• How Do You Decorate a Wedding Venue with Lights?

How Do You Decorate a Wedding Venue with Lights?

When it comes to wedding decoration ideas, lighting should always be at the forefront of your mind. From string lights to hanging lights, your wedding lighting choices will have a significant influence on your overall wedding reception decor.

So, before we cover some creative wedding decoration ideas for you, let's start by covering what you need to bear in mind when incorporating your lighting into your overall wedding theme.

What You Need to Consider Before Implementing Your Wedding Decoration Ideas

It goes without saying that your chosen reception venue will heavily influence your wedding reception decoration ideas. You can't begin to even start planning your wedding style without first taking the venue into account.

For example, if you're planning an outdoor wedding, fairy lights are always a popular choice. However, when planning a wedding party indoors, many venues have gorgeous architectural aspects that deserve to be a focal point of your reception décor in their own right. Thus, start with choosing the perfect venue first, then consider a suitable wedding decoration idea based on what you have to work with.

Other factors you need to think about include powering your decorative event lighting. If your reception space is outdoors, how will you power your string lights, for example? Weather can play its part too. Again, if celebrating outdoors, how will your planned candles and paper lanterns handle any potential rain or wind?

These factors are by no means exhaustive, but they should give you some idea of what you need to take into account before becoming attached to specific wedding decoration ideas.

With those out of the way, let's give you a few of our own wedding decoration ideas to help you get those creative juices flowing.

Creative Wedding Decoration Ideas: Indoor Wedding Reception Sussex

Indoor wedding receptions usually have a little more flexibility, given that the power supply is usually plentiful, and your chosen wedding day venue might have lighting and decorative equipment on hand already.

For an indoor winter wedding, we would suggest venue uplighters as a starting point. These floor-based lights can create any mood you want, using their full-colour spectrum. Whether you want them in a romantic red colour scheme during the dinner or you want to inject a little bit more fun when the time comes to hit the dance floor, these fixtures are a jack of all trades and incredibly influential decorative features.

You could complement your venue uplights with a range of pin spots that highlight specific locations within your event space. From highlighting the floral arrangements on the reception tables to illuminating flower walls, these small lights emit bright, narrow beams of light that can draw attention to your most prominent decorative features.

Then, aside from your decorative lighting fixtures, we would suggest a full array of stage lighting and disco lighting for your dance floor area.

Creative Wedding Decoration Ideas: Outdoor Wedding Reception Sussex

For an outdoor wedding reception, there are undoubtedly some decorative lighting options that are mainstays within the industry. Fairy lights (or string lights, if you prefer) often have a huge impact and can transform any "blank canvas" venue. If you have trees in and around your venue, running string lights between them can deliver a fairytale vibe to your big day.

Alternatively, you could run twinkling fairy lights up along the main path to your venue, inviting guests into the reception area, or use them to illuminate a break-away lounge area for when your guests need a break from the evening dancing.

Away from festoon lighting, you could also use strategically placed wireless LED uplighters to create magical colours around your marquee. Inside the tent or tipi, you will have the freedom to choose hanging ceiling lights such as chandeliers or pendants that can add a touch of class to proceedings.

Choose QOKO Events for Decorating Your Sussex Wedding Venue with Lights

At QOKO Events, we can work with you or your wedding planner to create any wedding décor style you want. Our extensive range of décor lighting options is more than enough to meet the needs of any wedding event production, no matter how intimate or extravagant it may be.

Plus, we have a full range of more functional lighting packages covering stage lighting, disco lighting, and overhead lighting, to name but a few.

If you would like to learn more about how we can help you implement creative and unusual wedding decoration ideas (including tea lights and neon signs), don't hesitate to call a member of the QOKO team on 01403 626008 to discuss the vision for your wedding celebration.

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