• Do I Need Dance Floor Lighting at My Wedding?

Do I Need Dance Floor Lighting at My Wedding?

With so many aspects of a wedding event production to consider, some happy couples wonder whether they can do without dance floor lighting both from a thematic and budgetary perspective. But the truth is that dance floor lighting isn't something you can do without.

Dance floor lighting is a critical aspect of your wedding event production. It makes the dance floor area far more enticing and also enhances the performance of your live wedding entertainment. Thus, dance floor lighting fixtures will form an essential part of your wedding lighting lineup.

A dance floor without lighting is likely to leave your wedding guests unimpressed and generally leave what's is supposed to be the liveliest area of your wedding venue looking and feeling relatively flat. The last thing you want is your wedding to be a lifeless party.

So, given that dance floor lighting is a must. What are some of the fixtures that you are likely to include as part of your hire package?

What Types of Lights Do You Need to Accompany Your Wedding Reception Dance Floor?

You might be thinking that dance floor lighting for a wedding is pretty straightforward. However, there are plenty of factors that will influence your decisions. For instance, outdoor weddings might require more in the way of lighting fixtures than indoor wedding venues that have existing room lights.

Or it could be that you have a tight wedding budget, and you want to make sure that you have plenty left for other light fixtures in other critical areas of your wedding venue, such as hanging lights, string lighting, twinkle lights, LED uplighting, and other key fixtures in your wedding lighting lineup.

Whatever the case may be, below are some of the most common lighting fixtures that will illuminate your wedding dance floor area.

Disco Lights

It's fair to say that it's not a party if there aren't any disco lights. It doesn't matter whether you're having an outdoor wedding reception or an indoor celebration; disco lights should be on your dance floor lighting list.

They are made up of various devices, but these lights will throw out coloured beams and shapes and deliver effects such as making the light move in time with the music. Speak to your lighting hire company to receive a demo and choose the ones you like the most.

Moving Head "Intelligent" Lights

As the name suggests, the dance floor lighting options will throw light and dazzling patterns right around your wedding party room. They are probably the best fixture for your party vibe lighting effects and will often be requested by your DJ (if you've booked one).

Adding lighting to your dance floor, then these fixtures should be right up there. Not only can you program them to put on a spectacular light show, but since they are such high energy lights (not literally, they usually use LEDs), you can get away with only hiring a few while still delivering a significant impact.

Monogram Lighting

If you work with an experienced lighting company such as QOKO Events, you can choose to pursue monogram lighting for your dance floor. In case you're unfamiliar, this is where you place a special glass monogram in front of an overhead light fixture to project a logo or writing onto your dance floor.

Adding monogram lighting to your dance floor can add a real touch of class to proceedings and can set off your décor perfectly.

Lasers and Other Light-Emitting Devices

While not technically classed as lighting fixtures, laser machines, projectors, and LED screens can all be used to create a visual display of light on the dance floor. From projecting textured patterns across the dance floor to the intense glow of lasers, the right combination of light and music can create an incredible space in which your guests can dance.

Don't forget to consider adding a few special effects machines in there too. For example, a smoke machine can transform the potency of your lasers, especially if you hosting a daytime wedding outdoors with plenty of natural light to contend with.

Overhead Dance Floor Lighting

While all of the fixtures mentioned above are popular, don't forget about overhead lighting fixtures. For instance, if you want a classic and nostalgic look, why not go for a disco ball? These timeless classics will reflect your other lighting fixtures around the entire room, never mind the dance floor area.

Or, if you want to go for an even more old-fashioned style, you could choose some traditional chandeliers that add a vintage feel to your dance floor.

Choose QOKO Events to Turn Your Dance Floor into the Life and Soul of Your Sussex Wedding Reception

At QOKO Events, not only do we stock all of the lighting fixtures mentioned above, but we offer all aspects of wedding lighting and wedding production. From wedding uplighting to stage lighting, we can supply and install it all.

Contact a member of our the Qoko team today to make a start on planning the perfect wedding day.

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