED fixtures are the way to go here, being best for both your budget and your ability to make the dance floor as enticing as possible.

However, there are other lighting and related elements you'll want to consider. You might want overhead lighting options such as a glitter ball or monogram lighting that adorns your dance floor with your names and the date of your celebration. You may also want lasers and a smoke machine, which can make an incredible difference.

Step #5: Decide Upon Pin Spots

Next, ask your lighting company about pin spots that combines LED technology with a narrow beam to illuminate specific features of your wedding venue. For example, you might rig a pin spot to light the wedding cake, floral arrangements, table decorations, or any other gallery-worthy installations.

If you are outdoors, leading events companies such as QOKO Events stock battery-operated pin spots that we can hang from metal or wooden beams.

Step #6: Choose Your Decorative Overhead Lighting Options

Sometimes you aren't impressed with the overhead lighting options on offer from your wedding venue. In which case, you might be mulling over hiring more exciting fixtures to wow your guests. Over the top chandeliers can provide a real decorative aspect and improve your space immediately.

The added bonus is that there are plenty of hanging chandelier styles, meaning you are bound to find one that matches your overall reception décor and lighting plan.

Step #7: Seek Advice from an Experienced Lighting Company Such as QOKO Events

The final step of the process involves seeking out expert help and advice from your wedding events partner. QOKO Events has installed hundreds of event lighting designs for happy couples right across the South East.

With our experience, we can ensure that aspects you might not have given much thought to (such as ensuring that there's enough ambient light for excellent wedding photos) are taken care of. We can also develop creative solutions to your requested wedding details to maximise impact and stretch your budget.

From string lights to paper lanterns, we have everything you could possibly need when it comes to lighting up your wedding reception. To have your wedding event lit by one of Sussex's leading lighting companies, make sure to contact a member of the QOKO Events team today on 01403 626008 to discuss your wedding venue lighting requirements in more detail.

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